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Full Version: Claude Covassi won’t be releasing his investigation on the PJAK and the KLA
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Claude Covassi won't be releasing his investigation on the PJAK and the KLA

Voltaire Network | 13 February 2013 [Image: ligne-rouge.gif]

Claude Covassi, founder of Mécanopolis, died at the age of 42.
A Swiss domestic intelligence officer (Service for Analysis and Prevention), he had been tasked to infiltrate the Muslim Brotherhood (Operation Memphis). Thereafter, his superiors reportedly ordered him to organize a bomb attack that would have been attributed to Hani Ramadan, director of the Geneva Islamic Center. He then rebelled, refusing to become involved in a despicable act. By now a hunted man, after being chased across Spain and Egypt, he finally succeeded in obtaining an investigation into the matter by a parliamentary commission. In the end, the commission members opted for an amicable settlement of the case, thereby averting prosecution for both him and the SAP.
Thereafter Claude Covassi worked for a security company organizing survival training courses.
For the past year and a half, he used his background to investigate the role of the PJAK and the KLA in drug trafficking in Europe. PJAK is a Kurdish organization which boasts numerous terrorist attacks in Iran. It is funded by the U.S., Israel and Germany and has a lobbying firm in Brussels. The KLA is a Kosovar organization whose leader became Prime Minister of the unrecognized state of Kosovo. He ignited a terror campaign in Serbia (1997-1999), whose repression served to justify the NATO intervention. Its commandos were trained by German special forces on a NATO base in Turkey.
For four months, Claude Covassi was under intense pressure to dissuade him from continuing his investigation. On November 19, the Swiss daily Le Temps attacked him in a lead article for no reason linked to the news, but just to highlight that Thierry Meyssan had invited him to Iran (where his his research on the PJAK began).
This week Claude Covassi was due to release the findings of its investigation. He didn't get the opportunity. He was found dead in his bed at home. According to the Geneva police, his death was due to a cocaine overdose. At this stage, there is no evidence to indicate that he absorbed the drug willingly or by force, or whether the PJAK and the KLA were implicated in any way.
Claude Covassi was our dear friend and comrade. We were in regular contact with him and were following his work closely. Voltaire Network presents its condolences to his family and friends.
Quote: In the end, the commission members opted for an amicable settlement of the case, thereby averting prosecution for both him and the SAP.

Bollocks to that! As we say in England....

This is simply another coverup of the Gladio MO.

So intel agent Covassi was ordered to perpetrate a false flag bombing which could be blamed on an Islamic organisation.

He refused, and went on the run.

He then turned his sights on two cutout channels for intelligence sponsored trafficking of humans, drugs, guns and money, and for geopolitical destabilisation actions.

Namely the western intelligence created, faux Kurdish nationalist movement, the PJAK, which spends much of its time and agency dollars blowing up Iranian civilians. And the KLA, the spooks' favourite terrorist (oops sorry "national liberation") organisation, the crimes of which Magda and I have charted extensively here on DPF.

Covassi knew where the filth was.

And now he's dead.
Hani is the brother of Tariq Ramadan. I wonder what he has to say about all of this.
Quote:Claude Covassi (1970 8 February 2013) was a Swiss criminal and spy.

Born in Geneva, Covassi studied philosophy in Paris, where he became close friends with Paolo Fogagnolo, a former member of the Italian Red Brigades. In the 1990s Covassi settled on Ibiza. He was twice convicted of fraud and made a living smuggling drugs to Ibiza to supply the local party scene.[SUP][1][/SUP]

In 2003, the police of Geneva recruited Covassi as an informant because of his knowledge about European cocaine smuggling networks. They soon passed him on to the Swiss internal intelligence service, DAP, who paid Covassi to infiltrate the Centre Islamique de Genève, an Islamic religious center in Geneva, in order to determine whether the center was a haven for Islamic fundamentalists. The operation was almost aborted because Covassi was again arrested for credit card fraud, but the DAP bailed him out. In the event, Covassi reported no actionable intelligence from the center, but converted to Islam during his stay.[SUP][1][/SUP]

In 2005, the Swiss intelligence services directed Covassi to attempt infiltrating terrorist groups in Syria, but he had no success. Disappointed with his handlers, in 2006 he made his intelligence work public in a newspaper interview in which he alleged that the intelligence services illegally directed him to compromise the center's controversial leader Hani Ramadan.[SUP][2][/SUP]

Soon later, he was assaulted in public and emigrated to Cairo. The resulting media attention led to an investigation by a Swiss parliamentary committee which eventually dismissed most of Covassi's allegations as not credible and found that Covassi's actions on behalf of the intelligence services had not been illegal.[SUP][1][/SUP]

In 2009, Covassi was convicted for illegal trafficking of anabolic steroids. In November 2012, having returned to Geneva, he was again in the news in Switzerland because of anti-semitic statements he had made on the Internet.[SUP][2][/SUP] On 8 February 2013, he was found dead,[SUP][3][/SUP] apparently as a result of a drug overdose according to initial police reports.[SUP][1][/SUP]

Quote:Born in Geneva, Covassi studied philosophy in Paris, where he became close friends with Paolo Fogagnolo, a former member of the Italian Red Brigades.

Not quite right.

In fact, completely wrong.

Paolo Fogagnolo was OTO.

Ordo Templi Orientis.

Quote:Paolo Fogagnolo "Salamina, Prometeus"

16.8.1985: Permission from Lamparter to found OTOA Lodges.

3.9.1986: Initiation into the Athens 'Chevaliers du Christ' Martinist Lodge, by Tr. Kotzamanis "Hieronymus". (Nothing to do with the 'Hieronymus' in FUDOESI, Émile Dantienne).

20.3.1989: Under the motto of 'Sar Voluntas Divina', Fogagnolo was nominated as a 'Supérieur Inconnu' in Sar Hieronymus's Athenian Martinist Lodge.

4.5.1989: Admission to the 'Chevaliers du Christ'/'Loge des Chevaliers Verts' Martinist Lodge in Brussels. The resultant Charter was adorned with an O.T.O. Lamen, and signed by Armand Toussaint "Raymond Panagion".

6.5.1989: Ramirez Cifuentes from Colombia appointed Fogagnolo (now calling himself 'Ar-Thon') as the representative for, and Grand Master of, the OTOA in Italy. Two undated documents from Viola made Ramirez IX° and agent of the OTOA.

After this, Ramirez Cifuentes made Fogagnolo the Italian Patriarch of the Krumm-Heller Church [of which Ramirez Cifuentes was only a Deacon].

4.11.1990: Fogagnolo became national Italian Grand Master of the 'Orient Universel des Rites Traditionnels' through Kotzamanis, who was now also functioning as the Greek branch of Memphis-Misraim - from which Fogagnolo received on the same day, the 33°, 90°, 95°, and the higher 90°, 95° 96° [!] and the 33°.

Ramirez Cifuentes then furnished Fogagnolo with the three lowest F.R.A. degrees, and made him a bishop by post. Fogagnolo appointed Ramirez to the 90° and 95° on 21.3.90.

18.1.1991: Fogagnolo became a bishop in the Church of Antioch, through the laying-on of hands by the aforementioned 'Hieronymus'. In the spring of 1991 Lamparter back-dated a Charter to June 26th 1989, and made Fogagnolo 33°, 90°, 96° (from which Lamparter got the MM 90° and 95° degrees for himself in autumn 1991!).

Quote:The Lodge of Thebes is not only for right-wing extremists; another member is Paolo Fogagnolo, who shares his time between the Agape Lodge of the O.T.O.A. (Ordo Templi Orientis Antiqua) and the left-wing political group Chiapas Collettivo. Fogagnolo, for personal reasons, often prefers to use the surname of his mother, Salamina. He also boasts of being a close friend of Introvigne, and claims to be fighting against a world-wide interplanetary Fascist conspiracy using magic means. He enjoys quite a few titles - Sar-Thon, Chevalier du Christ, Sar Voluntas Divina, Patriarch for Italy of Krumm-Heller's Gnostic church, and even "Unknown Superior" of the Martinist Athenian Lodge of Sar Hieronymus (the source, as always, is the wonderful site of Peter Koenig).

I'll quote the following supposedly occult commentary, articulated within a Crowleyian philosophical context, in more detail:

Quote:Are there occult-fascist ideas today in O.T.O. lodges or in related occult groups outside of the German-speaking countries?

Marcelo Ramos Motta, one of the belligerent competitors in the field of the O.T.O. behaved like an anti-semite and interpreted Crowley's writings accordingly. There is no point in delving into this matter here. Interested readers may look up Motta's "Magick Without Tears (Unexpurgated, Commented)", Nashville 1983.

From a manuscript dated 1957: "People who have not as yet accepted the Law of Thelema are in it regarded as pagans and phillistines, little more than animals and, in certain things, below the beasts. [...] The O.T.O. is an anarchy, and, as a result, its government is absolutely autarctic. [...] it is to be foreseen that breaches of discipline shall arise, that scandal and immorality may develop in the Lodges, not only financial but sexual scandal may breed at any moment, and more easily so in the Lover triad than in the manofearthtriad. Breaches of discipline of this kind are breaches of Order discipline, not of personal discipline, and must be dealt with the utmost severity! Brothers who, in the interest of their egos or wishes harm the Organism of the Order must be not only demoted but, in case it is estimated they represent too much danger of disease, must be discarded by the Organism. When definitively discarded, if it is estimated that they possess too much knowledge, they must be ruthlessly exterminated. An appropriate magical link must be formed and a hostile current of will directed for their prompt destruction." Marcelo Ramos Motta: "The Development of a Secret Society in America in the Years 19572000 e.V.", 10.1.1957.

Christian Bouchet
In the political associations or alignments of the many Italian O.T.O. variations, Hitler and Stalin are equally admired. Most members are recruited from the Right . In Italy some occult associations lead to a group called Orion, comprising former adherents of Julius Evola who promote anti-imperialistic and anti-American notions, mixed however with philo-Russian attitudes (this holds true for members both on the Right and the Left). Similar associations can be found among the French occult groups as well as the South American lodges.

In France, the O.T.O. lodge master of the 'Caliphate,' Christian Bouchet, received an antedated Spanish Memphis-Misraim Charter in 1991 from the Spaniard Manuel Cabrera Lamparter. This charter traces back to Michael Bertiaux and allegedly was issued to empower its possessor "to fuck the Caliphate" in matters involving copyrights.

With this charter, Bouchet "logically" proclaimed himself head of the national French Grand Lodge of Arnoldo Krumm-Heller's O.T.O. The 'Caliphate' subsequently expelled Bouchet, who meanwhile moved politically to the Right.

As in Italy, when the O.T.O is mentioned in France, rarely is the 'Caliphate' meant, but usually rather the associations that Bouchet created. Bouchet publicly claims himself to be the "Xe de l'Ordre du temple d'Orient, évêque gnostique et hiérophante de l'Etoile d'argent".

Meanwhile, offshoots of Bouchet's O.T.O who think that this O.T.O. is equal to the 'Caliphate' thrive today in Spain. In 1994, Bouchet made Jordi García Casas and Juan José Comas García V° of the Loge "of the Mystical Kindi" [sic] in Barcelona and signed the document with a Gnostic reference as "Marcion XI°". The two see themselves now as 'Califas' of the O.T.O for Spain and sign as IX°, X° and XI° . Together with Bouchet their names can be found in neofascist circles in Spain around Ernesto Milá (Frende de la Juventud [FJ], Partido Español Nacional Socialista [PENS]). Comas leads his own neofascist organization CEDADE. The same people are in contact with a Gabriél Rojas who runs an illegitimate Temple of Set and a Church of Satan, naturally without permission from the correct chiefs of either organization. Not surprisingly, these circles also contain an Ordo Illuminatorum and an Ordo Templi Orientialis [sic].

In 1991, Bouchet created the politically Right-oriented La Troisième Voie, from which he split off however in 1996 (?) to form the Right-wing, anti-American group Nouvelle Résistance. In 1999, Bouchet took part as a nationalist revolutionary (Comités d'Action Republicaines) in the splitting of Jean-Marie Le Pen's Front National.

At the beginning of the 90's, Bouchet attained a doctorate as an historian on Aleister Crowley. His friend Rémi Boyer (allegedly an advisor at the French Ministry of Justice) then gathered different adherents of all ideological inclinations and created a Cercle d'Alexandrie.
This circle not only practised rituals but also pursued theoretical studies (i.e., the collecting of material). It is not completely evident whether this organization is identical to a so-called Group Thèbe, where the same names can be found ...
Likewise Boyers name is connected with a group Arc-En-Ciel. In the diverse memberships of these circles you not only find researchers like Serge Caillet (Memphis Misraim) or Robert Amadou (among other things Prêtre de l'Église Syrienne), who sometimes assemble with the Freemasons of Zurich, but also illustrious personalities, such as the Memphis-Misraim Grandmaster Gérard Kloppel, Jean Pierre Giudicelli de Cressac Bachelerie (Memphis Misraim in Nice and politically on the Right in the Front de Liberation National Corse) or Jean Pascal Ruggiu (Golden Dawn in Paris) ...

Martin Erler, former Grandmaster of A.M.O.R.C in Germany, whose "cooperation" in these circles was also solicited, came to the conclusion that these groups are only "sneaky constructions" in order to procure internal material.
In 1993, Bouchet, in the context of his contacts to the national Bolshevik front, appeared on a Russian TV program of Alexander Dugin. The interview was printed in Dugin's yearbook "Mily Angel" and in "The Way to Apocalypse: Knocking on the Golden Gate" (1997) printed by Yury Vorobyevsky. Thus Bouchet ironically gave the initiation for the start of the 'Caliphate' in Russia, which took place in the spring of 2000. Christian Bouchet

On 30 of May 2001, the French government issued "The Law to Reinforce the Prevention and Repression of Groups of a Sect-like Character" a.k.a. the "anti-cult law". The law refers to 172 listed religions, among them the O.T.O.

Paolo Fogagnolo
As an example of another kind of political extremism in the periphery of the O.T.O. groups I would like to present the Italian Paolo Fogagnolo .

In about 1977, Fogagnolo founded his own militaristic group: Lo Muscio Brigade (BLM). Fogagnolo hoped that his BLM would become connected to the Red Brigade (Brigado Rosso), but this never happened. In 1981, most of the members of the BLM were arrested. Fogagnolo fled to Turin, where he found a hideout in the anarchist environment, hiding among burglars. There Fogagnolo bragged about his terrorist exploits and the number of people he had killed. Fogagnolo wanted to become the leader of all of the terrorist organisations in Italy. Eventually he came in contact with relatives of the Red Brigade terrorists. Unsurprisingly, Fogagnolo was denounced and, in 1981, arrested. In an attempt to save his skin, Fogagnolo denounced his fellow combatants. Nevertheless he was sentenced to prison in Allessandria. In prison he attempted suicide and refused meals, also separating himself from all terrorist groups. After his release from prison, Fogagnolo tried to portray himself as a great hero, and proclaimed that in the prison he had "converted" to occultism. Consequently he competed with other Italian occult organizations and founded spin-offs of the O.T.O.A. and the F.R.A., became a Memphis-Misraim member and also a bishop of a Gnostic Church of Antiochia. For a while Fogagnolo even kept in contact with the above-mentioned Christian Bouchet, but as a left-wing extremist soon separated himself again. Today he leads a Fraternitas Rosa Croce Dorei ed Antica.

Fogagnolo made the headlines in the summer 2006, when it turned out that he was friendly for a while with Claude Covassi, who allegedly had spied on Muslims on behalf of the Swiss Intelligence Service.

There is a glaring hypocrisy inherent in Thelema which was noticeable to me. Thelemites aim to replace Christianity and the State itself with Thelema and a Thelemic system. Some Thelemites consider themselves surrounded by a destructive State, a "pig system". Some Thelemites see themselves in a world full of aggressions, yet are driven by aggressions themselves, focused against everything, including themselves. Let us particularly examine the 'Caliphate' because this O.T.O. -variation is the most well-known. A high degree member from the inner circle who shall remain anonymous plays down the number of people with fascist ideas in the O.T.O and points out that they have excluded a few members, after their misanthropic attitude was noticeable: "OTO doesn't admit known serious racists, and Nazis are usually avowed racists. Once in the membership, it takes an actual offence to be kicked out including slander or very open racist behavior. Some have slipped in, but they typically don't stay long after their behavior gets obvious. 5/100's of one percent losers of this type is not a bad statistic."

Magda's original source was Thierry Meyssan, who is definitely an insider intelligence source. That does not mean that everything Meyssan claims is as he claims. However, it is certainly worthy of more consideration than most such sources....

So, what do we have?

Intelligence operations.
OTO lodges.
Attempts to penetrate left-wing radical groups, which are already penetrated and designed to serve as the target of false flag Gladio operations: namely, the Red Brigades.
Claims that Covassi was a criminal and a fraudster.
Claims that Covassi was tasked with conducting false flag atrocities.

All the above is conceivably true.

For those who know their deep political history, Jack Parsons and L Ron Hubbard float across the aether....

Oh and some of pesky wandering bishops, so wondrously exposed by Peter Levenda....


Swiss agent who saved El Al plane fears colleagues

I left Switzerland because secret agents searched my apartment and attacked me in street,' says Claude Covassi, the Swiss agent who uncovered a plot to shoot down El Al plane in December 2005. I turned to the media to disclose the fact that Swiss Internal security services are trying to frame an innocent man - the head of the Muslim center in Zurich, Hani Ramadan,' he says
Ronen Bodoni
[TD="width: 306"] [TABLE]
[TD="class: text12g"] Published: [/TD]
[TD="class: text12g"]05.21.06, 22:25 / Israel News [/TD]
[TD="width: 102, align: left"]

Claude Covassi, the Swiss agent who uncovered a plot to shoot down an El Al plane in Geneva international airport, is staying these days in Cairo with American friends.

Covassi, 35, admitted that he is weary after details of the plot have been published in Switzerland and Israel. Covassi's fear stems not from Muslims' revenge, but rather from his own country's intelligence services that "may cause me trouble," as he said.
[TABLE="width: 268"]
[TD="class: text16w, bgcolor: #669ACC, align: center"]Terror Plot Uncovered[/TD]
[TR="bgcolor: #E5F0F4"]
[TR="bgcolor: #E5F0F4"]
[TD="align: center"][TABLE]
[TD="class: text16, align: left"]Terrorists planned to blow up El Al plane / Ynet[/TD]
[TR="bgcolor: #E5F0F4"]
[TD="class: text13"]Swiss security services uncover 2005 plot to bring down Israeli plane during takeoff through RPG attack
[TD="align: right"]Full Story[/TD]
[TR="bgcolor: #E5F0F4"]

In a phone interview with Ynet on Saturday Covassi candidly described the drama that unfolded behind the scenes of uncovering the Muslim organization's operation in Geneva, which caused him flee his handlers.
"I ran away from Switzerland because they searched my apartment and attacked me on the street. I'm not hiding, but the Swiss intelligence has good connections with other Western intelligence services. If they want to find me, it's really not a problem for them," he said.
"It's true that I'm exposing myself in these interviews, but appearing in the media is also an insurance policy for me," said Covassi.
Covassi was planted as an undercover agent in an Islamic center in Geneva to find out if a terror cell was operating in it. In order to gain the trust of the head of the Islamic center, Hani Ramadan, Covassi converted to Islam.
Covassi and his handlers were aware that an operation to attack a plane on Swiss soil was in the works, "but we had no idea which airline and where exactly it was supposed to take place. One of my missions was to find out," he said.
Covassi went on to say that he met in the mosque a young Algerian man named Bassam, who revealed to him to him plot to attack an El Al plane, although further details were not available at the time.
Covassi relayed a warning on the planned terrorist attack to his handlers on December 12, 2005.
Consequently, local security forces inspected the airport area to assess its vulnerability to a terror attack; phone and email taps on the terrorists revealed that they had planned to smuggle an RPG-7 rocket from Russia and fire it at the plane.

"The plan was exposed, but I found out that this cell is unorganized. It was not an organized terror cell but rather an independent group. They did have someone with experience who provided them support, but they had no ties to other outside terror groups. It was similar to what took place in London."

Were you afraid of becoming exposed?

"I didn't feel threatened. Of course there were risks, but my mission was to reveal information. Who financed the terrorists? Who provided them with information about the plane and weapon? Who were they in contact with?"

Only 10 days ago days Bassam and his friend Bader were arrested along with five members from the Islamic center in Geneva; some of them were carrying arms during the arrest, while the others are suspected of conspiracy.

Why did you expose the story to the media? Why now?
"I was waiting until now because I wanted them to get arrested first," said Covassi and explained that he lost confidence in his handlers and therefore turned to the media.
He said he was aware that information he gathered was also transferred to other intelligence services in an attempt to expose other terror plots.

Additionally, he said, he was asked by his handlers to fabricate incriminating details so the head of the Muslim center in Zurich, Hani Ramadan, could be arrested. "He is a cleric who has nothing to do with this story. When I realized that I was being used to incriminate him, I turned to the Blick (The Swiss newspaper that exposed the story).

Have you talked to him?
"No we haven't spoken since the story was revealed and he found out I was an agent. We contacted each other via third parties but not directly. I'm sure he is upset with me for not telling him the truth, but I'm sure he understands because he is a religious man who opposes violence; I'm sure he wouldn't want an attack like this to take place."
[TABLE="width: 300"]
[TD="colspan: 3"][/TD]

Covassi explained that for three months he has been trying to convince the judicial committee that oversees Swiss intelligence services to summon him to an interview so he may explain why he ran away and give them his side of the story.

"They refuse to meet with me. If I have any indication that they are willing (to meet), I'd go back to Switzerland."

So you turned the media as means to pressure them?

"Not exactly. I turned to the media to disclose the fact that the Swiss Internal security services are trying to frame an innocent man (Hani Ramadan). It's not right. It's also my insurance policy, to speak with a journalist.

The media does not forget. It will not let go of the story until they find out the truth. I am not hiding and I can be found easily. If I go into hiding I wouldn't be safe".

According to reports from Europe, El Al, which runs three flights a week on the Tel Aviv Geneva route, did not take any chances, and moved to the Zurich airport for a week. The airline did not respond to the episode and said it does not discuss security matters with the media.
Shin Bet officials told Ynet in response to the incident that "our past experience shows that terror organizations plan to attack Israeli targets overseas. The security forces utilize different means in order to foil the enemy's intentions, including the use of different security measures.",7340,...61,00.html
As in Sweden the word 'Neutrality' in Switzerland is just a word.
Magda Hassan Wrote:As in Sweden the word 'Neutrality' in Switzerland is just a word.

Indeed Magda. And while we can now see clear connections with the Gladio/Stay Behind units and OTO occult interests, we can also see some connections also with the international paedophile networks - as well as intelligence networks.

The bigger dot-connecting picture, for me anyway, spells the words: ultra-right-wing, neo-nazis, fascism etc.