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Full Version: Reform TVA
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On page 51 Mr. Obama new budget has an item entilted "Reform TVA", according to FireDogLake "reform" means privating. Obama takes another slap at FDR.

Last night on MSNBC Mr. O'Donnell, he when he was a semi-regular on "The McLaughlin Group", and IMO a "corporate Democrat" was back at it on Thurday nevening, when he made all kinds of attempts to justify Obama's "CPI", now I have to admit that I missed a few second over his lengthy spiel, but he did not address the reason for Obamas' support for this attack on seniors, including me, Obama wants to cut spending and reduce the deficit/debt/ Social Security & Medicare in no way has any relationship to these problems. Austerity is now, and always has been a failure, unless your teal goal, is to destry the middle class. FDR is rolling over in his grave. In his talk O"Donnell finished by saying that "FDR and Frances Perkins,Secretary of Labor and advocate for SS, would support Obamas' plan. Your maistream media at it again.......Chris Hays is a better analyis.