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Gaeton Fonzi's 1966 review of The Oswald Affair

The Collapse of the Internal Balance of Power Carl Oglesby (1973)

Howard Hughes' Link to Watergate Carl Oglesby (1974)

The Kennedy Vendetta Taylor Branch (1975)

The Cuban Missile Crisis: Reading the Lessons Correctly RICHARD NED LEBOW

The Day in Question Matthew Smith (late 90s)

How Does it feel to be Bugged by the CIA Andrew St. George

From John Armstrong's archives: HSCA staff report on Marina Oswald's Statements of a Contradictory Nature
Is Bobby's Killer Still Loose? - William Turner and Jonn Christian (1979)
"Lee Harvey Oswald was Innocent" - George O'Toole (1975)



Weisberg was always careful not to "speculate" about who the conspirators were, but in his unpublished manuscript for Whitewash VI, he finally came pretty close:

"How can mature people consider what we have just seen and not wonder if there had been a military conspiracy to get rid of the President or a multi-faceted conspiracy that required the burning of those autopsy materials as soon as it was known that Oswald was killed and there would be no trial at which the autopsy materials would have to be produced and subjected to cross examination?"

"Aside from the grossest improprieties in taking over a medicolegal function required to be completely independent, especially when that is an inquest into how a President was assassinated, can this threatening, this ordering of what must be left out or altered, do other than feed conspiratorial belief about the involvement of the military in some kind of plot?"

"That a "red" was the assassin was automatically widely accepted, particularly by the major media during those days of the "cold war" that Kennedy was trying to end."
Marguerite Oswald Why I Believe Lee was a CIA Agent (1976)

US. Electronic Espionage: A Memoir (A very early article about the NSA - 8/1972 Ramparts)

So secret, so sensitive is the NSA mission and so highly indoctrinated are its personnel, that the Agency, twenty years after its creation, remains virtually unknown to those employees outside the intelligence community. The few times its men have been involved in international incidents, NSA's name has been kept out of the papers.

Nevertheless, the first American killed in Vietnam, near what became the main NSA base at Phu Bai, was an NSA operative. And the fact that Phu Bai remains the most heavily guarded of all U.S. bases suggests that an NSA man may well be the last.
Paul Hoch's Echoes of Conspiracy newsletters:
A review by Garry Wills of Hersh's DARK SIDE OF CAMELOT:
This thread deserves a bump. Outstanding content in here! The Weisberg archive, for the past 6 months, has been the place to be for me. Thanks Tracy!::coolrock::
You're welcome, glad you found it useful.
From the Internet Archives, all four volumes of Penn Jones' Forgive My Grief:
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