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Full Version: Prague [and surrounding areas/countries] have second '100 year flood' in ten years!
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The second '100 year flood' is upon us here in Prague. The last '100 year flood' was in 2002. In short, this is all do to climate change and over-development [paved surfaces can't absorb water]. The Vltava river [Moldau in German] is running at 4000 m2/sec. In 2002 it was at 5000. However, it is still rising, but the rains have subsided....Everyone holds their breath. Aluminum barriers are erected at the low parts of the river's embankment. Ten are dead. 4.000 homeless and many buildings have experienced severe damage. It's not over yet. In 2002, I lost all I owned here - got not a penny compensation. This year, I live high on a hill...learning my lesson. However, humans have not learned theirs...that we have done and are continuing to do irreparable damage to our Planet and all on it.

I've been meaning to ask you how you are faring over there in the deluge.
Magda Hassan Wrote:I've been meaning to ask you how you are faring over there in the deluge.
Me personally, I'm only inconvenienced....and go every day to look at the river down the hill. The metro is closed; many tram lines are not running. The police are keeping all tourists and onlookers away from the river area [without success]. The rise is slow, but steady. It is RIGHT at the point where it would breach the defenses and flood the 850-1250 year old old center and some of the surrounding newer areas. The Charles Bridge is closed so that heavy machinery can clear floating homes etc. away from the historic bridge foundations. We had about ten days of nothing but rain. Today is the first day I see only clouds, without rain. But that could be just here. The river drains a much larger area. One island in the middle of the river known [in Czech] as 'Archers Island' because during the Medieval period, the Kings archers practiced their fighting skills there, is below 3-4 meters of water and it was undergoing a 'facelift', as it is a I often go to with my dog....all the year's work is washed away, if not the island itself. That statue I have a picture of sinking, as the waters rise is usually about 10 meters above water the head is totally underwater..if it is still there. Sewage is no longer being treated, but dumped into the river and they are considering shutting the water treatment plant. It is a fun time for all. :wavey: So glad they learned the lessons of ten years ago. Here are some firemen, police, and soldiers erecting part of the several km long artificial water barrier on both sides of the river near the historic Old Center. Once that is breached, there is nothing that can be done.....

Just returned from the river. Levels were a little higher than yesterday. Today, however, was the first day without rain here. It is still raining downstream and the forecast is for rain the next few days, things are far from 'over'. I took some photos, a few of which I'll post. The ultra high-tech barriers are interesting and work well...with only minor leaking even when a wall of man meters of water are behind them. Those I've shown can all be raised slightly - they raise them [assemble them] as needed. One big thunderstorm could cause a major catastrophe at this point. The metro is closed in the center. Interestingly, once secret nuclear bomb shelter doors to turn the metro into nuclear bomb shelters during the 'Cold War' are being used to hold back the water - as they are as water tight as they are nuclear proof. They were a highly kept secret that they even existed, during Communism. It will be a few more days before we know if we just escaped with only a few hundred million in damages - or if it is in the billions. But, what once were '100 year floods' are now about '10 year floods' - and will soon be yearly if humans don't stop ****ing up the climate system and Planet!