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Full Version: The Nazi invasion of the US - that never was - until Op Paperclip anyway
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Maps from 1942 of the never-was Nazi invasion of North America

[Image: 500x_picture_92.jpg]

These diagrams from the March 2, 1942 issue of Life detailed the Nazi invasion of America shortly after the attack on Pearl Harbor. Check out such alternate reality battles like the bombing of Detroit and invasion of Norfolk, Virginia. [via]

These maps were created as a follow-up to an article about an American defeat in WWII by pioneering science fiction author Philip Wylie, who wrote the proto-superhero novel Gladiator. These maps were made in the early days of US involvement in World War II, so there was a sense that this invasion was a real possibility. You can read more about these maps at Ptak Science Books. More after the Jump.

[Image: map.jpg]
[Image: 500x_map2.jpg]
[Image: 500x_map3.jpg]
[Image: 500x_map5.jpg]
[URL=""][Image: 500x_map6.jpg][/URL]
Thanks Magda.
Create the enemy, eliminate the enemy.
None of the FoMoCo scions served in 'hazardous duty. FDR's sons did.
Demonstration of values.
Henry Ford NEVER returned medals from Hitler.
I'll never own a FORD, not that Du Pont and GM were any better.
Magda Hassan Wrote:The Nazi invasion of the US - that never was - until Op Paperclip anyway

Magda - good stuff.

Of course the Paperclip plans would have need some wandering bishops, a few Hail Marys and a rosary or three.

In fact a Ratline map involving Croatia, Italy, Spain and much of South America, travelling with Vatican immunity, would be most interesting....