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Full Version: OK they dunnit again, they make me angry degrading my people .....
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Over a year ago Indianapolis enacted a law to stop so called "panhandling".

It has not been enforced but the city/county government keeps rattling the law and order sabre at the people. My People and the least able to defend themselves in any court. Those shat upon by the 2008 organized theft of all some had. Jobs lost for punk thief bankers not lack of incentive but a lack of "give-a-shit" by the governments and the financial punks of Wall Street.

Compare this day of "don't give a damn about your fellow man" to the America I grew up in.
The 'legislature" was conned into passing the legislation by the city swearing they would make much, "much" more assistance available to the "less fortunate people".

They have not.
The city worries about the "appearance" of Indy to the "out-of-towners" coming into town for events. Panhandlers don't fit in their world view. While street crime sky rockets for the less endowed neighborhoods they worry about the downtown "rich folks" - Colts game attendees and the like - not thinking crime is everywhere.

When I grew up the township trustees were not intell gatherers for Fusion centers.

Trustees and citizens would see that no people they knew of in their township went hungry.
This was the governance of the survivors of the Great Depression, They knew all politics is local.
My family members I saw taking groceries to a home and leaving the food and etc. on the ever present front porch. In secret. No paper work, no bureaucratic preapproval needed.
The groceries would be left when no one was home to avoid embarrassment for all.

No shame inflicted, none needed. No threats of pigs busting people for asking for help or a hoped for job, the government has abandoned the poor in this day and age.
Abandoned neighborhoods to crime and the approved drug dealers.

Clearly this law like vagrancy laws is BULLSHIT.

People are people not cannon fodder and "consumers" to be poisoned.
The rich say "Let them eat cake."

I'd rather see the wealthy change their hearts and come to know Satygraha,
But that is not ever going to happen. Rich man and the eye of the needle.

I say let the wealthy eat shit and die.
The first version of this law was rousting the poor to jail processing.
And putting up "collection boxes" downtown to finance the help for the poor.
Heaven forbid tax money be spent on people not Empire.

The collection boxes produced damn near nothing, the plan of Mayor GBallard collapsed in failure. Our city continues the "same-old-shit", same old GOP bullshit.
Recall that Dick G Lugar started as a "Rockefeller" liberal Republican Mayor of Indy. With the help of the ST.

Enforcement also collapsed in confrontations with the A.C.L.U. threatening to sue and activists suddenly running around the city and the poor folks churches that were willing to listen with "the fire lit again".

But still the topic turns up on the local news excusing the lack of enforcement for a WRONG LAW.

The appearance of propriety rather than dealing with reality - a Law and Order Empire is at stake.

The Indy Metro Police are known as maddogs for valid reasons. They earned the contempt of the majority of WeThePeople.
WeThePeople don't like fascism.