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Full Version: Bowling for fascism:social capital and the rise of the nazi party in weimar germany, 1919-33
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Social capital has a very dark side. Here's some neat evidence.

Quote:Abstract: Social capital a dense network of associations facilitating cooperation within a community typically leads to positive political and economic
outcomes, as demonstrated by a large literature following Putnam. A growing
literature emphasizes the potentially "dark side" of social capital. This paper
examines the role of social capital in the downfall of democracy in interwar
Germany by analyzing Nazi party entry rates in a cross-section of towns and
cities. Before the Nazi Party's triumphs at the ballot box, it built an extensive
organizational structure, becoming a mass movement with nearly a million
members by early 1933. We show that dense networks of civic associations such
as bowling clubs, animal breeder associations, or choirs facilitated the rise of the
Nazi Party. The effects are large: Towns with one standard deviation higher
association density saw at least one-third faster growth in the strength of the
Nazi Party. IV results based on 19th century measures of social capital reinforce
our conclusions. In addition, all types of associations veteran associations and
non-military clubs, "bridging" and "bonding" associations positively predict
NS party entry. These results suggest that social capital in Weimar Germany
aided the rise of the Nazi movement that ultimately destroyed Germany's first

Social "groups" and the rise of group think...

In '76 I was then fresh out of active duty USMC, disabled service connected. Doing my damndest to 1) get a good job and 2) get back to running 1/4 mile AT THE RACE TRACKS. No street racing idiot am I.

I got a post card inviting me to the local VFW lodge.
Had it been the Am. Legion I would have known better than to have anything to do with the Legion - strike breakers and corrupted assholes is all the Legion ever was.

So I went to have my one free beer at the VFW.
I didn't get to finish it.
I was insulted by an old WW2/Korea vet berating my generation for "loosing your war" before I could finish it.

I poured it over the bar and thought for one second about whupping some ass, some dumb old tired ass.
I should have done so. For my own self respect, but I am a better man than the asshole.
Civilians of that time were of NO RESPECT for vets. None at all...

And our Goverment turned its back on the survivors of wars.
Too few recall now the War @ Home, Vets vs. VA (Gainesville Trial)
RRReagun is and was a PUNK as ALL NEOCONS ARE.
Their children do NOT serve.

I never went back to any "fraternal group".
I never joined anything after the USMC.
I retain the freedom of my mind keeping it safe from idiots in fratenal organizations.

I left the VFW "lodge" - leaving serious smoke off my tires and in effect daring the pigs to try and catch me. They could not do so even if they had tried. Those burnout trails are still there to this day.

I got home and smoked a joint and never looked back to my redneck hometown for anything but bullshit.