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Full Version: The state of DPF
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We don't do forum business in public.

So here are some metaphors...

The beginning:

The dream:

The bile:

An unavoidable stop on certain life journeys:

At fault is an inescapable truth:

Yet the doors of perception yet can open:

And hope springs eternal:


My DPF posts may appear to be sporadic because of delays brought about by the fact that I have been on moderation on the forum I co-founded for a couple of months now. There is no end in sight, and over the past week the delays have grown longer.

When my posts are released, they almost always appear buried behind one or more subsequent contributions. Do with this information what you will.

I am not being afforded the opportunity to appeal the moderators' actions. I am assured that votes are taken on the suitability of all my posts, and that majority decisions prevail. I am not aware of how tie votes are settled.

I shall not comment on the reasons why this situation has arisen; that story is for the co-founders only. I shall not be the one to make it public.
Why do I endure this situation? Because it is not in my nature to run from a fight -- especially one in which so much is at stake.

I post this simply to inform those of you who find some semblance of value in what I bring to this cyber-table that I have not left the battlefield and have no intention of doing so.

Also, I have no intention of making further public comment on this situation at this time. So don't waste your time posing questions that I won't answer.

As always, you may feel free to contact me via PM. But be advised: I have no way of knowing if my PM Inbox and Outbox are being monitored.
Thank you for your consideration.
Tim Buckley is the first in the first post of the don't-publicize-family business thread.

Ah, Tim Buckley in 1973 at Raphael's Silver Cloud Lounge in Algodones, New Mexico.

He was sweating, thin as a wire, wired to the max, and his girlfriend

was in black dress, barefoot, floppy black hat on the dance floor solo

so when I left our table to (attempt) to dance with her

her karate chop pulled an inch from my nose

"I want to be alone"

The gang bought a Tequila Sunrise as consolation

and I believe Tim Buckley died not long after

How 'bout that "hunter" tune

lounges being for intrigue

short service life




Children's games are almost always misplayed by adults.