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Full Version: The Secret Scientific Axis
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This document was never declassified but was produced by the IOR attorney Jeffrey Lena at the deposituion of William Gowen. The document was identified as coming from Jim Angleton's personal files with his notations on it by Gowen. When I asked lena how he got this - he said "from Washington."
This is potentially a very interesting document.

Quote:On 24 April 1947, a final meeting took place at Villa Mazar, in Milan, with the Duce, who reiterated the following:

a) the plans for the secret weapons consisted of:

1) Studies on Atomic developments.
2) Determinators for heavy waters.
3) Nuclear formula.
4) Construction of V-1, V-2 and V-3.


Except my understanding is that Duce, or Il Duce, is a term specifically applied to the Italian fascist leader, Benito Mussolini.

And Mussolini was executed by Partisans in April 1945.

So, it would be difficult for Bruno Fiorellino to meet with Il Duce in April 1947.
Marginal note says "45?" so presumably 1947 is a typo, they did make a lot of those in the day before spell checkers.

April 24, 1945 would have been one day before the fall of the Salo Republic. Mussolini had not yet fled Milan, so the meeting would have to have been of the utmost importance.

There are no references I can find to a Villa Mazar in Milan.

William Gowen denied ever seeing this document and indeed the signature is not signed by him but on his behalf by Caniglia.

Lastly, Angleton was a master forger but why forge this document.
Now here is where it gets odd - that interesting document was produced as an exhibit in the 4 days deposition of William Gowen by attorneys for the IOR. The examination of Gowen on this had nothing to do with IOR. Apparently someone connected with IOR wanted that document authenticated after all these years.