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Is Len Coldney's new site devoted to his research on "The Watergate Coup". Mr. Coldney is the co-author, with Robert Gettlin, of "Silent Coup", & "The 40's Years War", with Thomas Schactman, the former is a very book on the removal of Mr. Nixon, IMHO "Secret Agenda" by Haugen is better, the latter an OK appraisal of the years since Watergate and the neo-con take over of U.S. foreign policy. The author is IMO wrong that the neo-con reign ended with the 2008 election of Barack Obama, as the aurhors imply in this book. Mr. Obama has been backed by the Lester Crown family of Chicago, who are ardent Zionist and Mr. Rahm Emanual, now the dictator of Chicago and backer of all things privatized, especially the schools and destroying unions at the sametime, was Barack Obama's first chief of staff. Mr Rahm Emanual was also a member of the Israeli Defense Force, and his father was a member of the terrorists Stern gang. So much for neo-con control being over.
Quote: So much for neo-con control being over.

Off topic. I have wondered if there is a second Washington Concensus regarding foreign policy. We used to hear about the realists (the adults) vs. the neocons (the naive idealists). Considering what has been happening in Syria whether a new concensus has been forged where both POV's have become unified -- a muscular foreign policy minus democracy as being goal.
While future American & Western foreign police was not the subject of Carroll Quigley's, "Tragedy & Hope", it is essential to Professor Quigley's thesis that the West, and those groups aligned with the Cecil Rhoads groups, such as The Council on Foreign Relations and The Bank for International Settlements, persue a scorched earth policy in order to obtain their goal of universal serfdom, which Professor Quigleys states is the goal of the CRF and aligned groups.

"The Tower of Basel", by Adam Lebor is a recent, May 2013, book regarding BIS. This same bank also is the subject of Charles Higham's, "Trading with the Enemy." Was Nazism defeated in April 1945 after all ?