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Full Version: Kerry is NOT a Liar !
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So seems tto be the majority opinion of posts at Democratic Underground. One poster called "Progressive dog" states that Secretary of State John Kerry is neither a liar or a fool...and that President Obama is not in cohoots with the warmongers. This is not an exact quote, but pretty close. What world do these people love in ? But there are some posters there who dissent from the prevailing, but not enough alas. Btw todays Syrian coverage on the new networks, so called, has been awful. But I guess that is to be expected.
Democratic Undeground... ah those were the days.

I got tombstoned twice.

Couldn't be bothered as they have people there permanently to handle the "diificult" posters with awkward questions through abusive team tagging. All difficult questions got sent to the Dungeon very quickly.

John Kerry is a liar and Obama is a war-mongerer by the way.

Someone should move to get that nobel peace prize taken off him.