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Full Version: Thank You -- JFKresearch Archives
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I would like to thank Magda and the DPF for having hosted the archives from my late husband's JFKresearch site for the last 2+ years. You have done a marvelous job and I am appreciative.

While there is a post on another thread about my asking to have those pages removed, which is true, I want to make it clear that it is for my own reasons and there are no plans to have them at anyone else's forum/website at this time. I am not a part of the JFK community in any way, shape or form. As I slide past 3-1/2 years since Rich's death, there are changes I am making on a number of fronts and this is simply one of them.

I wish you all well with your efforts and, again, am thankful to Magda and appreciative of her care of Rich's archives. I hope that this will answer any speculation (and maybe stop the flood of emails I have been receiving).


Shelby DellaRosa
You're very welcome Shelby! All the best for you in the future. May it bring many blessings and good things to you.