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Full Version: What the heck is Lyndon LaRouche ?!
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I understand that Webster Tarpley left the LaRouche organization because he believed the CIA was heavily involved.

You might wonder how that could be. There are quit a few threads that deal with that issue at DPF. Here is one of the best, although it does not address LaRouche directly.
He is impossible to classify. Here's some interesting stuff on him:
FDR was not a fascist, the DuPonts and others including Prescott Bush, he of Skull & Bones & Union Banking Corp fame, were of course home grown fascists, and to think that Prescotts son & grandson became President is just too frightful. This cabal was the main financial group that tried to remove FRD by coups and attempted assassinations. Human Events, a conservative magazine, grown out of elements of the non-interventalist "America First" movement became rapidly pro interventionalist when the enemy of the Soviet Union and not Nazi Germany, This crowd backed Taft over Ike in 1952 because Taft was in the non-interventalist camp. By 1964 this same clique backed Goldwater for President in 1964, & before, even though Goldwater never saw a war that he didn't like. Buckley's National Review also did its part in turning American conservatism into an instrument for neverending war,

LaRouche is backed by some intelligence agencies otherwise IMO his "movement" would not have lasted as long as it has, which is from the 1960's.
I see him as an Establishment lightning rod.