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Full Version: How US Spies Helped Ukrainian Fascist Stefan Bandera Escape Prosecution as WWII War Criminal
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From the Files of the CIA: How US Spies Helped Ukrainian Fascist Stefan Bandera Escape Prosecution as WWII War Criminal

Posted on March 6, 2014 | 2 Comments
[UPDATED: 8 March 2014: added key "smoking gun" excerpts on OSS Rat Line for Bandera from cache of CIA documents on Bandera - IWPCHI]
[UPDATE2: We have come across a pamphlet issued by the National Archives on 10 December 2010 to accompany the release of the cache of declassified CIA documents we present here. The pamphlet, entitled: "Hitler's Shadow: Nazi War Criminals, U.S. Intelligence and the Cold War" was written by Richard Breitman and Norman J.W. Goda; it is an indispensable explanatory guide to the documents you will read here. You will find the chapter on the CIA's use of Ukrainian fascists in Chapter 5, page 81 - IWPCHI]
We are pleased to present to our readers a documentary proof of the US Government's successful efforts to help Nazi collaborator Ukrainian fascist Stefan Bandera avoid capture by the Soviet Union at the end of World War II.
The United States Office of Strategic Services the wartime clandestine service of the US Government was more interested in pursuing the bipartisan holy war of the US capitalist class against the Soviet Union than they were in prosecuting Nazi war criminals. The OSS at the time under the command of Democrat Harry Truman - completely co-opted whole sections of Hitler's intelligence operations (the Gehlen Organization being one of the most infamous) and sought out anyone who was willing to help the US destabilize postwar Eastern Europe in an attempt to roll back the gains won during the war by the Red Army. They called their operation to help Nazi war criminals escape justice "The Rat Line" it was like an "Underground Railroad" for fascists, run by the United States Government. Then as now, the US ruling class was willing to make common cause with even some of the most notorious war criminals who, like Bandera and his Ukrainian nationalist friends were responsible for organizing paramilitary organizations that carried out wholesale massacres of Poles, Jews and communist workers on the eastern front. In the same way that the US has repeatedly made common cause with the most disgusting Islamic fundamentalists from all over the Middle East in order to further their imperialist ambitions, at the end of WWII the US capitalist class turned on their erstwhile allies in the USSR the moment the war ended and immediately began recruiting Nazis who had been operating hand-in-glove with Hitler's Nazis in campaigns against the Soviet-allied partisan groups in places like the Ukraine.
The documents, which we retrieved from the CIA's own website, where a large tranche of formerly classified documents on Nazi war criminals have recently been released, contain many smoking guns; OSS agents openly discuss their plans to "tip off" Bandera to the fact that he is in danger of being captured by rival, Nazi-hunting elements of the US military and turned over to the Soviets.
1946 OSS schemes to tip off Bandera to thwart his capture by Soviet Union
We have only had a brief opportunity to review these documents; we are rushing to bring this documentary history of US collaboration with Ukrainian fascists in order to throw a sharp light on their continued work with the descendants of Bandera's fascists in today's Ukraine, where scumbags like US Senator John McCain openly appear in public in Kiev with notorious Bandera-worshippers from the Ukrainian fascist Svoboda Party like Oleg Tyahnybok.
[Image: mccain_tyahnybok_public_app_kiev_ap91999...=500&h=334]John McCain makes public appearance in Kiev with leader of fascist Svoboda Party, Oleg Tyahnybok (right) at his side, 15 December, 2013. [AP Photo]

We've assembled the entire 293-page CIA dossier on Bandera into a single .pdf file, for your downloading convenience. Feel free to distribute this all over the world; it is a priceless proof of the boundless depravity of the US capitalist class: the most corrupt, venal and bloodthirsty regime on planet Earth. The first smoking gun documents we found were on pages 12 and 13 as well as pages 16 through 19, where the plan to tip off Bandera to his imminent capture by US Nazi-hunters and/or the Soviets is hatched by scum from the OSS. [As we review these documents, we'll post highlights at the end of this article - IWPCHI] Today, there is an organization in the US that seeks to "honor the memory" of these OSS "heroes"; they call themselves "The OSS Society". How disgusting are these cretins? Once a gang of Nazi-lovers, always a gang of Nazi-lovers! Feast your eyes on this photo:
[Image: admericolson_usn_cmdr_us_spec_ops_comman...=500&h=331]MG John Singlaub, USA (Ret.), Chairman of The OSS Society, receiving the Bull Simons Award from Admiral Eric Olson, USN, Commander, U.S. Special Operations Command, in Tampa, FL on May 18, 2011. [Source: The OSS Society website]

CIA_Nazi_War_Criminals_Files_Bandera (complete)
1946 OSS schemes to tip off Bandera to thwart his capture by Soviet Union
[URL=""]"STEPAN A BANDERA AND THE 1941 UKRAINIAN STATE'" by Petro Yarovyy, Sotsialistichteskiy Vestnik, Jun/Jul 1951
Even the SS and the Nazis generally were shocked by the brutality of the Ukrainian fascists during WWII vis-a-vis their gruesome means of killing Jews and others. It took a LOT to shock the SS!...there are many reports of this in official documents. On the other hand, little known are genocidal purges of Ukrainians by the Russians in the not too distant past...despite a historical 'birthplace' of Russia in Kiev long, long ago. It is a very sad history....and as yet not a happy one. The USA has, sadly, always preferred fascists to anti-fascists, as has the UK [not everyone in power, but all too many - with the intelligence agencies of the time usually leading the way for their masters].

Amazing to see that Singlaub is still alive. The man belongs in prison for many things....but instead gets awards.