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Full Version: Reverse speech analysis of Obama
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...predicts extraterrestial event in 2012.

I wonder if John Kelly were to reverse analyze his own statements what they would say?

I think I could make an educated guess, but that's just me.
I recall listening to his reverse speech recordings claiming to reveal plans for detonating a nuclear explosion on a ship berthed in the Galvaston area a couple years ago - 'The next major false-flag event' as it was billed. The whole 'reverse-speech' thing was new to me then and, with hindsight, I think I invested it with more credibility than was/is warranted - Just MHO and, as always, I'm open to be proved wrong
Reverse speech "phenomenon" was first discovered by
playing a BEATLES tape backwards in 1961. It DOES exist,
but does it mean anything?

In this case Jack, I think it's tomfoolery aimed at personal promotion and name recognition.

If you made a sufficiently long speech and I ran it through an Anagram finder, I could easily "find" a short sentence, the meaning of which you would have no inkling of.

For example taking the first words of the opening paragraph of the article you linked:

Quote:Fresh from his first visit to Ottawa, Canada on February...

I get the somewhat Shakespearean result of:

Quote:Away Crab! Striver of ornate stiffish mirth
Anagrams are not similar to reverse speech.

Alien snaucers!?

OK, I'll give the benefit of the doubt.

But this just as easily could be a warning about an influx of French chefs ...

Alien sauciers!

Ah - HAH!

Hope this pans out for us.