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Full Version: How the Odessa massacre was orchestrated by the CIA-controlled Interior Ministry
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The attack came with a built-in "justification-cum-trigger" courtesy of some seemingly pro-Federalist ("Russian") attackers, marked with red armbands and decked out with the ribbon of St. George, who were nothing of the sort:

Quote:Analysis of the events of 2 May in Odessa

The conclusion is that "special operatives" from Kiev colluded with the police to instigate the violence.

The picture of a masked man shooting a pistol, which picture has since been widespread with claims that the gunman was a "pro-Russian" (because of the St. George ribbon on someone standing by him), is shown at the beginning of the blog and it is pointed out that the police officer standing behind the armed man and, seemingly, looking on nonchalantly at the events, resembles none other than the deputy Odessa police chief.

"The procession of Ultras [pro-Kiev football hooligans] along Greek St. was attacked by people equipped with bits and pieces of combat equipment and wearing St. George's ribbons and RED BANDS on their arms. Exactly the same red bands were on the arms of SOME Ministry of the Interior servicemen. Most interesting is that it was exactly at this place where such Ministry of the Interior servicemen were located that a disruption of the rally occurred.

Moreover, in the photo below, behind the man with the gun is standing someone who resembles the Odessa Deputy Chief of Police, Dmitry Fuchedzhi.

Above the pictures following that of Fuchedzhi it reads:

"Are these red-ribbon wearing combatants receiving instructions?"

"Armed persons quietly strolling amongst the police."

The remaining clips and photographs show well armed persons in masks firing merrily away from the police ranks at the "pro-Russian terrorists".


Provocation by armed men, who began shooting at the football fans apparently took place with the knowledge of the Odessa police. No one tried to stop the firing of weapons at the trade union building, where unarmed supporters of federalization had sought refuge. Deputy police chief Fuchedzhi arrived to ramp events up. Russians were blamed for everything, including arson. I think it is now clear to everyone who the organizers were."

Version is confirmed

In the killing and beating of Maidan opponents in Odessa there participated servicemen of the Ukraine Ministry of internal Affairs Special Battalions East' and Storm', who were dressed in civilian clothes and who are stationed in Dnepropetrovsk and Odessa. The battalions were recently staffed by trained activists from nationalist organizations [read: Pravy Sektor]. This explains the passive behaviour of city police, which was also in the midst of the clashes and was ordered to withdraw its units from the scene', said one of the high-ranking officers of the Ukraine Ministry of the Interior."

РИА Новости [video][/video]

[From the above RIA link:

"One of the senior officers of the Ukraine Ministry of the interior has stated that in the killing and beating of Maidan opponents participated Specbatal 'East' and 'Storm' members dressed in civilian clothes. He said that this explains the passive behaviour of the city's police."]

Above the next-last video clip:

"UPDATE: Mykola, a man who is firing a gun at the people in the trade union building (it should be recalled that according to the Ministry of the Interior no weapons were found on the dead inside) is a centurion'. He is with the police here and his people are asking for a way through [a "corridor"] so that they can do their business'."

The CIA and FBI in control in Kiev:

Quote:The Ukrainian transitional government in Kiev will be dozens of specialists from the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency and the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation advice. The learned Bild am Sonntag from German security circles.

The officials should help on behalf of the U.S. government Kiev in ending the rebellion in the east of the country and establish a functioning security structure.
Paul Rigby Wrote:The attack came with a built-in "justification-cum-trigger" courtesy of some seemingly pro-Federalist ("Russian") attackers, marked with red armbands and decked out with the ribbon of St. George, who were nothing of the sort:

Quote:Analysis of the events of 2 May in Odessa

The conclusion is that "special operatives" from Kiev colluded with the police to instigate the violence.

What follows is less than idiomatic English, but you get the drift: there was a pseudo-clash, orchestrated by Ministry of the Interior ops, working as a pseudo-gang, who steered, shot, and used the football mob to do the dirty work:

Odessa tragedy leaves many questions

Quote:There are a lot of video and photo shooting that occurred in the city Friday - and a lot of details that draw attention to themselves. Enough food for thought on the whole investigation.

In the midst of the punitive operation in the country, when tensions in the Russian Odessa, has reached its limit, the town hosts a football match Kharkov "Metalist" and Odessa "Chernomorets". In the city, came a few thousand ultras of both teams - the nationalist-minded fans, supporters Maidana who receive permission from the authorities to march through the streets of Odessa in Ukraine support Unity. And going on the cathedral square. Meanwhile, on the part of Alexander Avenue, in their direction extends well-equipped group of young people with batons and iron bars. Many St. George's ribbons. But the main feature - the label of red scotch on the sleeve. Authorities called their pro-Russian militants. But it looks like someone just really wanted everybody thought. And the conclusion made by many witnesses.

"But then came the first strangeness and" disconnect "with the official version of the junta. Exactly the same red armbands were at the hands of some members of the MUP. Most interesting is that in this place there was a" breakthrough, "" separatists "to the marchers," - says an eyewitness.

Existing frames visible red marks on the sleeves of the attackers at the procession of people, and next to such tapes policemen standing in a cordon. Attackers clearly less than several thousand participants in the march. It is obvious that they were not going to break it up. But in a place where there is a breakthrough, is separated from the attackers even smaller group. Why? It soon becomes clear. They lured a crowd of fans. And it turns out. That's what the marchers shout: "Fifty men, and fifty men. Fifty people, if we come from that side, their little there."

The crowd changes its direction of motion and is drawn into the Greek street. Major clashes here. And here come a lot of strange. Chains police step aside. Pass the attackers and merge again. Stones flying and with that and the other. Existing frames of all people with the red ribbon on the sleeve with the roof opened fire with a pistol. It is here - first casualties. Firearms were on both sides. But there - strange frame: action pistol shooting. Behind him stands quietly policeman. Bloggers who recognized him as the deputy head of the Odessa police Dmitry Fuchedzhi. On another picture he is surrounded by people with krasnolentochnikami, before the collision. But judging by the Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs officer chevron explicitly instructs the attackers: "We must understand each platoon that does. And the fact that ran to run?"

But even harder to believe in the footage of a man in a flak jacket with a machine gun opened fire on participants of the march. Just because the police chain. And here it becomes clear that the main goal - the most angering crowd of fans and supporters of the Maidan. Why - it became clear later. When the attackers with the red marks quickly left the field of battle. A furious crowd suddenly moved toward the Kulikovo Field, where there was a camp of opponents of the current government, which could not manage to disperse, for several months.

Naturally, any people with red ribbons were not there. There at the time were on watch only a few dozen activists. Fleeing from the crowd, they barricaded themselves in the House of Trade Unions. And now, for those who were in the crowd. Thousands of fans are accustomed to street clashes seem to have been just cannon fodder. As acknowledged by the Odessa Police Academy in the crowd were two spetsbatalona MIA East and Storm recently staffed nationalists right sectors. Naturally, in civilian clothes. By a remarkable coincidence, on this day in Odessa was a former commandant of the Maidan, Paruby.

And here's another character. A man in a flak jacket, surrounded clearly not form civil satellites. False someone complains to the attackers - is clearly working on camera Ukrainian channel.

"They have weapons, they aggressively tuned, they pyrotechnics, my boys came up empty-handed, my 4 wounded, and I, too, including" - he says.

He's lying, that's not armed, there is footage of it from burning house unions shoots through the windows without letting people have taken refuge in the building to get out through the windows.

This man, and he called Mykola - headed by one of the hundreds of militants Maidana, who has recently arrived in Odessa. As is well known Ukrainian Interior Ministry later stated, people died in the building, set fire to it themselves. For the third floor, where there was a major fire, throw the Molotov cocktails impossible. This cynical statement is easily disproved. Here is what one of the survivors in his blog:

"In the meantime, reported that Maidan burst on the third floor to another corridor. How they got there ... I met girls who were trying to turn over an old iron safe. Did it doperet to the door blocked. While Lane and built a barricade, which went under the door something white and green smoke. pulmonary air knocked out instantly. "

In other words, the militants Maidana were inside the building. Here they demonstrate the Ukrainian flag, under the general approval of the crowd. On the other shots taken minutes later, you can see: in this window on the third floor begins to inflame the fire. At this point, the governor of Odessa Vladimir Nemirovsky essentially gives militants Maidan, a license to kill. Writes in a blog:

"Actions Odessites directed neutralization and arrest armed terrorists consider legitimate."

As we have already told, the majority of those who came to burn the house unions Odessites were not. But inside there is Odessa. Right militants sector first entered the building burned. The first thing they were looking for documents of the victims. Ukrainian propagandists tried to lie, claiming that the victims have been found Russian passports. They demonstrated on the Internet. But it was easy to refute. Have the same passport with the same names and photographs. Only post April 16: About allegedly detained Russian saboteurs. May 2 in Odessa, people burned alive, finished off with sticks those who tried to escape. Aft of how it turned out later - among the dead were a lot of people with gunshot wounds. And another important fact: the police had not even thought to interfere.

Putting all these facts, it is easy to conclude that the cause of the tragedy in Odessa - a provocation to disperse and arrest members of months of protests on the Kulikovo Field against the government - the hands of fans. For this and that and in another crowd were provocateurs. Apparently, hardly anyone was planning mass murder. But the crowd, excited by blood and impunity could not stop.
Смотрите оригинал материала на:
This is the CIA-Kievan spin doctors' first long version of what happened that I've come across, and is thus worth keeping for future reference:

What really happened in Odessa: A step-by-step reconstruction of a tragedy that killed 46 people

May 4, 2014, 5:54 p.m. | Ukraine by Sergiy Dibrov
Kyiv Post

Quote:Editor's Note: Odessa journalist Sergiy Dibrov witnessed the May 2 violence killed 46 people, most of whom died in a fire in the Trade Unions Building.

Before May 2

Kulikove Pole Square in the center of Odessa used to be a prison cemetery before its transformation into a square for demonstrations and parades. In Soviet times, a pompous building that stands there served as headquarters for the Regional Committee of the Communist Party. It has been reconstructed several times. Most recently, it serves as the headquarters for the local Trade Unions Federation and rents out office space inside.

In late February, after former President Viktor Yanukovych was ousted from Ukraine by the EuroMaidan Revolution, Odessa opponents of European Union integration set up an anti-Maidan camp in Kulikove Pole Square, next to the Trade Unions headquarters.

The camp was the center of activity for supporters of Ukraine's "federalization" which many regard as the Kremlin code word for the dismemberment of Ukraine -- and Russian-backed separatists. It was the location of regular rallies that gathered up to several thousand participants.

Pro-Ukrainian citizens have long demanded that authorities remove the camp.

May 2

On the night of May 2, the football teams Chernomorets (Odessa) and Metallist (Kharkiv) played in Odessa. After the EuroMaidan protests started in November, Ukrainian football fans started the game-day tradition of peacefully marching in support of Ukraine's unity as a nation. A planned march took place in Odessa on May 2 at 3 p.m.

In the last five months, Odessa has also seen opposing political rallies. One took place on May 1, when AntiMaidan activists and left-wing parties took part in a peaceful march.

The next day, however, was different. AntiMaidan pages on the Russian-controlled Vkontakte social network shared calls to forcefully stop the pro-Ukrainian march and gather at Oleksanrivkiy Avenue, near the planned march.

One of the pages called on their supporters in Odessa to "take after Donetsk," a reference to the bloody attacks by Kremlin-backed, pro-Russian demonstrators on pro-Ukrainians on April 27.

Russian-backed attackers came armed, ready to attack

One hour before the march, some 200 young men gathered in an agreed location.

They came ready to fight. They had guns, bats, knives and wore helmets and bulletproof vests. They behaved aggressively and began to dismantle the pavement to prepare rocks to throw at their opponents.

At the same time, some 1,000 football fans and supporters of Ukraine's unity gathered at Sobornaya Square.

Only several dozen members of the Maidan Self-Defense Units, a paramilitary patriotic organization formed during EuroMaidan to support the revolution, were equipped to defend the crowd.

The atmosphere was positive in the square. Fans of the two teams from Odessa and Kharkiv sang the Ukrainian national anthem together, chanted patriotic slogans such as "Odessa, Kharkiv, Ukraine" and sang songs against Russian President Vladimir Putin.

When the fans gathered in a column and began marching to the stadium, the Self-Defense Unit members were informed about several hundred aggressive AntiMaidan supporters coming to the square from Hrecheska Street, to attack the column of peaceful demonstrators.
Police didn't separate the two rallies from each another.

The armed Self-Defense fighters formed a chain and put up their shields at the crossing with Hrecheska Street to protect the fans.

But the shields didn't stop the attackers.

They threw rocks and stun grenades into the column. In response to the explosions, football fans and Ukrainian patriots immediately responded and threw fireworks and smoke grenades into the attackers.

The street filled with smoke and the attackers retreated to Hrecheska Street.

By now, however, pro-Ukrainian fans were injured with rocks, hit in the face and head.

While the pro-Ukrainian Self-Defense members stood in a line in front of the pro-Ukrainian crowd, covering themselves with shields, police officers formed a similar line next to the AntiMaidan crowd. Even with the cordon, their Russian-backed opponents continued throwing rocks and other objects.

The AntiMaidan crowd was outnumbered and soon went on the defensive as angry football fans went on the attack and pelted the aggressors with rocks and chased them from nearby side streets.

Gunshots fired by pro-Russian aggressors; first person killed

That's when the first gunshots were fired.

One of the AntiMaidan supporters, armed with Kalashnikov machine gun, opened fire in a lane leading to Odessa's main Derybasivskaya Street. A bullet hit a young football fan in the chest, killing him. Several dozen others were taken away by ambulance, injured by rocks.

After the first blood spilled, the violence escalated.

Young women and elderly people from the pro-Ukrainian rally began dismantling the pavement and passing the rocks to the frontline. Soon, other supporters brought gasoline and foam plastic, and young women began mixing Molotov cocktails right on Derybasivskaya Street.

Several hours of street fighting leave four dead, more than 100 wounded

Police officers attempted to protect the AntiMaidan fighters, but were thrown back by Molotov cocktails and rocks. The pro-Ukrainian side began using firearms, too.

The street fighting went on for several hours, initially claiming the lives of four men and injuring about 100 people. The deputy chief of Odessa police, Dmitriy Fuchedzhy, and the chief editor of the popular local online newspaper, Oleh Konstantinov, were among the injured.

Around 5 p.m., pro-Ukrainian activists captured a fire truck and drove it into the crowd of AntiMaidan people, using its water cannon to disperse the fighting crowd. The football fans chased the opponents, and beat those who they caught, while pro-Ukrainian Self-Defense members tried to restrain them from lynching their victims. By this time, 74 ambulances were at the scene.

After the AntiMaidan supporters were chased away, pro-Ukrainian activists headed to Kulikove Pole Square to destroy the Russian-backed camp. Some 2,000 pro-Ukrainian activists attacked the camp, where some 200 AntiMaidan supporters were present.

Pro-Russian crowd flees to Trade Unions building

When the activists set the tents and stage on fire, Odessa Oblast council member Oleksiy Alba called on the pro-Russians in the camp to flee to the nearby Trades Union building.

The pro-Ukrainians attacked the building with rocks and Molotov cocktails, while the AntiMaidan supporters threw Molotov cocktails from the rooftop.

Several bottles of petrol bombs, thrown by activists outside, broke into the front entrance and the windows of the second and fourth floor, where the fire spread quickly.

The burning building trapped people inside. Eight of them died after jumping from the upper floors as they tried to escape from the fire. More than 20 people died of smoke inhalation alone.

At the same time, pro-Ukrainian activists saved several dozen people from the rooms on the second and third floor.

Firefighters slow to respond

Firefighters arrived an hour after the fire began.

More than 100 people inside the building fled to the roof to safety. Police officers, who arrived after the fire was extinguished, took them outside and arrested them. Some football fans attempted to attack them, but were once again restrained by the pro-Ukrainian Self-Defense members.

Bloodiest day in Odessa since 1918

The May 2 events were the bloodiest civil conflict in Odessa since the pre-Bolshevik revolutionary raids on the city's Jews and street fights in 1918.

The total death toll currently stands at 46 victims. One of the dead is Odessa city council member Vyacheslav Markin. Alba, who led people inside the Trade Unions building, survived.
Excellent picture atop the site to follow of a red armband man wearing both the Cross of St George and the Ukrainian flag:

Quote:Which band is forgotten to take off this "pro-russian activist of united Ukraine"?

(inf. at left - the band of ukrainian flag; at right - the George band (glory anti-fascist world war 2 winners)

As it supposed to be, there is "advanced" anti-russian propaganda posts like this - Что в действительности произошло в Одессе вчера..., which has comment switched off in best traditions of Maidan:

"...I saw few hundreds of comments. Have no time to read and answer it all. People died, Odessa suffers. Comments are closed..."

Let's analyze this post. It's a propaganda of the level much higher than regular repeating maidan mantras. Firstlu author smooths attention by pre-histories, but he is sharp in paying with context and background keywords. He is calling Bandera neo-nazis (force wing of new Kiev power) "football fans", and antimaidan Odessa citizens are entitled as "pro-russian attackers".

I was listing a post waiting for expected lie that odessites has burned themselves, thanks God there is already a lot of refutations with detailes frame-by-frame video analysis, where it's clearly seen that Molotov cocktails flew ONLY FROM OUTSIDE. By the way it's not a new Maidan trick. I remember the same in Kharkov, at Rymarskaya 18 (far right neonazis HQ), when "Right Sector" warriors deadly shot 2 citizens, threw Molotov cocktails from the building, and then started to lie in Maidan loyal medias, reversing the facts - that cocktails were lanced at them.

By the way, giving a common Ukraine informational overview - I understood a simple and genius Idea of the Maidan. Maidan is built on the Lie, completely from start to the end. Lie loud, lie crazy, lie first, and immediately condemn your opponent: 1) in the things you did, 2) in lying. Be loud and repeat. Keep your mass emotional, for them not to start thinking and see the real guilties in people troubles. The mass of Maidan - are alike eternal consumers of Herbalife and Habbard clients.

But, returning to #hasburriedthemselves topic, we notice author being smarter and avoided that bullfake, limiting his appeal to context message:

"...there are Molotov cocktails from both sides..."

("being objective" immitation, short reverance)

Next is smooth classic texts about bad protesters and good maidan activists. The fake about "russian citizens" is also excluded by author - unlike Avakov (Kiev police minister) and Pashinsky (president administration head), he is working to export.

Not even this is interesting. The author's post creates one key question - WHO ARE those so-called "pro-russian warriors" wearing RED ARMBANDS?

I didn't see those band wearing by Odessa protesters before. Can someone explain?

Fast search that explanation from locals (repost below). But before reposting, I want to point the fact, said by author above - AT THE MOMENT OF THE MAIN BATTLE THE POLICE STAYS AT THE OTHER SIDE OF BUILDING. WHY?

2th may Odessa events analyzing

It's a tragedy and we must try to calm and find out what happened. This event can become turning point as unknown sniper assaut at Kiev maidan. Unfortunately, nobody caught Kiev snipers and did not provide any proofs. But Maidan adepts decided for themselves - "there were russian snipers in Kiev shooting by Yanukovich order", and "there were russian activist who self-burried in Odessa" //see detailed disproof// Let's reconstruct events basing at open information, evidence, photos and videos which give just facts.

At Grecheskaya st. marching column of footbal "ultras" was attacked by unknown people in masks with George bands, having bats, and WITH RED ARMBANDS. Exactly those bands were having FEW OF POLICEMEN. Most interesting is that the police cordon were broken only at places where those red armbanded guys and cops were. On the photo of guy with the gun behind him stays someone looking very alike secondary city police head Dmitry Fuchedj

Video 4. After resistance police falls back and lets to go ultras and "right sector" fighters, who run to attack Kulikovo Pole. They start to throw Molotov cocktails at people (real demonstrants, with no red bands) who hide in building.

Video 5. Ultras are reinforced by armed people in body armor and yellow-blue armbands (6.30) - those who shoot people at windows. Police does nothing.

As result the building burns taking out lifes of 38 peoples. They all are local citizens of Odessa. Unarmed. THE RESULT (Warning, 18+) -


Armed people who shot at ultras worked together with group of policemen. Shooting at other side - at unarmed protesters in builing - also was not stopped by anyone. Police second chief Dmitry Fuchedji rised up on his duty having new higer post. Media blames Russia in everything (with no proofs). I think there is finaly no doubt who was in need of this.

I don't like to provide sources like that, but that's a case when you cannot take out the words from a song. Let's count is as "unchecked information":

This version find some side-proofs. "Ukrainian special task forces "Vostok" and "Storm" coated as civilians participated in killing and beating of Odessa civilians. Those squads are known to be enforced by prepared activists of neo-nazis organisations. That explains police silence, which has received and order to fall bak during the battle", one of high officers said.

End of repost. For demagogy likers I repeat: "high officer" it's not the main point. Informational is last paragraph of direct text from place:

Armed people who shot at ultras worked together with group of policemen. Shooting at other side - at unarmed protesters in builing - also was not stopped by anyone. Police second chief Dmitry Fuchedji rised up on his duty having new higer post. Media blames Russia in everything (with no proofs). I think there is finaly no doubt who was in need of this.

The Russians have busted this covert-op wide open.

Translated transcript:

Quote:There are lots of photos and videos of what was going on in the city on Friday and there are lots of details attracting special attention. Information to consider is quite enough for full investigation. It was taken by Pavel Ptshelkin.

At the very height of punitive action in the country when tensions in Russian-speaking Odessa reached the top level there was a football match. "Metallist" from Harkov was playing with ""Chernomorets", Odessa. Several thousand ultras of both teams came to the city. These fans are nationalists, proponents of Maidan and they get a permission to march along the streets of Odessa in support of united Ukrain. They gathered here, near Sobornaya Square. Meanwhile from Alexandrovsky Avenue towards them there moved a group of well-equipped young men armed with batons and reinforcement. Many of these wear "Georgian bands" but the main distinctive feature all of them have a mark made of red scotch on the sleeve. The authorities called them pro-Russian militants but it seems somebody needed everybody to believe it. And lots of eyewitnesses made these very conclusions.

And here is the first strange thing and "mismatch" with junta's official version. The same red marks were on the sleeves of some policemen. The most interesting thing is it was where these policemen stayed that the "break" of "separatists" to the members of the march happened.

Here we can see the red marks on the sleeves of the attackers and nearby the same bands on the sleeves of the policemen in cordon. The number of attackers is much smaller than the members of the march and it's obvious they are not going to disperse them. They haven't got enough power. But it is that very place where the break happened and another small group separated. What for? Soon it became quite obvious. They seduced a crowd of fans and succeed. Here the members of the march crying:

Fifty people that's… that means we can get them from side-lane, there's few of them…

The crowd changes the direction of movement and drives into Grecheskaya street. The main collisions happened over there. And here we can also see lots of strange things. The police chains part letting the attackers through and close down again. There are stones from both sides. Here we see a man with a red band on the sleeve he starts firing from the roof. And it was here where the first people were killed. The guns were on both sides but here is a strange frame the militant firing and a policeman is behind him. The bloggers recognized the deputy police head Dmitry Fuchedze. And here he is surrounded by those with red bands before the collision. And here he is walking with a group of those people to the place where the collisions with the members of the march happened.

And here - according to his chevron - an officer of Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs is obviously instructing the attackers with red bands.

"You should clearly understand what each unit is doing. They ran and ran. Where they ran? Look, every time there are some problems"

But it is much more difficult to believe in these pictures here a man in a bullet-proof vest starts firing the members of the march straight from behind the policemen. And now it becomes quite clear the main aim is to infuriate the crowd of fans and Maidan proponents.

Why? It became clear further when the attackers with red bands immediately left and a furious crowd aiming to Kulikovo Pole where the camp of protestors to current authorities is situated. These protestors were still there and for several months the authorities couldn't afford to tackle with them. Naturally no people with red bands were in the camp. There on watch were some some dozens of activists. Trying to escape from the crowd they barricaded themselves in the building of Trade-unions.

And now some words about those in the crowd. Thousands of fans accustomed to street battles according to the plan were likely to become cannon fodder. According to the police staff there in the crowd were two battalions of police "East" and "Storm" recently staffed with nationalists from Right Sector in civil clothes.

According to surprising coincidence just that very day in Odessa there appeared a former commandant of Maidam Andrei Parubiy. The police appeared here after an hour and the fire-brigade after the police. That means there was a sign to make a pause. The leader is Parubiy. He was in Odessa yesterday and the day before yesterday. Everything was going on under his control.

And here is one more character. A man in a bullet-proof vest surrounded by clearly non-civil companions is falsely complaining to somebody about the attackers. He is clearly working for Ukrainian TV camera.

"They are armed, they are aggressively inclined, they have got pyrotechnics. My four guys are wounded and me too".

He is clearly lying that he is not armed. Here he is near the flaming building of Trade-unions he is firing not to let people seeking shelter in the building to climb out of the windows.

This man is called Micola and he is a leader of one of hundreds Maidan fighters. It has recently arrived in Odessa. It is well known that Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs later announced that people who died in that building fired themselves because it is impossible to throw a bottle to the third floor. This cynical statement is easily disapproved. Here is what one of the survived told in his blog:

Meanwhile there was a message the maidans are breaking through the other corridor… how did they happen to get there… I ran there and helped to block the door. In the corridor I met two girls they tried to move an old iron safe. I helped them to move it to the door, blocking. While I moved it and blocked there came a white-green smoke from under the door... the air from my lungs was kicked out at once. One moment I thought I would choke…

In other words the Maidan fighters were also inside the building. Here they demonstrate the Ukrainian flag in the window followed by the crowd approval. And here are other pictures made some minutes later. You can see that in that very window at the 3d floor the fire starts. At that very moment the governor Vladimir Nemirovsky actually gives the fighter the licence for murder:

"The actions of Odessa inhabitants aimed at neutralization and detention of armed terrorists are considered to be valid"

As we have already told the majority of those who came to fire the building of Trade-unions were not from Odessa but inside the building they were all odessits. The fighters from Right Sector were the first to enter the building and they started at once to seek for the documents of the dead. Later the Ukrainian propagandists tried to lie stating the dead had Russian passports. These passports were in the Internet and the lie was easily destroyed the same passports with the same family names appeared in a message on 16 April concerning alleged Russian diversionists.

April 2 in Odessa the people were burned alive and those who tried to escape were finished off with sticks. Besides as it appeared later among the dead there were lots of people with gunshot wounds. And moreover the police even didn't think to interfere. All in all the facts lead to one conclusion. The reason of this tragedy in Odessa is a provocation in order to disperse and arrest the members of a numerous protests on the Kulikovo Pole against acting authorities. The fans were just used for this. On both sides there were skilful instigators. Considering all in all there was hardly anyone to plan the massacre but the crowd excited by the blood and impunity couldn't stop.

Source of transcript:
I bear deeply reassuring news: the Yanks are coming

Quote:According to the acting Prosecutor General Oleg Makhnitsky, it is too early to say what exactly caused the blaze but the investigation is looking into several theories. The cause of the fire could be both Molotov cocktails thrown by the anti-government protesters and the blaze made by pro-Kiev activists, he said. Ukraine will invite independent experts mostly from the US to investigate the case, added Makhnitsky.

Odessa tragedy survivor: Many people strangled after escaping the fire'
Published time: May 07, 2014 10:28
Edited time: May 07, 2014 17:20

According to Sir Herbert Tooth's latest Cotswold Free Radio show, the American investigators are likely to conclude that spontaneous combustion, brought about by an excess of Orthodox fervour, did for most of the victims, although a hidden FSB hand "cannot be entirely precluded on the basis of hitherto available intel, which we have not yet decided to fabricate."
I always listen to Tooth's Cotswold Free Radio show - and although broadcast at 02:00 each morning, I am a groupie.

But I don't recall this report, although my attention was temporarily distracted as my American made breakfast sausages (links) were burning of their own accord during the broadcast.

Was the report surreptitiously inserted into Tuesday's show titled "Alien Cornflakes Batter Farmer's Daughter", or yesterday's excellent contribution "Viagra and the Expanding Problem of Male Girth"? Or an earlier edition perhaps? Last week's fascinating "Prepare to be Stunned: Halal versus Kosher Butchery Techniques - Myths and Missing Limbs" seems a likely prospect.
I did notice that the first tranche of several hundred million dollars in an IMF loan was headed to the Ukraine this week. Sure to be delivered straight to the loving embrace of needy US arms dealers with a 10% cut on the way through. Not sure if that was on Tooth's Cotswold Free Radio show last week or not...
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