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Full Version: On Edwin Kaiser and Related Topics
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Magda Hassan Wrote:Great interview with Tosh. He sounds good. I hope he does decide to publish his histories and not take them with him to the grave. It would be good to have it all on the historical record.

Well, I have much of his life story in my notes...but long ago stopped work on any biography of his life when he stopped active work with me on it [broke our contract]. It is quite an amazing life!!...and much of it has never [to my knowledge] been on any forum, on any blog, in any book, in any interview......
Tosh used to drop by here to update us on what he was doing down Mexico way on the cartel wars.
David Guyatt Wrote:Tosh used to drop by here to update us on what he was doing down Mexico way on the cartel wars.

Sadly, he is now in one of his 'no contact with forums' periods.....I imagine he is still in contact with narconews and one could find out what his latest Mexican adventures are there.
Tosh is pretty active on facebook. And he was on Alex Jones' radio show this past Sunday. Erick turns the radio on when cooking and I recognized his voice immediately but the show was almost over.
He was writing a book and I no longer know the status of that. I have not talked with him in sometime. Except on facebook. If Tosh were to tell ALL he knows I doubt he'd live long.
He is still involved with the ongoing Mexican boarder problems.

Scott Kaiser Wrote:Glad everyone enjoyed our conversation, the reason for having my conversation with Tosh when he called me was because he was a friend of my father's, it's important to me to document my father's involvement with the ant-Castro Cubans, and the black op operations they carried out which lead up to the assassination of JFK and the only known photographs that Edwin Kaiser had by way of stealing them from the CIA. Next, you'll hear how my father was able to carry this mission out without any fear of getting caught.

AJ Weberman once best described my father by saying "Your dad could walk into any Air Force Base and walk out with a tank". I'd say that pretty much does describe him best.

Scott Kaiser

Sounds like a guy I once knew of. He was a Colonel in the US Army, a serving NYC cop, a man made of the Mafia and he did black bag work for the CIA. He held multiple passports including a diplomatic one. When his daughter got married in NYC, he hired two adjoining rooms for the reception - one for his cop friends and the other for his wise guy friends. They didn't mingle.

Which all goes to show that life really can get damned complicated.
pics or it didn't happen.
Drew Phipps Wrote:pics or it didn't happen.

And, may I ask who are you to say it didn't happen? You obviously don't know my father, perhaps, you should try MFF. I know a lot more than you think Mr. Phipps. BTW... Are you related to the Jim Phipps who believes the masons killed JFK?