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Full Version: The real reason Morsi was overthrown - has to do with big money and big oil/gas!
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Al Jazeera has done an outstanding job of investigation as to the real reasons for the coup against Morsi and the rise [again] of the corrupt Egyptian Military [and those Oligarchs behind them in the US, Egypt and Israel!] You can view this very important and eye-opening report below! This puts the events of Egypt in the last few years into a much clearer and coherent picture! Again, Politics and History we are 'fed' is nothing but lies....the real events are run by and for the crooks of the World.

And now you also know why Al Jazeera is banned in Egypt. You'll NEVER see this documentary on any normal broadcaster in Egypt, Israel or the USA. What a dirty business is big-business! Sadly, most 'governments' and 'intelligence agencies' really work for the Big Businesses and the Oligarchy behind them - NOT for the People. Here is a perfect, almost textbook, example.

Outline of this dirty tale of evil business that rises above [or below] politics and religion here:

Ah interesting! AJ did do a great job covering much of the protests. Unlike their Libyan and Syrian. coverages. I saw there was some gas deal the other day with Israel. They are probably going halves in Palestine's share. Which explains Egypt's total support for Israel at the expense of the Palestinians.