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Full Version: CIA rendition jet was waiting in Europe to SNATCH SNOWDEN
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CIA rendition jet was waiting in Europe to SNATCH SNOWDEN

Unmarked Gulfstream tracked as it passed above UK

By Duncan Campbell, 13 Jun 2014


2013 Cyber Risk Report[/URL]

As the whistleblowing NSA sysadmin Edward Snowden made his dramatic escape to Russia a year ago, a secret US government jet - previously employed in CIA "rendition" flights on which terror suspects disappeared into invisible "black" imprisonment - flew into Europe in a bid to spirit him back to America, the Register can reveal.
[Image: snowjettracksmall.png]Mr Snowden, your ride is waiting. Click here for full size.

On the evening of 24 June 2013, as Snowden arrived in Moscow from Hong Kong intending to fly on to Cuba, an unmarked Gulfstream V business jet - tail number N977GA - took off from a quiet commercial airport 30 miles from Washington DC. Manassas Regional Airport discreetly offers its clients "the personal accommodations and amenities you can't find at commercial airports".
Early next morning, N977GA was detected heading east over Scotland at the unusually high altitude of 45,000 feet. It had not filed a flight plan, and was flying above the level at which air traffic control reporting is mandatory.
"The plane showed up on our system at 5:20 on 25 June," according to our source, a member of an internet aircraft-tracking network run by enthusiasts in the UK. "We knew the reputation of this aircraft and what it had done in the past."
N977GA was not reporting its progress to air-traffic controllers, and thus it would normally have been necessary to use a massive commercial or military radar installation to follow its path. But, even if pilots have turned off automated location data feeds, ordinary enthusiasts equipped with nothing more than suitable radio receivers connected to the internet can measure differences in the time at which an aircraft's radar transponder signal reaches locations on the ground. Using the technique of multilateration, this information is sufficient to calculate the transponder's position and so track the aircraft. (The ACMS/ACARS data feeds which automatically report an aircraft's position are a separate system from the transponder which responds to air-traffic radar pulses. They too can be picked up by receivers on the ground beneath, if they are activated.)
Several such online tracking networks are active in the UK, using this and other sources of information: they include,, Planeplotter ( and UK-based Planeplotter is one of the more sophisticated of these global "virtual radar" systems. It boasts 2,000 members with receivers hooked up to the internet.

The online tracking information reveals that the Gulfstream did not make it all the way to Moscow, but set down and waited at Copenhagen Airport.

Snowden might have found himself sitting in the same seat as Abu Hamza

At the time, Washington was demanding that Moscow should hand over the fleeing Snowden into US custody.
"We expect the Russian government to look at all options available to expel Mr Snowden back to the US to face justice for the crimes with which he is charged," a National Security Council spokeswoman told reporters. The US also urged countries in the "Western Hemisphere" not to let him in.

[Image: snowdensnatchjet.png]The black jet is actually white.

The Kremlin's response, however, was a big "nyet". Russia's Interfax News quoted government sources as saying:
"Snowden has not committed any crimes on Russian territory ... Russian law-enforcement agencies have received no instructions through Interpol to detain him. So we have no grounds."
N977GA has a chequered history. It was originally ordered by the US Air Force for use as a general's flying gin-palace. But then, shortly after 9/11, it lost its military livery and acquired civilian registration as N596GA. Under that designation it was employed in CIA "renditions" - or kidnappings. In 2011, the "black" jet switched roles again, transferring from the CIA's contractor to use instead by the Department of Justice (DoJ).
With its new tail number N977GA the plane became part of the Justice Prisoner and Alien Transportation Systems (JPATS), operated by US Marshals. On perhaps its best-known mission, the jet flew a team of marshals into the UK on 5 October 2012 to collect radical cleric Abu Hamza after the USA won an extradition order against him.
Only Vladimir Putin's intransigence saved Snowden from a similar travel package, complete with free one-way ticket home and fitting for a stylish new orange outfit. Abu Hamza was last seen waving goodbye from a back window on N977GA.
According to Mr Snowden's colleagues, if the Russians knew that an American team was on its way to bring him home, they did not warn him. In the event the "black" (actually white) Gulfstream and its posse of marshals got no further than Copenhagen as US negotiations with the Kremlin failed to prosper. But Snowden remains in Russia to this day - and potentially for the rest of his life.
The US Department of Justice did not respond to our requests for information regarding N977GA and its purpose in heading to Europe on 24 June last year.
One can only IMAGINE what would have happened to him had he been a 'guest' on that airplane!....I don't think he'd have ever been a free man ever again....if ever even seen and heard from again!....:Confusedoldier::
I think Snowden is much better off being free and bearing witness against the surveillance, rendition, torture freedom state.

We obviously have a national security government that operates independently of the people.
Maybe all the drugs they were carrying slowed the plane down too much.
Tracy Riddle Wrote:Maybe all the drugs they were carrying slowed the plane down too much.

CIA planned rendition operation to kidnap Edward Snowden

By Thomas Gaist
30 January 2016
The US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) prepared to kidnap Edward Snowden, the whistleblower who exposed illegal and unconstitutional mass spying by the National Security Agency (NSA), documents obtained by the Danish media outlet Denfri show.

US intelligence maintained an aircraft and paramilitary team on standby in Copenhagen, awaiting orders to seize Snowden in the event that he crossed into a number of European countries, the documents show. They were obtained by Denfri through a Freedom of Information Act suit in August 2015.
The existence of the CIA plane was first reported in 2014 by The Register, which identified the aircraft as a Gulfstream V, registered under the number N977GA. The plane had previously been used to transport CIA captives to the agency's "black site" torture centers across Europe, which were built up as part of an expanding global network of secret CIA prisons since 9/11.
The latest documents appear to have decisively corroborated this account, showing that Danish police and government officers approved the positioning of the CIA plane in Copenhagen for unspecified "state purposes." In one of the leaked government letters, US Federal Bureau of Investigation representatives also sought cooperation from the Norwegian government, demanding that they immediately notify US agencies in the event that Snowden travelled to Norway, Finland, Sweden or Denmark.
The Danish decision to host the plane was part of broader cooperation by Copenhagen with Washington's extra-legal kidnapping and rendition network. The Danish state has sought to preserve total secrecy in relation to the stationing of the CIA plane on its soil.
"Denmark's relationship with the USA would be damaged if the information [content redacted from the documents] becomes public knowledge," Denmark's interior ministry told Denfri.
The confirmation that Washington planned for a direct raid to seize Snowden and forcibly return him to US custody does not come as a surprise.
Snowden has become a public enemy of the first order in the eyes of the US ruling class since he began releasing troves of data on spy programs run by the NSA and other US government agencies in the summer of 2013. According to May 2014 comments from then-NSA Director Keith Alexander, Snowden downloaded more than 1 million secret US government documents.
For the "crime" of exposing the vast and criminal surveillance enterprises run the by US government, Snowden has been subjected to innumerable death threats and slanders by the American media and political establishment.
Snowden embodies a new generation of educated and technologically-trained workers and youth who are increasingly hostile to the existing social order. That is why he has been hounded and turned away by governments around the world, and now lives in de facto exile in Moscow, where he received a temporary visa only after being forced to live for weeks in Moscow's international air terminal, after the US cancellation of his passport frustrated his effort to travel to Ecuador, where he was seeking asylum.
There is now firm evidence that the US ruling elite sought to make good on its threats against Snowden, in the form of a snatch-and-grab operation, likely aimed at transferring the whistleblower to a covert torture base somewhere in Europe.
Those Euros are cowards. They should file with the UN and use the recent illegal detention ruling to precipitate a decision against CIA and declare it a rogue agency that operates against UN rules. They should cite this flight and use it to declare Snowden a political prisoner and victim and rule against CIA. This should be the beginning of a process where other nations cite CIA as the international criminal organization it is and act against it making such persecution of democracy defenders and truth tellers the crime it is and holding them correctly accountable. It's time for America's military fascists to be controlled and punished the way they deserve and not be able to further victimize heroes like Snowden. They should be made the example of and not Snowden.

The great change president Obama.

Trump is now saying he will re-establish waterboarding.
Yeah, I've been getting some of this too.
The difference between having a cortical modem (-effectively; by gadget or material) and not having one, is that it's alot easier to put your mind online and connect it to very many ppl & AI bots at the same time; alot of the effects that RF can have don't actually need an implant, like the dream choreography, cognitive mindwork drop-ins, or farting around with ppl's 'bio-machine' to weaponise them by referencing coughs/sneezes in the great game of paranoid schiz 'training'.