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Full Version: JFK's Foreign Policy: A Motive for Murder
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A totally new look at the issue. With the newest facts and evidence.

A nice Xmas gift from CTKA of the utmost importance.

Kennedy's Middle East policy was reversed by his successors. Which is why we are in such a mess today.
Is everyone being able to access the powerpoint?

Even those without a g mail or Google account?

Need to know that for our web master.

Yes Jim. I using Linux o/s with Mozilla browser and not signed in to my gmail or google account and I can load use and see the power-points.
I'm using IE 8 and can read the Powerpoints, though they load slow.
Thanks so much.

Let me know what you think.
If you mean the two links at the bottom of the article I have Google and they load fast and fine.
Works great in Chrome, thanks a lot!
Albert Rossi did this for me and he was not sure it would work on all platforms.

He just left on vacation and I wanted to assure him it was fine.

I wanted to get this up before Xmas as a present to the research community.

Now, whenever someone asks, Why is the JFK case relevant today?

We have a very good answer for them.
Thanks to Jim and Albert for sharing this important work. I have rarely been as affected by new research. I consider this a major contribution.

Very grateful to Jim for all of what has come as the result of following the path introduced by Richard D. Mahoney's Ordeal In Africa...


My one hour conversation with Jim on this topic may be heard here:
The manifest landscape of the political watershed influencing Kennedy's assassination is what really fleshes out and solidifies the case.