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Full Version: The Falklands conflict, a convenient war.
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In fair Falklands where we set our scene, where innocent blood made Political hands unclean.

2nd May.

U N, and Peru both start to initiate peace talks.

Peruvian President, Beluano Terry presents a peace proposal to Galtieri, who gives preliminary exceptance, with some modifications.

two hours later----The General Belgrano is sunk thirty miles outside the exclusion zone, by the submarine Conqueror by direct order of the war cabinet, who then claim self defence. The peace plans sink with the Belgrano, and 368 Argentinian lives...

" I'll give you your damn war" LBJ to the JCS, "JFK"

Just a preliminary taster peeps.
I'm looking forward to the rest of this Steve. Perfidious Albion.
Reminiscent of the cocktail party where Saddam chatted with the US Ambassador about dealing forcefully with Kuwait and their siphoning Iraqi oil to which he was told 'The US would regard that as a matter between Kuwait and Iraq' or words to that effect. And we all know what happened next.
Naomi Klein in the Shock Doctrine goes into the Falkland's War and how Maggie used it to bring neocon economics to the UK. Essay by Klein here and elsewhere [just google Klein + Falklands]
Reveal secret documents from the Falklands War CONTALO
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The author relates how the conflict began and the collapse of the dictatorship. An excerpt from the book that shows a dialogue between Galtieri and Costa Mendez. Log in to the note and Read as were the talks.
by Media October 2, 2011 | 8:13 Comment

Galtieri: "What do I do?" Costa Mendez: "Look President, if Brezhnev calls you, you can not refuse, well, if Reagan calls you, you can not refuse".

Years later, Costa Mendez said that "in 2230 the 'timing' was favorable to the intention of Galtieri, because communication arrived half an hour after what is called 'Fail Safe', the time when communications are disrupted intervene with ships in the invasion and submarines.

It was the time of "no return", there was no turning back. As a senior Argentine official said at the time, "what ningunearon Reagan".

On the afternoon of April 1, Nicanor Costa Mendez knew that sooner or later the phone should assist the head of the White House. He commissioned his "special team" to prepare a bill on what it should say Galtieri during its dialogue with Reagan. About 20 hours told Roberto "Bobby" Garcia Moritán, one of his secretaries: "you're going to the Casa Rosada and you'll be the translator". "Canoro" should have seen the dialogue (as it will in other occasions) but it was not: I was afraid the situation would become uncontrollable, as it happened, or because he would not be the central figure of the scene. Did not say in public but had problems "cartel".

At 21, the Secretary of Embassy, ​​Roberto Garcia Moritán, with only thirty-two, entered the office of President of the Argentine. They were waiting Galtieri, Admiral General Benito Moya and Iglesias. Garcia Moritán, after the greetings protocol, gave the minutes.

Galtieri read it and then passed it to Moya and Iglesias. As one comment heard of one being a critical phrase: "Too soft ... you diplomats". A few minutes later let in a circumspect watched Intelligence Colonel proceeded to connect a tape recorder open the phone it would use the President of Argentina. He did his job and left the office. The young diplomat thought that Galtieri had a special phone but it was not, at that time used the classic black Bakelite device that provided Entel. At the appointed time a presidential aide entered the office and said: "Mr. President, it is ready to communicate with the White House." Moritán Garcia stopped, picked up the receiver and heard the other hand, in English, "the translation is going to do you?". "Yes" said the diplomat.

Then Moritán Galtieri and Garcia stood next to each other, their faces glued to the tube in the middle to listen, offering a more prone to a funny movie that gravity that existed. A film critic, with some imagination, think watching General Jack D. Reaper, President Merkin Muffley and Captain Lionel Mandrake, characters in "Dr. Strangelove", Peter Sellers who knew embody directed by Stanley Kubrick in 1964.

After the usual greetings of style, Reagan said that "news that Argentina had adopted a measure of strength in the Falkland Islands" and is "very concerned about the impact that such action could have". Responding, Galtieri was a long discussion of Argentine rights and official position. Seeing that the method I was using with the diplomat was as uncomfortable as ineffective as he was taller and did not speak good English (as is so a month later, talking with Peruvian President Fernando Belaunde Terry confess that " my English is very poor "), Galtieri sat in his presidential chair and listened to the story of Garcia Moritán and responded slowly to allow time for proper translation. The other two military leaders merely look and listen.

At one point, Reagan said the British Prime Minister was a friend and an ally Britain was "very particular of the United States", and when he spoke of what opinaría "American opinion" in case of an armed confrontation, Galtieri became exasperated and raising his voice and pointing his finger Moritán told Garcia: "It did not say ... can not say that." After stating that sank into silence. The President of the United States continued to talk, and Galtieri was thoughtful, quietly. Then Garcia Moritán tells military leaders present: "I answer on the basis of the minutes?", Receiving in reply a curt "yes". In short, the diplomat finished talking with Ronald Reagan, as he could, given the silence of Galtieri. Once finished the telephone conversation, Lieutenant General Galtieri again reiterated that he doubted the quality of the translation. He sent Colonel cries Intelligence waiting in the anteroom of the spacious office. "Colonel, put the recording!" He ordered.

The officer rewound, while Garcia Moritán figured his diplomatic career was on the brink. Surely he thought of his wife Lucila and "what the hell I was in Buenos Aires, where he was destined to Geneva." Once the tape back to the beginning, Colonel stopped the decline. Pressed "Play" was heard "click" and then a long ringing ... and nothing else.

The intelligence officer had linked well with the apparatus and nothing had been recorded. Keeping a rictus of grief, Garcia Moritán saw Galtieri was out "to leap frog" to a Colonel of the Nation ... an image between pathetic and humiliating that will surely never forget. Thus began an armed confrontation against the third military and technological power on the planet.

Source: Bugler