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A Century of American Figurehead Presidents Marching to the Beat of Wall Street and the New World Order

By Joachim Hagopian
Global Research, February 18, 2015

Region: USA
Theme: Culture, Society & History, Global Economy

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It's that time of year again! President's Day, a time to honor America's two greatest presidents in history (at least from history book consensus) George Washington our first and Abraham Lincoln our sixteenth president. By conveniently combining the nearest weekend midpoint between their birthdays (22[SUP]nd[/SUP] and 12[SUP]th[/SUP] respectively) and lopping in Valentine's Day and the NBA All Star Weekend to make it a post-Super Bowl Bonanza for everyone, kind of like what the three-day MLK weekend is to the yearend holiday extravaganza. But between our Presidents' Day sales, popcorn and beer, this President's Day 2015 might also be an opportune time to pause and reflect on our presidents over this last century. President's Day then becomes a sober reckoning of how the fate of our cherished democratic republic was lost and stolen by today's totalitarian oligarchy. A chronicle of this last century's presidents offers us Americans a greater understanding of the diminished role our figurehead presidents have played as a mere public face to the shrouded power elite puppet masters pulling their strings. What follows is a presentational overview providing a step-by-step thread of continuity that has led us to the New World Order burgeoning today.
1913 was a pivotal year that brought to fruition the meticulously laid out agenda conspired in total secrecy of the Jekyll Island Coup d'Etat that culminated with the Federal Reserve Act signed by President Woodrow Wilson establishing the deceptively covert, privatized central banking cabal of the Federal Reserve Board. The other illegal 1913 coup that was part of the low-blow, one-two near knockout punch against the American people was the birth of the federal income tax. Thus the foundation of today's globalist Ponzi scheme on the verge right now of implosion gained its lethal foothold into our lives just one year before "the war to end all wars."
A handful of extremely powerful men including prominent New York Senator Nelson Aldrich, Paul Warburg (representing the Rothschilds of Europe), Jacob Schiff (with also longtime Rothschild ties) of Kuhn, Loeb & Company and a few others like Benjamin Strong representing the financial interests of America's most elite money barons and industrialists like John D. Rockefeller met at J.P. Morgan's hunting club on a Georgia Island in 1910 to iron out the strategy to take over America's government by usurping the power of the US Treasury to produce currency.
In his autobiography during the same year the Ponzi scheme was launched, then former President Theodore Roosevelt wrote:
Behind the ostensible government sits enthroned an invisible government owing no allegiance and acknowledging no responsibility to the people. To destroy this invisible government, to befoul the unholy alliance between corrupt business and corrupt politics is the first task of the statesmanship of the day.
With one of the Jekyll Island participants Colonel Edward M. House acting as President elect Woodrow Wilson's personal advisor, the robber barons had plucked the Princeton University president from relative obscurity, planted him in office as the Governor of New Jersey in 1911 and then had him elected president the following year. His predecessor President Taft who had opposed a central bank was easily replaced by the naïve and pliable Wilson. Thus when he took his oath of office in January 1913, Colonel House was the elitist insider who was able to easily manipulate Wilson to further serve the interest of the banking cabal. House's instrumental role of influence and power over Woodrow Wilson might be analogous to what Zbigniew Brzezinski's was to President Jimmy Carter and Henry Kissinger to President Nixon. But the former Ivy League president was an intelligent man who had written a book published the same year he became president showing he was fully aware of the shadowy bankster cabal. Based on the quote below from his 1913 The New Freedom, Wilson knew a transformation of power was underway, making him all the more culpable when he proceeded to do everything the elite wanted and expected of him. In some ways knowing what he knew, signing the Federal Reserve Act and Federal Income Tax Act the same year his book was published made him a traitor to Americans:
Some of the biggest men in the US, in the field of commerce and manufacturing, are afraid of somebody, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it…. We have been dreading all along the time when the combined power of high finance would be greater than the power of government….
Yeah, if you're as weak as putty in their hands. To show just how much President Wilson was the first puppet president to be used by oligarchs, dancing gleefully to their diabolical tune, Wilson actually uttered:
Mr. House is my second personality. He is my independent self. His thoughts and mine are one. If I were in his place I would do just as he suggested… if anyone thinks he is reflecting my opinion by whatever action he takes, they are welcome to the conclusion.
With the formation of the Federal Reserve, wealth and power in the United States was instantly consolidated within a few Eastern Establishment families that would ensure their offspring were always educated at the finest Ivy League schools such as Harvard, Yale, Princeton and Columbia. Upon graduation they would enter Wall Street banking firms, global corporations and eventually infiltrate into key positions in the government. This power grab resulting in control over the flow of money through loans to the federal government, and then collecting interest on those loans, guaranteed loan repayment by income tax collection. This new monetary system was predicated on an invisible elite taking control of the government. What a coup, not unlike what 9/11 is to totalitarianism.
Thus creation of the perfect pyramid scheme for the rich remained by law unaccountable to government oversight and control to the extent that the Federal Reserve was immune from all audits for its first 98 years in existence! Finally in 2011 in its very first audit it was revealed that the Federal Reserve secretly paid $16 trillion in bailouts to the top elitist banks both domestic and foreign. Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) commented, "This is a clear case of socialism for the rich and rugged, you're-on-your-own individualism for everyone else." In view of the fact that since 1913 the Federal Reserve has created so much new money out of thin air that it has purposely devalued the US dollar by 95%, the banking crime syndicate needs to be destroyed. As if such fiscal irresponsibility isn't bad enough, a few years later as of last week the so called modern day champion of economic reform Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) herself stopped short of demanding another Fed audit per Senator Rand Paul's (R-KY) "Audit the Fed" Bill, calling it "Congressional meddling." Another instance of a politician who claims to represent the people selling out.
The creation of the Federal Reserve Board intentionally deceiving the public by misrepresenting itself as an extension of the government was the ideal means by which the elite central banking cabal could ruthlessly eliminate competition from smaller banks and corporations while controlling the federal government by loaning money to big government to wage big war. And as no surprise, less than a year later, enter World War I, the bloodiest war in human history up to that time with 10 million soldiers and 7 million civilians killed and 20 million injured. But hey, like every war it was a boom to the psychopathic oligarchs in charge as governments plunged deeper into debt and between accrued interest and collected taxes guaranteeing repayment, life was and still is mighty good for the ruling elite.
Establishing an income tax to soak the middle class into funding the elite's wars, initially passed on a short-lived promise that taxpayers earning under $20,000 a year (the vast US majority in 1913) would only pay 1% of their annual income. But of course a short time later the middle class found itself heavily taxed, by design creating a formidable protective barrier restricting upward class mobility. That way, it ensured that the rich got richer and over time everyone else would get poorer in a debtor economy. The rich a hundred years ago in 1915 were no different from the rich in control today in 2015 since concentrated wealth has seamlessly remained insulated in that same handful of families a full century later. The only difference is their wealth has grown exponentially at the expense of the rest of us who increasingly struggle in this new global age of fiscal austerity. Currently the richest 1% on earth own near half the global wealth.
Through offshore tax loopholes and financing endowment foundations and extravagant elitist think tanks that have always been totally self-serving in supplying tremendous tax breaks, the wealthy ruling elite and its transnational corporations have gotten away with not bearing any tax burden. Thus these sinister anti-democratic, anti-free enterprise machinations enacted a century ago were designed to kill democracy in America, replacing it with the oligarchy we're currently stuck with today. The coup of 1913 was a mere replication of the wealth and power structure that had been governing Europe's central banking cabal since the 1600's. In fact a year before passage of the Federal Reserve Act, in a speech before world bankers,Meyer Nathaniel Rothschild bragged, "Let me control a people's currency and I care not who makes their laws." Global rulers consisting of only eight families in US and Europe that own the Federal Reserve envisioned a hundred years ago complete control over a centralized one world government through their central banking cabal. And here in the twenty-first century their diabolical scheme has tragically materialized right before our eyes.
The chairman of the House Committee on Banking and Currency from 1920 to 1931, Congressman Louis McFadden, would later gloat in 1932:
When the Federal Reserve Act was passed, the people of these United States did not perceive that a world banking system was being set up here a super-state controlled by international bankers and international industrialists acting together to enslave the world for their own pleasure. Every effort has been made by the Fed to conceal its powers but the truth is the Fed has usurped the government.
Industrialist Henry Ford put it this way, "It is well enough that the people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning."
Maintaining control over the press by disseminating lies and disinformation and education through rewriting history and omitting certain glaring facts, the power elite for many centuries has been brainwashing generation after generation of Americans. Taken in by the countless lies and illusions, we've always been taught that our democratic republic was supposed to be a government of the people, by the people and for the people (as Abe eloquently reminded us in his Gettysburg Address), and that through clean honest elections the will of the people is guaranteed by power of choice. The Founding Fathers preached equality and justice for all. But for whom? Only for a minority of the total population free white men, definitely not for people of darker skinned races or half the population that were women or the growing segment within a debtor nation. The cold hard reality is the ruling elite was always in command right from the start in the United States of America. And in 1913 they were dancing in their mansions when consolidation of power was placed forevermore into fewer hands with passage of both the federal income tax and the Federal Reserve private banking cabal that has only led directly to the unsustainable global theft that elite's absolute power and control currently driving the pending economic collapse. As a private collection agency it bilks about $400 billion a year off the backs of US taxpayers and another $300 billion in interest alone. The 10 private banks that make up the Federal Reserve is a pyramid scam that has us Americans paying out while they simply collect on what is owed, never having to pay out themselves.
In 1916 President Wilson was an avid proponent pushing the notion that the world needed a League of Nations, a one world governmental body acting as global "peace enforcer," using the rationale that it would prevent another major war from recurring. And then once World War One ended in 1918, at the Paris Peace Conference the stage was set for the first attempt at a one world government with the founding of the League of Nations on January 10, 1920. However, the League never got off the ground in the US with the Senate voting to not become a member.
As a mediator between clashing nations during the 1920's, the League of Nations is credited with several instances of successful conflict resolution. At its height in the early 1930's it boasted 58 nation members. But as the decade progressed, it began losing its power and credibility when nations like Poland refused to comply and Italy eventually walked out. When the polarizing world was militarizing as World War II loomed ominously closer, the League fell apart and disbanded. Of course a decade later after the Second World War, the United Nations reemerged as the primary global body of one world government in-the-making.
The next big day the elitists could celebrate in their NWO conquest was the creation of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) in 1921. This organization was the intended functionary liaison between the oligarchs dictating to the US federal government what it should do particularly in international foreign policy and global movement toward one world government. Many of the same Jekyll Island party-goers were founding members like Col. House, Paul Warburg, Warren Harding lasted only two years (1921-1923) in the White House before keeling over. His late night drinking and playing poker with the boys, his unsavory cronies from home state of Ohio, had him even betting away the White House china on a bad poker night. Historians regard Harding as one the worst presidents in US history. He was a do-nothing, middle-of-the-roader who never made enemies because he never took a stand on any major issues. The elite chose him because one, Harding had been a requisite Freemason for two decades and two, the oligarchs knew he would completely sign off on their globalist agenda. His secretary of state was leading internationalist Charles Evans Hughes who worked closely with Secretary of Commerce Herbert Hoover and Secretary of Treasury Andrew Mellon to switch international trade financing away from British bankers to American banks like Rockefeller's Chase National Bank.
It did not take long for the newly formed CFR to declare its globalist objective in its magazine Foreign Affairs as Philip Kerr wrote on December 15, 1922:
Obviously there is going to be no peace or prosperity for mankind as long as [the earth] remains divided into 50 or 60 independent states until some kind of international system is created…The real problem today is that of the world government.
Harding's Vice President, Calvin Coolidge, suddenly became head man from 1923-1929. He was a welcome relief after the scandalous prone Harding administration. "Silent Cal" was a quiet, unassuming, frugal New Englander who opposed big government and the League of Nations. Though he too was a Freemason, the Roaring Twenties were defined more as a period of isolationism than globalism. As a conservative hero of the small businessman, Coolidge harkened on the wisdom and values espoused in the US Constitution and Bill of Rights rather than any progressive modern movement toward socialism and one world government that the Council on Foreign Relations and power elite were steadfastly promoting.
October 1929 brought the Wall Street stock market crash and the ensuing Great Depression that went global for the next 10 years. It was purely a fleecing purposely staged by the ruling elite. The monetary system of the centralized banking cabal feeds off the intentionally induced, erratic ebb and flow of booms and depressions, with each cycle strengthening its profit and control. The Hegelian Dialectic has been repeatedly played out by the globalists. It consists of a three stage process, first the elite creates the problem, in this case the worldwide economic depression. The second phase involves controlling the reaction and then finally offer the solution.
The newly elected CFR member and "Skull & Bones" man (the infamous secret Yale society) President Herbert Hoover (1929-1933) was a longtime globalist who sought making inroads partnering big government with big business. He called upon the Senate in his inaugural address to accept the globalist creation of the World Court. In some ways despite being "a company man," Hoover became the fall guy as the elite turned to another one of its own in Franklin Delano Roosevelt who defeated Hoover in the 1932 election. Even FDR in a genuine moment of candor stated, "Presidents are selected, not elected."
To maximize the cabal's fleecing, interest rates were increased while wages fell by 42%, the annual GDP was cut in half and more than a quarter of the workforce was unemployed. Talk about predatory behavior.
FDR (1933-1944) was credited with the New Deal, an ambitious big government program that was unprecedented in expanding the domain of the globalist federal agenda into every American's personal life. Roosevelt had campaigned for president on his New Deal as phase two of the Hegelian Dialectic deliverance of the necessary fix to the Great Depression. Essentially the New Deal assumed responsibility for the welfare of the United States heading us down the path to full frontal corporatism and out of control deficit spending, now well over 18 trillion in the rabbit hole and counting. At the height of the Depression in 1933 Roosevelt, a 32 degree Freemason, a Skull and Bones operator and a CFR member, wrote one of the key architects of this monetary system nightmare CFR founder Col. House lamenting:
The real truth of the matter is, as you and I know, that a financial element in the larger centers has owned the Government ever since the days of Andrew Jackson … The country is going through a repetition of Jackson's fight with the Bank of the United States only on a far bigger and broader basis…
The president was having second thoughts about following House's big government New Deal advice, wanting to reign the banks in, but it was too late, he'd already given them what they wanted, largely a socialist government patterned after Mussolini's fascism. FDR's take on the Depression and how it was manufactured:
The depression was the calculated shearing' of the public by the World Money powers, triggered by the planned sudden shortage of supply of call money in the New York money market… The One World Government leaders and their ever close bankers have now acquired full control of the money and credit machinery of the US via the creation of the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank.
Of course the same can be said for World War II. The international globalists financed both Hitler and the Allies to ensure more death, domination and control, not to mention profit. Prescott Bush, H.W.'s father, sunk millions into Hitler's rise. With each world war the oligarchs gained another giant step closer to their one world government vision. And similar to the First World War, even as the bloodiest war in human history still raged on with 15 million dead soldiers, 45 million civilians killed and 25 million wounded, the one world governmental apparatus known as the United Nations was formed. A strong League of Nations advocate, FDR played a seminal role in formulating the blueprint to the United Nations that gained its charter just six monthsafter the longest running president's death in 1944.
Roosevelt's successor, Harry Truman (1944-1953), was also unabashed when it came to promoting big government socialism, calling his version "The Fair Deal." And also like FDR, Truman was a 33 degree Freemason also held membership in the Council on Foreign Relations. And he too led the centralized government assault as both provider and controller over the country's population and resources. Finally, it was Truman who has the dubious, shameful distinction of being the only country's president in the history of the world to drop the atom bomb over two Japanese cities knowing that Japan was ready to surrender. The excuse that it saved lives is a disgraceful lie.
In June 1945 Harry Truman gave his globalist position away when he declared:
It will be just as easy for nations to get along in a republic of the world as it is for us to get along in a republic of the United States.
Incidentally, original Jekyll Island-Federal Reserve-CFR co-founder Paul Warburg's son James still spouted the cocky arrogance his resolute dad exhibited while testifying exactly 65 years ago today before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, "We shall have world government whether or not you like it, by conquest or consent." From appearances based on today's developments, James Paul Warburg is close to being correct on both accounts.
Retired General Dwight D. Eisenhower (1953-1961) had impeccable credentials when he was elected US President in 1952. The West Point educated Columbia University president had been WWII Supreme Allied Commander responsible for the largest amphibious land invasion in human history that successfully defeated the German Nazis on the Western front. He also became the first NATO Supreme Commander, the military machine designed to fight Soviet Communism in Europe. As a Council on Foreign Relations member, he surrounded himself with fellow CFR guys including John Foster Dulles as Secretary of State totaling 19. Way back in 1939 CFR fixture Dulles boldly suggested that the US "lead the transition to a new order of less independent, semi-sovereign states bound together by a league or federal union." Of course his future commander-in-chief was later the first general in charge of the continental army of Europe called NATO.
Every year President Eisenhower happily sent members of his administration to the annual Bilderberg meeting to formally discuss the latest globalist agenda. During Ike's years as president the ruling elite made monumental strides under the cloak of the cold war that they themselves covertly created as a means towards the New World Order end. Of course it was also the ex-general who warned America in his Farewell Address in January 1961 of the coming threat to our civil liberties and freedom that the war profiteers of the military industrial complex posed. The elite's power to create enemies and make incessant war designed to increase American Empire global hegemony in sole interests of transnational corporations and the central banking cabal is the endgame result he warned us about.
After 1000 days in office President John Kennedy (1961-1963) was gunned down by elements within his own government because he proved too much a threat to the status quo power structure. He was bent on deflating if not eliminating the CIA's covert autonomy around the world, was planning to bring back all the US military advisors so as to avoid the Vietnam War altogether, and made movement to unhinge the Federal Reserve banking cabal by bringing back the greenback dollar and reinstating the Treasury Department with authority over the flow of fiat currency. These three actions openly opposed the entire globalist agenda as well as would have severely undercut its power. Thus he was eliminated and the cover-up of murdering factions of rogue government insiders continues unabated to this day. Kennedy outed these shadowy elements in a speech less than seven months prior to his assassination in an April 1963 speech. Kennedy's father Joe was once quoted in a 1936 New York Times article claiming that "fifty men have run America, and that's a high figure." His son turned those same fifty's sons against him and paid the price.
President Lyndon Johnson (1963-1969), a CFR-Freemason, has been implicated by some as a co-conspirator in the Kennedy murder. He most definitely had both motive and the means. Following the CFR "wise guys" lock, stock and barrel as his advisors both in and out of his cabinet, Johnson plunged the US on yet another false flag headlong into its longest war in its history in Vietnam. Rather than supporting independence and actual economic opportunity in the inner cities of America, Johnson's "Great Society" and "War on Poverty" proceeded to turn the United States into a welfare state which only mushroomed an underclass of disenfranchised poor. LBJ's tax exempt status to religious organizations while on his watch only weakened and silenced their free speech rights to actively oppose big government's march toward invasive power and control for fear of wrath from IRS militants. Johnson cooked the books to conceal exponential growth and absorbent costs of expanding government into the lives of Americans.
Under President Richard Nixon (1969-1974) the pace dramatically accelerated toward the New World Order. His closest security advisor and Secretary of State Henry Kissinger openly and matter-of-factly spoke repeatedly and still speaks of the coming NWO as his fine-tuned globalist agenda, always spinning it in palatable terms as good for humanity, not just the ruling elite. A case in point, while speaking before the UN General Assembly in 1975, Kissinger promised, "Progress and peace and justice are attainable. So we say to all peoples and governments: Let us fashion together a new world order."
Reflecting on his foreign policy triumph over his recent trip to China, in a February 1972 New York Times article President Nixon is quoted referring to both the US and China's mutual interest in "building a New World Order." No doubt with NWO still fresh on his mind, in that same month Nixon signed Executive Order 11647 that authorized UN jurisdiction over 10 regions within the 50 states. It reads like a precursor to UN Agenda 21 two decades later.
Nixon entertained both the idea and the plan to lock up dissidents in detention camps, again the blueprint for today's FEMA camps. In fact, all the totalitarian police state contingencies were first formulated by this reactionary tyrant who became the only president in US history who resigned from office in disgrace over the illegal wiretapping, breaking and entering and dozens of violations to the US Constitution that are now the oppressive security state we're living in. He and Kissinger were also traitors that undermined a peace settlement the Johnson administration was working on that would have ended the Vietnam War in 1968. Instead it dragged on for more than four years killing thousands of more humans. Needless to say, Tricky Dick and his war criminal sidekick Henry were card carrying Council on Foreign Relations members with a saturated cabinet and advisors who were also likeminded totalitarian CFR globalists.
Kissinger spilled the beans at the 1991 Bilderberg meeting:
Today, America would be outraged if U.N. troops entered Los Angeles to restore order [referring to the 1991 LA Riot]. Tomorrow they will be grateful! This is especially true if they were told that there were an outside threat from beyond [i.e., an "extraterrestrial" invasion], whether real or promulgated, that threatened our very existence. It is then that all peoples of the world will plead to deliver them from this evil. The one thing every man fears is the unknown. When presented with this scenario, individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well-being granted to them by the World Government.
Spoken like a true NWO fanatic. Three years later Kissinger entitled his book How to Achieve the New World Order.
Gerald Ford (1974-1977) immediately pardoned his predecessor for all his crimes against humanity. As a regular Bilderberger, 33 degree Mason and CFR man, President Ford moved the globalist agenda right along. While a member of the Warren Commission investigating the JFK assassination, Ford inserted words into the report that reinforced the preposterous notion of the single magic bullet that went through Kennedy into Texas Governor Connelly. During the cover-up Ford played his part in defense of protecting the guilty. But then Gerry was always a loyal company man. Finally, Ford selected globalist kingpin Nelson Rockefeller as his vice president.
Jimmy Carter (1977-1981) like Obama came from out of nowhere as the cherry-picked leading presidential candidate of his party, only reinforcing the veracity of FDR's admission that presidents are selected, not elected. And then Carter was also a member of the Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg and Council on Foreign Relations. His socialism agenda masquerading as his Southern Baptist charm reflects the longstanding globalist point of view.
And his very own Kissinger-esque security advisor was none other than brazen CFR globalist agenda cheerleader Zbigniew Brzezinski who with David Rockefeller founded the Trilateral Commission in 1973. It was Brzezinski who introduced Carter to Rockefeller and the peanut farmer from Georgia was catapulted straight to the top. Even prior to becoming the leader of the free world's right hand man, Brzezinski's NWO roots were expressed prophetically loud and clear in his 1970 book Between Two Ages, America's Role in the Technotronic Era:
The technetronic era involves the gradual appearance of a more controlled society. Such a society would be dominated by an elite, unrestrained by traditional values. Soon it will be possible to assert almost continuous surveillance over every citizen and maintain up-to-date complete files containing even the most personal information about the citizen. These files will be subject to instantaneous retrieval by the authorities.
He goes on with more of his brave new world ranting:
Speaking of a future at most only decades away, an experimenter in intelligence control asserted, I foresee a time when we shall have the means and therefore, inevitably, the temptation to manipulate the behavior and intellectual functioning of all the people through environmental and biochemical manipulation of the brain.'
President Reagan allowed himself to be used by the globalist machine bent on destroying everything Ronnie pretended to stand for traditional values, honesty, courage, strength. Reagan complained about the top 19 positions filled by Trilateral Commission members in the Carter administration criticizing that it too closely aligned with banks and transnationals, yet after elected Reagan turned around and employed10 Trilateralists in his transition team and in his top posts too like his CFR-Trilateralist VP George H.W. Bush. A lifelong devotee of FDR, Reagan started off as a liberal Democrat. Ronald Reagan had a pervasive pattern of staying in stride with the changing wind of the times, becoming a hardened Soviet hater during the cold war. He rode this high horse mantra to legendary fame as the oligarch appointed leader and declared cold war winner in the behind the scenes arrangement East-West oligarchs made to collapse the Soviet Empire in favor of free world raping by the West that opened the floodgate to Russian mafia plundering. The real name of the game was globalization and privatization that arrived as transnational corporate-IMF exploitation. Reagan ignored the AIDS epidemic, a grotesque lapse of caring about those mostly afflicted that happened to be gay.
Also following suit with his fellow GOP SoCal buddy Nixon, as a private citizen Reagan treasonously tampered in off limit foreign affairs, secretly making a deal with Iran to hold off handing over the American hostages until after he got elected. And then when the corrupt unlawful depravity of gun running for crack cocaine Iran-Contra affair was exposed, Reagan suddenly showed his first signs of dementia in his failure to recall much of anything when it came to his favorite Marine Corp criminal Ollie North. Vice President Bush as former CIA director was in charge. Despite Reagan's "freedom fighters" being murdering marauders killing thousands of their own in the Central American countryside, as long as they were on the right team, Reagan's anti-Commie busters, they were the good guys. He was complicit in giving the green light to genocide in Guatemala. Reagan used the same lying tactics to demonize Nicaraguan Sandinista leader Daniel Ortega as Obama team is still doing today with Venezuela's Nicolas Maduro and Russian President Putin. Yet Ortega and longtime so called Communist enemy Cuban Fidel Castro have been courted guests at the Council on Foreign Relations on several occasions.
Though Reagan publicly championed small government, in reality he was big government all the way, adding bureaucracy, not taking it away as promised. He was revered for his tax-cutting yet Americans were paying more taxes by the end of his eight years than before he began. In the end his budget was 50% higher than Carter's and the budget deficit had tripled. All this belied his hyper-inflated glory because he was spending more on arms and the military than any time since WWII. Reagan was a B actor in Hollywood and an A actor in Washington though the phony veneer was not difficult to detect. But the populace that longed for the traditional values of the good old days would do it all over again voting against their own best interest defenselessly smitten by the disingenuous charm of a two-bit actor from the West. We all lose while once again the New World Order leaps forward in bounds especially when the torch is handed off to the Bush NWO crime syndicate.
No other president in the history of the United States has made his views toward one world government more public than globalist Skull and Bones man George H.W. Bush (1989-1993). He signed the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) deal with Mexico that was good for only big business resulting in lost jobs and destroying small businesses in the US. Making continental and regional alliances and trade deals are the globalist steppingstone to New World Order and world government. Bush is big believer in the globalist vision of the UN and world court as the closest manifestation to his one world government. He signed the UN Agenda 21 along with leaders in 178 nations that is the globalist plan for their New World Order under the guise of sustainability. So every chance he got Bush was promoting his NWO:
The world can therefore seize the opportunity [Persian Gulf crisis] to fulfill the long-held promise of a New World Order where diverse nations are drawn together in common cause to achieve the universal aspirations of mankind.
After giving Saddam Hussein the go-ahead to invade Kuwait, the first Bush used the first Gulf War to promote the self-interests of both the globalists and their transnational corporations in the Middle East, but always in a self-righteous moralistic tone:
If we do not follow the dictates of our inner moral compass and stand up for human life, then his lawlessness will threaten the peace and democracy of the emerging new world order we now see, this long dreamed-of vision we've all worked toward for so long.
When he bombed Iraqi water treatment plants and hospitals that caused a half million children to needlessly die, Bush senior's moral compass pointed straight to demonic hell because that's where this psychopath lives. The Bush crime family pass their evil down from one generation to the next. His involvement in child sex trafficking is yet one more can of worms in his family closet.
CFR Skull and Bones man Bill Clinton (1993-2001) with a dozen cabinet members his fellow CFR props just goes to show us that regardless of political party, Democrat or Republican, the globalist agenda is one and the same. He too signed NAFTA selling Americans down the river. Andrew Reding of the World Policy Institute said:
NAFTA will signal the formation, however tentatively, of a new political unit North America. With economic integration will come political integration. By whatever name, this is an incipient form of international government. Following the lead of the Europeans, North Americans should begin considering formation of a continental parliament.
Clinton's under Secretary of State Strobe Talbot was quoted in a 1992 Time article predicting that in this century "nations as we know it will be obsolete; all states will recognize a single, global authority. National sovereignty wasn't such a great idea after all."
Yet another Skullduggerist George W. Bush's (2001-2009) war crime policy that placed the US on a collision course with the New World Order after the treasonous neocon inside job of 9/11 has been followed to the T by Obama. This tells us that the invisible powerbrokers behind the public faces are calling the shot regardless of party puppet. And of course Hillary is the same as Bill is the same as Obama is the same as Bush Jr. is the same as Jeb is the same as Bush senior is the same as Woodrow Wilson is the same as FDR and every other president over this last full century.
For 100 years now the globalist movement has been out to usurp our national sovereignty, replacing it with a one world government with one currency soon eclipsed by a microchip. There has been a war on both religion and family in this country just as individual rights are being attacked. Loyalty to the collective group above all else has been taught in the federalized public education brainwash called Common Core. Secrecy abounds in a totalitarian state. The militant Orwellian arm of child protective services and the thoroughly broken foster care system in this country are also at war with the American family. Obama and company have been busy making secret deals with the UN as part of the preparation for enactment of the Agenda 21. Still another NWO policy in both North America and Europe is the free anduninterrupted flow of immigration, pitting races, classes, religions and nationalities against each other.
Since the CFR's founding in 1921, there have been 21 secretaries of defense or war, 19 secretaries of the treasury, 17 secretaries of state, and 15 CIA directors all taking their marching orders from the Council on Foreign Relations, the government offshoot of the globalist agenda of one world government. With all these NWO plants saturating every presidential administration for a century now, their invisibility is now shattered. The plain truth that our government has been taken over and hijacked by criminal psychopaths whose only loyalty is to the oligarchs that own and control them. Of course what's been happening to America has also been happening to Europe with the European Union. The proliferation of regional trade agreements are expediting this one world agenda all over the globe.
All the globalists worldwide are traitors to their constitutional oaths they once swore to uphold and protect as well as traitors to the people that they also took oaths to serve. They are brazenly now violating the US Constitution, every citizen's civil liberties and pursuit of happiness and security because they are at war with the American people. The militarized police state makes us all easy targets by the shadow rogue government now in crime syndicate power carrying out a globalist eugenics plan to drastically reduce the human population on earth. Whether by soft kill or hard, it doesn't much matter to them, the endgame is the same lower the current 7.2 billion of us down to a half to one billion people that will be the zombie class of subservient lackeys left serving the needs of the ruling elite. In the face of what we are now up against, honoring our dishonorable treasonous presidents no longer seems like a good idea. Waking up and rejecting their tyranny does.