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Full Version: The Garrison Tapes (1992) on the internet
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Thanks for this Paul. I'd been hunting around for these a while ago but didn't find them.
Magda Hassan Wrote:Thanks for this Paul. I'd been hunting around for these a while ago but didn't find them.

Only recently gone up, it would seem. But do check out the enlargement at 06:37 minutes in part 2. Here's were the execution concluded.

Thanks for finding these:dancingman:
I don't remember where, but somewhere on internet I found some time ago the whole thing connected...but there is software that can connect the portions or one can, of course, view it in sequential pieces. Garrison had so much going for him - and so many hidden enemies in high places and their spies in Garrison's camp to thwart and discredit him.... Why would that be necessary if he wasn't on to part of the truth about Dallas?! Answer: It would not have been. The CIA and others in power actually validate Garrison by their attacks and attempts to subvert him and his legal efforts. Sadly, most Americans who even know the name remember the smear campaign [Mafia connections; pinball money...blah, blah, blah....].

Since it was, along with everything else I ever posted, removed from the EF, I'd like to just mention here, that near the end of his life I was in contact with Garrison [and he instructed me on how to contact him through a kind of 'cut-out', as he knew his mail was being intercepted still]. Anyway, we discussed this and that, but interestingly it turned out that he had been looking for Plumlee to interview or subpoena him during his investigation, but didn't have the name...(only a description and one of his nom de guerre [Zapata]). At that time, I was working with Tosh on a book about his life and filled Garrison in on what I knew. Of course, at that late date Garrison was no longer working on the case, but still, to his dying day kept up on everything JFK Assassination. He was aware that Ferrie knew Plumlee and had heard the speculation that they were perhaps to meet up on the afternoon of 11/22 - something Plumlee has often also speculated about [as he had only been given a veiled description of some pilot, he had assumed was describing Ferrie. However, those plans were changed, according to Plumlee.] Don't want to divert the thread...just thought it of interest that Garrison had had Plumlee on his radar at one time.
Educate me anytime.