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Full Version: Parole Sirhan on February 10th
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On February 10, Sirhan Bishara Sirhan, the convicted assassin of Robert F. Kennedy, will be considered for parole in San Diego. Sirhan was originally scheduled for release in 1984 but after intense political pressure, his parole date was rescinded in 1982 and he has since been denied thirteen times.

In March, Sirhan will turn 72 years old, having spent two-thirds of his life in prison for a crime he cannot remember committing. For three years prior to his last parole hearing in 2011, Dr. Daniel Brown of Harvard Medical School spent over sixty hours with Sirhan trying to recover his memory of the shooting. Dr. Brown concluded Sirhan's amnesia for events before and during the shooting was real but his findings were ignored by the parole board, who saw the gaps in Sirhan's memory as a cynical ruse to minimise his responsibility for his crime.

Sirhan has been an exemplary inmate, with no prison violations since 1972 and an excellent work record. If paroled, he would be deported to Jordan to live out his final years, a danger to nobody. But as The Marshall Project recently discovered in a year-long examination of America's parole boards, parole decisions are often driven not by public safety but by politics. Since 1982, California has treated Sirhan like a political prisoner who will never be released, not a human being who has served his time and has the right to a fair hearing and the rule of law. In the courts, his habeas corpus petition was denied last year, despite new audio evidence indicating thirteen shots were fired in the Ambassador Hotel pantry that evening.

American journalism's record of reporting this case has been abysmal, with no serious investigation by a news organisation since a CBS News inquiry forty years ago. While Sirhan is still alive, there's still time to reinvestigate his case and expose the politicised charade that his appeal and parole process have become. I will be blogging on the case daily in advance of Sirhan's parole hearing, releasing a range of new archival material, and I urge others to join me:

I've posted a video giving an overview of the case, with previously-unseen clips from Sirhan's 2011 hearing here.
Thanks for this Shane and thanks for all your work on this over the years. I hope that the whole RFK assassination can be fully exposed for what it is. Sirhan's continued imprisonment is cruel and unjustified.
That parole officer one could hear in his voice and questions had already made up his mind [or been told] to NOT grant S.S. parole. I wish I were wrong, but I fear the same will happen again this time. San Diego is a Reichwing me I lived there and know all too well....worse than L.A.

We can try to put as much public pressure on as possible, but these kinds of decisions are ultimately made by the same power group that had RFK killed, IMHO; so they have no incentive to let their patsy go and open up a door to the truth coming out.

For those who care to know the truth is ALREADY out and Sirhan Sirhan was never the assassin, but only a mind-controlled patsy and minor accomplice under hypnotic suggestion and training he did not instigate, but was brought into it in order to build him into a 'Manchurian Candidate'.

Thanks Shane for all of your work on this case.
Welcome to the forum Shane, and thanks for all your efforts on this case.
Thanks, everyone, for your welcome and support. Yes, Peter, it was clear from the tone and line of questioning of the Commissioner that this was a parole panel with its mind made up but I still think it's important to lay out all the evidence as there's still time for the media to take an interest and pressure the politicians into doing the right thing. Last night, I posted audio of Sirhan in custody in the hours after the assassination on my blog and there's a lot more to come over the next two weeks.

Please keep us updated Shane, and feel free to use this Forum to help get out this information and truth, and the postings on your own site. You have been one of the few and foremost who have kept the candle of truth on this matter aglow.

There is nothing more I'd like to see than some justice for Sirhan [and America and the World].......

Sadly, as long as I can remember we have lived in a 1984ish milieu of untruths, misdeeds, false flags, black ops; further obscured by propaganda and cover ups.

Long past time to take back OUR polity/countries/democracy. Sirhan's plight is as good a place to start this as any; better than many. The RFK case was much less complex than many other black op assassinations. The official scenario is laid bare now, for all who care to see it, as: completely and knowingly false, false-flag, contrived, having had evidence disappeared as well as invented or altered, the truth actively covered-up, the investigation a sham, and the murder involving a patsy [Sirhan]. There were at least two shooters and Sirhan could NOT have fired the fatal shot. Period. The legal shenanigans have been no better than the 'investigation'.
Sirhan is in an eternal Catch 22 because the only legitimate way to confirm his innocence is to accurately admit that the government programmed him as a Manchurian Candidate patsy and that he is one of the most victimized, unfairly accused, and innocent people in American history. They're not going to do that because they realize the epic paradigm-destroying dilemma he represents. I fear for any hope Sirhan might have.

Those beasts ask Sirhan to get on his knees and profess remorse. May history judge those false judges.
Just some thoughts/questions on this as I am still reeling from Fetzer's "revelation" that Paul McCartney is dead. (hell the guy looked terrific when i saw him a few years back).

Does everyone who claims to know who the polka dot dress girl is/was agree on her identity ?
Bill Pepper and others have stated they believe they know who she is/was.
Assuming the parole is denied, where do they go with the case ? Round to her house with a camera crew ? Are there any further legal options ?

Shane O'Sullivan is posting some very interesting documents and though I know Tom Bowden does not believe in the hypnosis angle, i find both viewpoints have merit. Dr Dan Brown's report looks persuasive but....
Anyone here think Sirhan will actually make parole ?
It's pretty decent of Paul Schrade to appear on his behalf. Is it true that he has been keeping the family informed over the years ?
Sirhan is guilty at most of attempted murder. You don't get life for that. Why not drop the hypnosis angle?
Thanks, Ashley and Peter. Please see my recent series of articles before and after Sirhan's parole hearing at:

Yesterday's article includes one major development - after telling Charlie Rose three years ago he found the evidence of conspiracy in the JFK assassination "very, very convincing", Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has now publicly supported a new investigation into his father's murder: http://whowhatwhy.or...16/02/16/22296/
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