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Full Version: Hoax: Satanic ritual dungeon found in Chuck E Cheese basement
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[Image: image18.jpeg]from tmz

Chicago, Illinois Authorities have identified the skeletal remains found in a Chicago Chuck E. Cheese basement as those of four teenagers that disappeared between 2013 2015. Multiple media outlets report that the teenagers were local residents of the city. Charged in their deaths is the owner, 68-year-old Melvin Wallace. There is another woman being charged as an accessory to the murders.

Court documents allege that Wallace regularly performed "Satanic rituals" and "animal sacrifices" in the Chuck E. Cheese basement where the bodies were found. The basement dungeon, where the bodies were discovered, was full of mold, garbage, debris, animal feces as several satanic markings. Police say the children were more than likely abducted from the "family fun center." Parents, who regularly take their children to the Chicago Chuck E. Cheese say they are shocked at the findings. "We come here to have pizza and play games at least once a week," said Rita Thomas, mother of four. "Melvin seemed like such a nice guy, a little weird, but a nice guy. Parents need to watch their children more closely! There are these crazy types of creeps everywhere!"

Authorities believe that Wallace was performing these satanic rituals below the restaurant for more than a decade now. Crime scene investigators are searching the wooded area behind the building for any other bodies which may have fallen victim to Wallace's disturbing rituals. The business has been closed, pending further investigations. Wallace is being held on murder charges with no bond.
Wonder how the False Memory Syndrome Foundation types are going to spin this one?
Magda Hassan Wrote:Wonder how the False Memory Syndrome Foundation types are going to spin this one?


If you recall, when the Haute de la Garenne story broke in Jersey, with very similar reports of children's bodies in the basement, it took 6 months before the authorities could spin the story by sacking the police officer in charge for conducting a poor investigation and misinforming the media.

Only after that did the story get rocked to sleep and the public patted on the head.

Assuming that this is part of the bigger story and not a one-off, then it is possible that the connections that might lead from this, I suspect, if properly and fully investigated would likely open such a vast concealed story it would rip the US apart - in the same way that Haut de la Garenne could have done to the UK.

In which case it will have to be contained.

I appreciate there are lots of caveats in this post of mine... ::bowtie::
Suckered again. ::facepalm::
Actually good news to know this is not real. But then there are the others which are still not addressed.