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Full Version: Tractors for prisoners 1961/62
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From 1990 manuscript/book CROSSTRAILS

Castro's 1961 offer to U.S.. To exchange nearly 1200 CIA invasion prisoners for 500 bulldozer tractors, Kennedy finally accepted after objections from several
sources including the invasion prisoners themselves (knowing it would be a great propaganda victory for Castro). With the deal in place, Castro suddenly
rejected it!.

President Kennedy stated on July 5, 1961 "the tractor committee has done everything conceivable, but Mr. Castro has not accepted!".

The tractor-prisoner failed as a direct result of the "self-created" misinformation transmitted to Castro by this still "trusted agent". This last minute treachery
convinced Castro that the tractors were, in fact, being built "metallurgicaly unsound". The tractors and spare parts would crack and breakdown after little use!!
Nothing was wrong with the tractors, the prisoners were released in 1962 in another U.S. Cuba deal involving medical supplies and cash.

My torture in 1960 Cuba by G-2 and Castro's Militia was somewhat now avenged while still being a member of Castro M267-26th Of July Movement, FPCC- Fair
Play for Cuba Committee and U.S. Intelligence informant!