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Full Version: The deadly scheme
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From 1990 Manuscript/book

The planned "New Americanist scheme" with it's framework so cunningly in place for more than a half century,(upon the death of Kennedy) moved quickly to consolidate and hold perpetual power over a bewildered government and confused nation. ...this present system that is surreptitiously wielding every power of the U.S. government to force the extension of a purely materialistic religious empire that is intent on redesigning the entire world into it's "communal image". An effort that includes brute force and/or isolation of resistant individuals and entire nations.
These and their supporters, who wield this stolen power, expect to continue for hundreds of years in control of the present system now so wrongly titled Republican and conservative ( and in the future by any other name ), they are the leadership with blood stained hands that reached out by assassination and picked the overripe fruit of all constitutional government power and control wherein all other whites, colors and nations are since 1963 and forever "second place subordinates " in all present and future schemes. Such are to serve this arrogant LDS MORMON plan for a world-wide, totally materialistic,church-state for the eternal comfort of this "caucasic beast and it's political image!"
Now it can be understood the why destruction of Islam and their horrifyingly terribly actions to defend it. The destruction and/or neutralization of Islamic culture/religion is the last bastion to world total control and success of the Mormon controlled/U.S. government combined conspiracy.
Harry: How can we distinguish between a LDS/USG scheme to defeat Islam, and a "merely" political fear-mongering move to drive Christians to the ballot box (to benefit conservative candidates), and/or a scheme to discredit Christianity as a whole by linking it to fear-, hate-, and war-mongering activities?