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Full Version: A Bit Dramatic...But So Is The Real Story....SNOWDEN by Oliver Stone
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Looks to me like it will be an interesting film. I thought the one hour documentary about him and Greenwald was very watchable.
I do not endorse all speculation below...but though it interesting enough to post. Dave Emory is an interesting and difficult person - trained by Mae Brussell and also long a prime reason her archives are not available.....

Quote:3-4 Dave Emory, "For the Record FTR #891 How Might Colonel L. Fletcher Prouty Have Viewed Edward Snowden? (The Foxes Aren't Guarding the Henhouse, They ARE the Henhouse, Part 2: Update on the Adventures of Eddie the Friendly Spook)

One of the most inci*sive crit*ics of the CIA was the late [U.S. Air Force] Colonel L. Fletcher Prouty. Cho*sen by Allen Dulles to set up "focal point" func*tions for CIA within other agen*cies of the U.S. gov*ern*ment, Prouty was instru*men*tal in the cre*ation of what he called a "Secret Team"-the title of his 1969 book about "The Agency." Dulles' secret net*work infil*trated the mil*i*tary, the State Depart*ment, the FAA and even the White House. Look*ing at CIA offi*cer Edward Snowden's activ*i*ties, Prouty would NOT have taken them at face value and would have seen them against the back*ground of the sub-rosa activ*i*ties with which he was famil*iar and had helped cre*ate, weigh*ing the pos*si*bil*ity that Snow*den was oper*at*ing against NSA on behalf of CIA. Much of the pro*gram details the sab*o*tage of Fran*cis Gary Pow*ers' U-2 spy plane in 1960 on the eve of a sum*mit con*fer*ence between then U.S. Pres*i*dent Dwight Eisen*hower and Soviet Pre*mier Nikita Khr*uschev. Dis*patched against the spe*cific orders of Dwight Eisen*hower, the U-2 appears to have been delib*er*ately sab*o*taged. The inci*dent led to the can*cel*la*tion of the sum*mit con*fer*ence and the neu*tral*iza*tion of detente between the Soviet Union and the United States. Prouty would have noted that Edward Snow*den was work*ing for the CIA when he under*took his leak*ing oper*a*tion. Prouty would also have noted Snowden's extreme right-wing views and would not have taken his activ*i*ties at face value. Snowden's jour*ney to Hong Kong frus*trated Pres*i*dent Obama's attempts at resolv*ing U.S. and Chi*nese elec*tronic spy*ing and hack*ing. Snowden's China sojourn also antic*i*pated U.S. mil*i*tary and eco*nomic pres*sure on China. Snowden's jour*ney from China to Rus*sia led to the can*cel*la*tion of a sum*mit con*fer*ence between Obama and Putin and ended the Obama administration's "reboot with Rus*sia." The Snow*den "op" pre*ceded the Maidan covert oper*a*tion and atten*dant Ukrain*ian civil war, as well as West*ern eco*nomic pres*sure on Rus*sia. As a trained intel*li*gence offi*cer, Prouty would have noted that the 1.7 mil*lion doc*u*ments (2.7 mil*lion by some accounts) pur*loined by Snow*den fun*da*men*tally com*pro*mised NSA, per*haps to pre*vent whistle-blowing on CIA use of Mus*lim Brotherhood-related Islamists as proxy war*riors and her*alds of cor*po*ratist eco*nom*ics in what Mr. Emory calls "The Earth Island Boo*gie." The pro*gram con*cludes with dis*cus*sion of the intel*li*gence con*nec*tions of the very pri*vacy activists who are sup*pos*edly opposed to U.S. gov*ern*ment elec*tronic sur*veil*lance. Are Snow*den and those so-called "pri*vacy activists" actu*ally "focal point" per*son*nel in the net*works set up for Allen Dulles by Prouty? Pro*gram High*lights Include: Tor net*work devel*oper and "pri*vacy activist" Jacob Applebaum's links with U.S. intel*li*gence asset Gene Sharp; Gene Sharp's sem*i*nal role in the so-called "color rev*o*lu*tions," some of which are fea*tured in "The Earth Island Boo*gie;" the links of Apple*baum and other "pri*vacy activists" with the Broad*cast*ing Board of Gov*er*nors, a long-time CIA and State Depart*ment cut-out; review of Applebaum's par*tic*i*pa*tion in "L'Affaire Snow*den;" so-called "pri*vacy activists' " advo*cacy of apps and net*works devel*oped by the BBG.

Detailed, annotated written description for this program available at: