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Full Version: Brexit and British Member Of Parliament Murdered
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Albert Doyle Wrote:

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts 2016 : Vote BREXIT - End the EU, a CIA Covert Operation

Paul Rigby Wrote:
Albert Doyle Wrote:

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts 2016 : Vote BREXIT - End the EU, a CIA Covert Operation


Brexit poll: 'Most Brits DO want to leave,' with just a week until EU referendum vote

Quote:The campaign to quit the European Union has surged into a six-point lead with exactly a week to go, a sensational Ipsos MORI poll reveals today.

In a dramatic turnaround since May, some 53 per cent now want to leave and 47 per cent want to stay, excluding don't knows.

It is the first time since David Cameron pledged the referendum in January 2013 that Vote Leave have come out ahead in the respected monthly Ipsos MORI telephone survey, which is exclusive to the Evening Standard.

Immigration has overtaken the economy as the most important issue to how the public will vote, which is a significant boost to Boris Johnson and the Leave campaign.
Her murderer apparently was a neo-Nazi-type enamored of Apartheid and ultra-Right UK issues too. All my life I have noticed how people/groups on the Right are endlessly killing those on the Left infinitely more than the other way around - but the 'Right' always sites the 'Left' as the threat.
The media started-off quoting the attacker as shouting "Put Britain first!" during the attack, then the next day they're quoting him as saying "Britain first" 'cos they've discovered this group 'Britain First' - - Channel4 docu on them. Right bunch of clowns, self-publicists at the beginning of the filming, then progressively more camera shy as it goes-on. - Oh yeah, I'm getting alot of refs to this of course, 'cos iit's stuff in the news where someone gets deaded with - conveniently - a "makeshift" shotgun; the shitehounds msg'ed me that i was to be machinegunned (even after a load of latenight walks over derelict ground in the shadows in response to the same threats) - I had to larf - a machinegun ffs... tools. So I suggested to the walls that a shotty might be alot more sensible.
JUAN GONZÁLEZ: Britain is in a state of mourning today for a rising star in the British Parliament who died Thursday after being stabbed and shot shortly following a meeting with her constituents. Jo Cox was a 41-year-old mother of two who worked at Oxfam before being elected as a Labour MP last year. She was known for her passionate support for Syrian refugees and was a member of Labour Friends of Palestine. Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn paid tribute to her on Thursday.
JEREMY CORBYN: She leaves behind a husband, a wonderful man who likewise spends his life campaigning for human rights and justice. And she leaves behind two young children, two young children who will never grow up to see their mum again. They can be proud of what she was. They can be proud of what she did. And they can be very proud of everything that she stood for. We come together at a time like this. We come together to support the family and to mourn and to reflect, that violence is not an answer. Violence is not an answer to anything.
JUAN GONZÁLEZ: Jo Cox is the first member of the British Parliament to be murdered in over 25 years. Her death came just a week before the major Brexit vote, when British voters will decide whether the country should stay in the European Union. Cox was a vocal advocate for Britain to stay in the EU. During the attack, eyewitnesses said, her assassin, Thomas Mair, shouted "Britain first"a possible reference to the far-right, anti-immigrant political party of the same name which is pushing for Britain to leave the EU.
AMY GOODMAN: Meanwhile, the Southern Poverty Law Center here in the United States has revealed that the attacker, Thomas Mair, is a longtime supporter of the neo-Nazi National Alliance. Documents released by the center show Mair has spent over $600 buying periodicals and other items from the group, including a manual that contained information on how to build a pistol. In addition, The Daily Telegraphis reporting Mair subscribed to S.A. Patriot, a South African magazine published by White Rhino Club, a pro-apartheid group.
We go now to Montgomery, Alabama, where we're joined by Richard Cohen, president of the Southern Poverty Law Center.
Richard, welcome back to Democracy Now! Can you explain what you know about who Thomas Mair is?
RICHARD COHEN: He was a longtime follower of the National Alliance. That's thethat was the largest neo-Nazi party in the United States, with significant ties to Europe. Between 1999 and 2003, he bought things about weapons, he bought things about explosives, and, I think just as importantly, he subscribed to a variety of white supremacist literature.
JUAN GONZÁLEZ: And, Richard Cohen, for those folks who are not familiar with the National Alliance, its founder, the author of the notorious or infamous cult classic of the far right, The Turner Diaries?
RICHARD COHEN: Yes, theWilliam Pierce, the head of the National Alliance, as you said, was a prolific writer. He wrote a book called The Turner Diaries that was the blueprint for the Oklahoma City bombing. It was also the blueprint for a lot of other terrorist activities. Pierce was a devoted follower of Hitler, and that's no exaggeration. He called Hitler the greatest man of the 20th century. And he talked in his manifesto about the need for white living space and how nohow his followers couldn't be deterred by the momentary unpleasantness of their taskyou know, a clear reference to genocide.
AMY GOODMAN: Can you talk about the link betweenif there is one, between the National Alliance and the far-right group and anti-immigrant group in Britain that's opposed to thethat's opposed tothat wants Britain to leave the European Union?
RICHARD COHEN: Sure. I think the fundamental thing for people to understand is that the white nationalist movement in this country, the neo-Nazi movement in this country, is something that is really a worldwide phenomenon. Pierce, the leader of the National Alliance, traveled to England often, had ties with, for example, Golden Dawn, the neo-Nazi party in Greece. Members of the British National Party were alsoa far-right nationalist party in England that's opposed to the European Unionfrequently travel to this country. Members of the British National Party were members of Pierce's organization. So this kind of white ethnic nationalism that we see in our country is also very much alive in Europe. And groups like the National Alliance exploited that.
JUAN GONZÁLEZ: [inaudible] organization able to document the contributions and the subscriptions of someone like Mair, including tofor instance, there have been reports of his subscribing to right-wing South African publications, as well.
RICHARD COHEN: Well, it doesn't surprise me that he subscribed to, you know, material from South Africa. You know, just toI don't want to jump too far ahead, but the Charleston shooter, you might remember, had patches from the apartheid regime in South Africa, a patch from the old Rhodesian white party. And so, again, this white nationalism is not just a phenomenon here, it's really an international phenomenon.
AMY GOODMAN: Can you talk about the Britain First voicing support for the presumptive Republican presidential nominee here Donald Trump's ban on Muslims entering the U.S.? According to The Huffington Post, Britain First told supporters to vote for Trump on Facebook. The group also applauded Trump's statements about London last year on MSNBC. Let's go to those comments.
DONALD TRUMP: We have places in London and other places that are so radicalized that the police are afraid for their own lives. We have to be very smart and very vigilant.
AMY GOODMAN: Richard Cohen, your response?
RICHARD COHEN: I mean, you know, Trump reflects the white nationalist trend in this country, so it shouldn't be a surprise to anyone that white nationalists in England and in other Western European countries see him as their savior or champion. You know, one of the things that's unusual about this campaign, Amy, is, you know, usually the white supremacists in this country sit it out. Their attitude is "a pox on both their homes." They see both parties as corrupt. This time, very famous white supremacistsDavid Duke, for examplesee Trump as their champion. They've called him, for example, the glorious leader. So that's what we're seeing.
AMY GOODMAN: Today, Friday, June 17th, marks the first anniversary since the self-declared white supremacist Dylann Storm Roof claimed the lives of nine black men and women who gathered for Bible study at the historic Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina. He gunned them down. He later confessed to the attack, now faces the death penalty. Can you talk about this anniversary?
RICHARD COHEN: Yeah. You know, I think the country has made some progress dealing with the symbols of hate. You know, Confederate flags have come down. Other monuments to the Confederacy have come down. Yet we've had a tougher time dealing with the substance of hate. There was a tremendous backlash, for example, to people taking down the Confederate flags. We've documented more than 300 pro-Confederate flag rallies last year. And those weren't only in the South. They were as far as, you know, Washington state, Oregon, Pennsylvania. So, you know, again, those are eruptions of white pride, ethnic nationalism. We also saw last year an uptick in the number of hate groups in our country by about 14 percent. And, of course, so much of this is amplified by the rhetoric in the campaign this year, particularly the rhetoric coming out of Mr. Trump's campaign.
Paul Rigby Wrote:
Paul Rigby Wrote:
Albert Doyle Wrote:

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts 2016 : Vote BREXIT - End the EU, a CIA Covert Operation


Brexit poll: 'Most Brits DO want to leave,' with just a week until EU referendum vote

Quote:The campaign to quit the European Union has surged into a six-point lead with exactly a week to go, a sensational Ipsos MORI poll reveals today.

In a dramatic turnaround since May, some 53 per cent now want to leave and 47 per cent want to stay, excluding don't knows.

It is the first time since David Cameron pledged the referendum in January 2013 that Vote Leave have come out ahead in the respected monthly Ipsos MORI telephone survey, which is exclusive to the Evening Standard.

Immigration has overtaken the economy as the most important issue to how the public will vote, which is a significant boost to Boris Johnson and the Leave campaign.

British MP Jo Cox murdered: now comes the pysop

by Jon Rappoport

June 17, 2016

Quote:"Create a killer? Take someone who's unstable, pump him up with SSRI antidepressants, fill his head full of ideas about violent action, point him in a desired direction, and stand back." (The Underground, Jon Rappoport)

On June 23rd, the UK will vote on whether to stay in the European Union (the "remain" campaign) or leave the EU ("Brexit").

The polls show a marked shift, with Brexit supporters gaining. Then a British MP, Jo Cox, who has urged Brits to remain, is murdered.

The man who is arrested, Thomas Mair, is alleged to have shouted "Britain First!" (Brexit) as he killed Cox. However, now witnesses on the scene are saying they heard no such thing.

Too late. Social media and news media are running with the "Britain First, Brexit killer" narrative.

Here is the psyop formula:

MP Jo Cox wanted to remain in the EU. Her killer was a "Brexit right-wing crazy" who yelled "Britain First!" as he murdered her. Therefore, all people who want Brexit are right-wing crazies. Therefore, vote to remain in the EU.

This is how you demonize millions of people.

Jo Cox=good=remain in the EU. Her killer=leave the EU=all people who want to leave the EU are killers.

And then there is this. The arrested killer, Thomas Mair, is widely acknowledged to have been mentally unstable. Well, read this local news story from several year ago, for yourself:

"Thomas Mair, 46, started volunteering at the park [creating a garden] after learning about the opportunity through the Mirfield-based Pathways Day Centre for adults with mental health problems."

"He said: "I can honestly say it has done me more good than all the psychotherapy and medication in the world."

"All these problems are alleviated by doing voluntary work."

"Getting out of the house and meeting new people is a good thing, but more important in my view is doing physically demanding and useful labour."

"When you have finished there is a feeling of achievement which is emotionally rewarding and psychologically fulfilling."

Mair states he had been on medication. Specifically which drugs? SSRI antidepressants are a distinct possibility. If so, that's a potential clue, because these drugs are known to push people over the edge into violent behavior, including suicide and homicide. The same violence can be generated by suddenly withdrawing from the drugs.

For example:

A shooting massacre at Columbine High School took place on April 20, 1999. Astonishingly, for eight days after the tragedy, during thousands of hours of prime-time television coverage, virtually no one mentioned the word "drugs." Then the issue was opened. Eric Harris, one of the shooters at Columbine, was on at least one drug.

The NY Times of April 29, 1999, and other papers reported that Harris was rejected from enlisting in the Marines for medical reasons. A friend of the family told the Times that Harris was being treated by a psychiatrist. And then several sources told the Washington Post that the drug prescribed as treatment was Luvox, manufactured by Solvay.

In two more days, the "drug-issue" was gone.

Luvox is of the same class as Prozac and Zoloft and Paxil. They are labeled SSRIs (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors). They attempt to alleviate depression by changing brain-levels of the natural substance serotonin. Luvox has a slightly different chemical configuration from Prozac, Paxil, and Zoloft, and it was approved by the FDA for obsessive-compulsive disorder, although many doctors apparently prescribed it for depression.

Prozac is the wildly popular Eli Lilly antidepressant which has been linked to suicidal and homicidal actions. It is now given to young children. Again, its chemical composition is very close to Luvox, the drug that Harris took.

Dr. Peter Breggin, the eminent psychiatrist and author (Toxic Psychiatry, Talking Back to Prozac, Talking Back to Ritalin), told me, "With Luvox there is some evidence of a four-percent rate for mania in adolescents. Mania, for certain individuals… can go over the hill to psychosis."

Dr. Joseph Tarantolo is a psychiatrist in private practice in Washington DC. He is the former president of the Washington chapter of the American Society of Psychoanalytic Physicians. In a 1999 interview with me, Tarantolo stated: "All the SSRIs [including Prozac and Luvox] relieve the patient of feeling. He becomes less empathic, as in `I don't care as much,' which means `It's easier for me to harm you.' If a doctor treats someone who needs a great deal of strength just to think straight, and gives him one of these drugs, that could push him over the edge into violent behavior."

In Arianna Huffington's syndicated newspaper column of July 9, 1998, Dr. Breggin stated, "I have no doubt that Prozac can cause or contribute to violence and suicide. I've seen many cases. In a recent clinical trial, 6 percent of the children became psychotic on Prozac. And manic psychosis can lead to violence."

July, 1991. Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. Hisako Koizumi, MD, describes a thirteen-year-old boy who was on Prozac: "full of energy," "hyperactive," "clown-like." All this devolved into sudden violent actions which were "totally unlike him."

September, 1991. The Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. Author Laurence Jerome reports the case of a ten-year old who moves with his family to a new location. Becoming depressed, the boy is put on Prozac by a doctor. The boy is then "hyperactive, agitated … irritable." He makes a "somewhat grandiose assessment of his own abilities." Then he calls a stranger on the phone and says he is going to kill him. The Prozac is stopped, and the symptoms disappear.

What about the effects of a "mild drug" like Ritalin? In 1986, The International Journal of the Addictions published a most important literature review by Richard Scarnati. It was called "An Outline of Hazardous Side Effects of Ritalin (Methylphenidate") [v.21(7), pp. 837-841].

Scarnati listed over a hundred adverse effects of Ritalin and indexed published journal articles for each of these symptoms.

For every one of the following (selected and quoted verbatim) Ritalin-effects then, there is at least one confirming source in the medical literature. Can they add up to sudden violence? Just read the list. The answer is obvious:

* Paranoid delusions
* Paranoid psychosis
* Hypomanic and manic symptoms, amphetamine-like psychosis
* Activation of psychotic symptoms
* Toxic psychosis
* Visual hallucinations
* Auditory hallucinations
* Can surpass LSD in producing bizarre experiences
* Effects pathological thought processes
* Extreme withdrawal
* Terrified affect
* Started screaming
* Aggressiveness
* Insomnia
* Since Ritalin is considered an amphetamine-type drug, expect amphatamine-like effects
* psychic dependence
* High-abuse potential DEA Schedule II Drug
* Decreased REM sleep
* When used with antidepressants one may see dangerous reactions including hypertension, seizures and hypothermia
* Convulsions
* Brain damage may be seen with amphetamine abuse.

Was Thomas Mair, the accused killer of MP Jo Cox, on one of the SSRI antidepressants? Or Ritalin? Had he withdrawn from one of these drugs too quickly, which can make the effects even more drastic? Who was his doctor?

These aren't trivial matters. They're vital (though ignored by major media), and they can possibly explain the death of Jo Cox. For decades, the press has been playing on psychiatry's team, covering up psychiatry's crimes.

Whether yes or no, the agenda to "remain" in the EU has just gotten a jolt of support.
Brexit: Vote Remain Exploits Jo Cox Murder

Paul Joseph Watson and Stefan Molyneux

"And what is one person's life when the fate of a civilizational project, the work of several generations of the European [and American - PR] establishment, is at stake?"
I don't believe for a minute that the assassination was designed to sway public opinion. It was, rather, to create an emotional smoke-screen behind which massive fraud will occur - and the nixed outcome justified by a non-existent wave of revulsion.

Cox, incidentally, was much in favour of bombing Syrians to save them from the government they elected. A thoroughly transatlantic piece of work.