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Full Version: Collapse of the Soviet Union Engineered From Within
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V. Suchan's argument about the demise of the Soviet Union from his FB page:

Yet more concrete evidence about what I have been arguing since the early 1990s: the Soviet Union and the world socialist system was dismantled deliberately from above, and the operation had been planned and carefully prepared over decades. As the article below reveals, a key role, especially in the preparation of the new liquidation personnel, leadership and cadres and the strategies, were carried via the US-USSR jointly established "International Institute for Applied System Analysis" linked to the Club of Rome. The Institute was set up in 1972. In 1974, it already produced a blueprint of the breakup of the Soviet Union with the approval by Andropov and Kosygin, and then went on "educating" and training the principal anti-heroes of the 1990s and the 2000s--the principal regents and strategists retained by Putin.

The link has a long interview with ex-deputy chairman of the Russian government Mikhail Poltoranin in Russian. Suchan continues to see Putin as following the same trajectory in a devious way.
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