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h/t to Danny Jarman on this find. Copied over from Power of the Paedos thread


The finders had a duplex apartment just down the road from the Pizza place talked about in the above thread...

and ...

This Comet Ping Pong thing could be a loose thread leading to a pedophilia ring that goes to some very dark places. This is linked loosely to The Finders, is very alarming.
h/t Dawn

Underground tunnels?
Here are a couple of posts from Peter Levenda rejecting Pizzagate in the strongest terms.

Quote:As some of you may know, I was involved the past few months in a series of discussions concerning satanic cults and pedophilia, in particular the idea that there is an international cabal of satanic, devil-worshipping pedophiles. If you've been following this, you know my stand on the issue: that there are, indeed, international groups of those who traffic in children and who are engaged in child prostitution and child pornography rings, but that I do not find that dragging concepts like "satanic cult" into the mix does anything for the children who are, in fact, being trafficked. There is simply no evidence of the existence of a satanic cult specializing in the trafficking of children, and to insist otherwise only serves to devalue the discussion where real gangs and real organized crime rings are exploiting women and children around the world without the need of "satanic" trappings, rituals, or belief systems.

This discussion became overheated in the environment of "Pizzagate", the inclusion of performance artist Marina Abramovic and Democratic Party officials in that faked scandal, and the resultant shooting this past weekend at Comet Ping Pong (the pizza parlor implicated as the center of this alleged satanic-Democratic cabal of child abusers). My objection to those who scream "satanic pedophiles" and who insist that there is overwhelming evidence of same is that they are using "spectral evidence": a term coined at the time of the Salem witchcraft trials over three hundred years ago to denote evidence that no one can see except the accusers. Nineteen innocent people were executed on the basis of that "spectral evidence." Today, Pizzagate is a case in point.
However, to those who still believe in such things I have a suggestion.
(No, not that. Another suggestion.)
You know that I just published a novel about international terrorists and religious groups. One of the groups I write about in that book is called the Yezidi or Yazidi. For centuries these people were considered to be "devil worshipers" by Muslims and Christians alike. They are still considered that way by the followers of the Islamic State, which has undertaken a campaign of genocide against them. Thousands of Yezidi have been slaughtered. Thousands more women and children have been taken into slavery, a fact that the Islamic State brags about in their own publications and on-line. Women and children are traded, sold, and bought. They are raped by their captors, and then sold to another set of captors where they are raped again. Prices range from about ten dollars each to more than twenty-five thousand dollars, depending on the desirability of the victim. The children who have been victimized this way already are showing evidence of severe psychological trauma.
There is little information about the Yezidi in the media, other than the fact that they are being killed in large numbers, their shrines defaced and destroyed, and the most vulnerable among them being brutalized in ways I hope you cannot imagine.
But see: here is real proof of the organized abuse and murder of children by a gang of religious fanatics. It is happening now. In huge numbers. And the excuse the Islamic State uses to conduct this barbarity? The Yezidi, they say, are devil-worshipers.
You know. Like Marina Abramovic and Tony Podesta and James Alefantis. Right?
Yeah. Think about that.
If you truly believe in any of this despite all evidence to the contrary, and if you still insist that there is an international cult of satanic child molesters, then put your money where your mouth is. Do something for children who are being abused right now by just such a cult. Take a stand on something real, and help save a child or its mother right now.
You can send a donation via the website Or via UNICEF.
Do it. Show the world you're serious and that you really care about children, and that you care about them more than you do your own fevered fantasies. Show the world you have nothing in common with the bigotry of the Islamic State, or with shooting up pizza parlors on the basis of false stories and unsubstantiated, unsupported reports in un-refereed alternate media.

In other words, grow the f*** up.


Quote:First, let me say that I was pleased and humbled by the response all of you gave to my last post, the one on Pizzagate. I half-expected a lot of angry comments by Pizzagate believers and while there were a few there were not as many as I expected. I even hesitated publishing the post because I rarely get into a public snit over something but I felt it had to be said.Second, I was even more surprised and gratified to see the level of serious discourse that this posting generated. You were not only making statements, you were talking to each other about this very serious situation politely and that is always a good thing. Kudos to all of you for that, both believers and skeptics.
Third, I was about to apologize to anyone who might have been offended by the very last line of the post. I don't usually resort to profanity to make a point (well, not in print anyway!), but then I noticed something unusual and … well … synchronistic. Some of you will probably come away with the feeling that there is a conspiracy out there somewhere and that this is the proof, but I hasten to tell you that this came as much of a surprise to me as it may be to you, too.
I posted my "rant" yesterday, on December 7th. That very same day, it appears that Stephen Colbert did his own rant on the very same subject: Pizzagate. He took a humorous approach, of course, rather than my more sober one, but ultimately he ended his "rant" the exact same way I did: "Grow the f*** up!"
That was a little freaky, I must admit.
For those who missed it (as I did, until today) you can watch the entire ten minute segment here:
So: same theme, same day, same sign-off.
So, what does all this mean?
My friend Tom Mellett notified me that there have been other pizza parlor-related conspiracies the past few days, with reports on death threats and other intimidation tactics at pizza parlors in Austin, Texas and in my own beloved Brooklyn. A YouTuber felt that the Austin-based East Side Pies was an Illuminati front because, well, the slice of pizza in their logo looked … you know … pyramidal. Like the back of your dollar bill. And so on.
My take-away from this is that this concerted attack on independently-owned pizza parlors has been orchestrated by … Papa John's.
I mean, we know that the founder and CEO of Papa John's is a GOP supporter, right? (Like James Alefantis of Comet Ping Pong is a Democrat supporter.) And he has everything to gain if independent pizzerias go out of business, thus giving him even more motive. But are there coded messages at Papa John's?
I'm glad you asked me that question.
What does "Papa John" really mean? Think about it.
Italians know that the word for Pope is "Papa" as in il Papa, or "The Pope." So, who was Pope John? Well, there have been quite a few, but my bet is on Pope John VII, otherwise known as "Pope Joan." Pope Joan was a legendary figure from the thirteenth century: a woman who disguised herself as a man in order to become Pope. In other words, a transgendered person or, at least, a transvestite. Papal historian Bartolomeo Platina wrote that she became Pope by her "evil art." Thus, we have a pizza chain run by a GOP supporter and named after a satanic Papal impersonator that has as its demonic goal the eradication of independent pizzerias everywhere in order to replace them with their own, really crappy, product. And they are global. They have franchise locations all over the United States and the world. In fact, if you overlay a global map of child trafficking countries over a map of Papa John's worldwide operations you will see a suspiciously contiguous relationship between the two. A seemingly innocuous business enterprise fronting for an international criminal operation named after a cross-dressing Catholic Papal Satanist? Cool.
Or, wait! There's more (as Tom would say).
What if it isn't Papa John's at the center of this massive PSYOP campaign? What if it's … Domino's?
Domino comes from the Latin dominus, meaning "lord" or "master", clearly a reference to BDSM. And then there is the domino mask: a means of concealing one's identity from law enforcement and Reddit posters. Remember all those "Eyes Wide Shut" references in the Pizzagate postings on social media? Or the creepy painting of a nude woman wearing a domino mask, La femme au masque, by Henri Gervex. (The painting doesn't actually appear in any Domino's restaurant that I know of, but that shouldn't stop us from making the connection, right?)
But wait! There's more!
What about Godfather's Pizza? What more blatant a reference to organized crime and their satanic cult of made men, murderers, human traffickers, dope peddlers, and pimps could there be?
And Little Caesar's? Let's not even go there. I mean, that image of a toga-clad Roman male impaling two "pizzas" on his … well … his spear …
It's all coded messaging, baby. It would make a semiotician like Umberto Eco work overtime decoding it all, or a cryptanalyst at Bletchley Park busy biting the heads off kippers to the wee hours and, in the end, it would all come to make about as much sense and provide as much evidence as any of the alleged cultists in Foucault's Pendulum.
Remember that novel? It was written by Eco, an Italian (and therefore ethnically if not etymologically linked to pizza). Eco's novel revolves around three employees at a publishing company who decide to create their very own conspiracy theory, basing it on all the crazed manuscripts that cross their desks every day, taking a little from here and a little from there the Illuminati, the Knights Templar, etc etc until other conspiracy theorists believe that the fake conspiracy is a real one, with dire consequences.
Sound familiar?
So here is my contribution to Pizzagate: it's a conspiracy by the alt-right to suppress small business, performance art, tasty pizza and other fine Italian foods, and to replace it with a global network of factories that produce a substance that tastes like cardboard in order to prepare the sheeple for the day that all food will be made from wood pulp, high fructose bodily fluids, and fecal by-products, thus rendering resistance (and intelligence) futile.
And the joke's on them, because wood pulp, bodily fluids and fecal by-products are what all of us Satanists use during our performance art/occult rituals in the basement of C Street Center in Washington, D.C.
You want anchovies on that?
And there is a whole lot of smoke:

Quote:When John Podesta's emails were recently found to contain an inordinate number of references to "pasta" and "pizza," it should have alarmed every American. It certainly should have alarmed some of our crack "journalists" in the mainstream media. "Pasta" and "Pizza" are long rumored to be code words for sex with children, and as someone who covered the Franklin Credit and other child sex scandals in my book, I know how common this ugly perversion is among the rich and powerful.[/FONT]To cite a particular example from Podesta's emails, consider how one of his friends was strangely concerned about a handkerchief which "has a map that seems pizza-related," that had been left at a property. How can a map possibly be "pizza-related?" A disturbing photograph of two women and a little girl with pizza was sent to John Podesta, to which he replied, "It doesn't get any better than this." The women just happened to be reporters Laura Ling and Euna Lee, who'd been arrested in North Korea while investigating child trafficking. Shangrli-La Entertainment's Steve Bing sent his private jet to pick up the two women, and none other than Bill Clinton flew back with them to the United States. You can't make this stuff up.[/FONT]
John Podesta's brother Tony is perhaps even creepier than he is. In one of Tony's emails, he makes the curious statement, "Would love to get pizza for over an hour." If that isn't some kind of code, what is it? The email about the "pizza-related" map was sent by someone with the Sandler Foundation, which pays the very wealthy Tony Podesta some $7,000 per month.[/FONT]
The number of references in these emails to "pasta" and "pizza" is utterly staggering. These are One Percenters- they don't eat like the common riff-raff. Do these elitists really hold that many pizza parties? And why always use the generic term "pasta," instead of specifying which type of pasta dish? If you're inviting someone for dinner, wouldn't you say something more descriptive, like spaghetti or lasagna, instead of just "pasta?"[/FONT]
Instead of attracting the interest of erstwhile Lois Lanes in newsrooms all over the country, "Pizzagate" was "debunked" by the likes of The Washington Post, The New York Times, online establishment bodyguard Snopes and even Scott Adams of Dilbert fame. Adams admitted there was a "mountain of evidence" in the case, but attributed it to "confirmation bias." Some of us, of course, would attribute the failure to accept such lurid allegations, by Adams or anyone else, to "normalcy bias." The Washington Post kindly reminded us that "fake news hurts real people." The normally feisty internet site Reddit banned all further discussions on the subject.[/FONT]
The whole "fake news" mantra threatens to supplant longtime establishment favorite "conspiracy theory" as the top means of discrediting the questioning of authorities. The "real people" the Post was so concerned about referred to James Achilles Alefantis, owner of the pizza parlor in question, Washington D.C.'s Comet Ping Pong. Alefantis is the former boyfriend of one of the mainstream media's most reliable "journalists," David Brock.[/FONT]
Comet Ping Pong was described by New York Magazine's David Sax as "a hipster-heavy pizza parlor in the Upper Northwest with rough concrete walls, bathrooms hidden behind secret panels, and table tennis galore." Hidden bathrooms? Doesn't quite seem to fit in with a "kid friendly" restaurant. Alefantis' Instagram account contained some disturbing posts (and comments). In one case, he called a picture of an infant a "hotard," or combination whore and retard. In a truly appalling photograph, a very little girl was shown with her hands fastened to a table with masking tape.[/FONT]
In another Instagram picture, the bartender at "family friendly" Comet Ping Pong shared an image of a couple in the "69" sex position, nestled on top of a slice of pizza. Alefantis also posted lovely photos of a man french kissing an apparently dead dog, and a closeup of the eye of a dead pig. In a frightening image, Alefantis shared a photo of a large empty room, and the comments included one which said simply, "#killroom," and a reply from Alefantis himself of "#murder." Another comment mentioned "washing the room out." According to some sources, this depraved businessman is the 49th most powerful person in Washington, D.C.[/FONT]
Marina Abramovic, who runs in the same circles as the Podestas, also made headlines recently with her "spirit cooking." This "cooking" is related to the philosophy of satanist Aleister Crowley, and involves the use of menstrual blood, urine and sperm in the recipe. In a truly troublesome photo that graced the cover of Dust magazine, Abramovic was pictured with her hand covering the eyes of a small shirtless boy.[/FONT]
A screenshot of John Podesta in his office being interviewed revealed a frightening painting on the wall, depicting a man about to eat another. Tony Podesta's home features a bizarre sculpture of a man bent over backwards, in a position identical to the way serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer posed one of his victims. There is also a seeming cage beneath their stairway, photos on the wall taken by Katy Grannan, "known for documentary-style pictures of naked teenagers," and an excavated basement where they show "very complicated video pieces" on all four walls.[/FONT]
Alefantis also posted strange pictures of construction being done somewhere in his establishment. On one picture, which showed a large hole being dug at Comet Ping Pong, both Alefantis and others issued suspicious comments about "filling it" and having "lineups" there, while one joked that his hole "has been full for quite some time now." The commentator referenced earlier, who responded to Alefantis' picture of an empty room with "#killroom," appears to regularly construct child-sized coffins, judging by his own Instagram account. There are, of course, different ways of interpreting these remarks, and these pictures, but the pattern is clear and cannot help but lead to frightening kinds of speculation.[/FONT]
Internet researchers- certainly no professional journalists- have discovered that James Alefantis never filed for a construction permit for the mysterious "holes" he shared photographs of on Instagram. They've also done some interesting work in tying the extensive system of underground tunnels in the same area together. The rabbit hole goes very deep here- with photos of the likes of John Podesta, Barack Obama and George W. Bush with a band aid on their left middle fingers, which connects to the legend of Hiram Abiff and the murky world of the Freemasons.[/FONT]
The late Dave McGowan wrote a terrifying series about the worldwide child sex trade, called "The Pedophocracy." I devoted a chapter to this lurid subject in my book Hidden History. We know that this ugly predilection exists, and that it exists disproportionately among the rich and powerful. Child prostitution was rampant in upstanding Victorian London for instance, and there, as has been the case wherever they existed, they cost more than adults. Thus, only the wealthy could afford them.[/FONT]
What are we confronting here? The recent Wikileaks disclosures seem to hint at a secret elite interest in cannibalism, of all things. This takes the corruption well beyond pedophilia. The artwork the Podestas of the world possess, and their boldness in hinting of such depravity online, seem to provide textbook examples of the popular phrase "hiding in plain sight."[/FONT]
Of all the subjects I've researched, none is more frightening than this one. None illustrates more clearly the extent of the corruption, and indeed the evil which good and decent people are confronted with here. Normalcy bias is very potent, and prevents most human beings from accepting such a diabolical reality.[/FONT]
Could there be an innocent explanation for all this? Well, it's not entirely impossible. It's also not entirely impossible that the most powerful men in America get together every summer in the mountains of California to worship a giant owl and conduct occult-tinged ceremonies, as an innocent means of relieving stress. Maybe this is all just innocent fun, that the unwashed masses can't relate to.[/FONT]
Maybe the Podestas just have wildly eclectic tastes in artwork. Maybe James Alefantis is just one of those "real people" who have been slandered by false allegations. Fake news and all that. Wealth tends to breed eccentricity, so perhaps this is all beyond the comprehension of those who aren't wealthy.[/FONT]
Pizza is probably my favorite food, and sometimes a pizza is just a pizza. But where there is this much smoke, there has to be some fire.[/FONT]

Levenda's really, really stretching when he connects Papa John's to Pope Joan, I think. In the same way, oddly enough, that he finger points at others for stretching words like "pizza" and "pasta" to find a paedophile connection to Pizzagate. Which is odd. Or is it? I find it bemusing anyway.

But most of all the question I ask is why his apparent anger that his post contains, finishing with: "grow the f*** up"? It's curious and suggests that it's a subject that is close to heart. It is, I believe.

For example, it was, for me, totally evident from reading his book The Dark Lord that Levenda not only practises occult rituals that employ the use of semen, menstrual blood etc., but also believes the use of these techniques empower the ritual magician with a sudden jolt of energy collected (and focused) from others present at the ceremony, and that this energy can be used to propel him/her into the a different state of consciousness/reality. So perhaps one might argue that the subject of the spirit cooking reference is a bit close for comfort.

And although I am yet to be convinced about Pizzagate - why should it be unrealistic to suggest that an international paedophile group operates through an international pizza franchise? If we recall the major drug bust of the late 1980's where the Sicilian mafia used pizza parlours in the US as distribution centres for tons of heroin and cocaine (HERE)? Lastly, let's not forget that Aleister Crowley himself was addicted to drugs and commonly used cocaine and morphine. He also once hinted an murdering a young boy (I have posted about this previously on this forum) in order to get that sudden jolt of energy discussed above.

In closing, I thought Don Jeffries arguments above are thought provoking and suggestive. Anyone who cares to read Joel van der Reijden's Beyond the Dutroux Network essays and also La Nebuleuse, I thinkthey will come away noting some uncomfortable parallels - rooms hidden behind walls to confine kidnapped children for use and sale, basement prisons, child murder - not to forget the "hunting parties" on large private estates in Belgium owned by very well connected people to Belgium's elite and royal court - where the "hunted" were young children running for their lives and who, if captured, were murdered, sometimes by another child forced to pull a trigger - for the purpose of psychological conditioning.

While I agree with Levenda that the hysteria that is attached to Pizzagate is entirely inappropriate, nor is it a matter that should be peremptorily rejected, made fun of or argued out of sight.
It is now being represented [by many] as one of the 'false-news' stories put out during the election. I find this very likely. You can find the evidence for this on the internet and judge for yourself.
Peter Lemkin Wrote:It is now being represented [by many] as one of the 'false-news' stories put out during the election. I find this very likely. You can find the evidence for this on the internet and judge for yourself.

I have no real idea if the story has any substance, or not. However, I do find Don Jeffries arguments worthy of serious consideration, and he clearly has looked at the story carefully.

More than anything else, given the way any story of organized paedophilia arises that has connections to government and elite personalities, it quickly gets rubbished. Or, like the British child sex inquiry, gets endlessly kicked down the road until it fades from the public mind.

In the case of the latter, three judges appointed by Theresa May in her prior berth as Home Secretary have been forced to resign. The first two because they had social connections to some of those the inquiry would investigate. No hint of recusing themselves when asked for their agreement to the appointment, mind you.

In the 3rd case, an "independent" judge from New Zealand, she resigned after conflicts with the senior government barrister. We are now waiting the appointment of the 4th judge for the inquiry. Meanwhile, at least one major child charity had announced that it no longer has any faith in the inquiry (why would it?) and will, therefore, no longer participate.

In the interim the media concentrated their focus of TV personalities and we saw a number prosecuted. Some very unfairly. Can one argue deflection? A media circus to keep the real criminality inside Parliament from deep scrutiny.

If there is even a slim chance that organized paedo groups are involved in a Pizzagate setup, then surely we must do what we can to insist it be properly investigated? The problem, of course, as I referenced above, is who can you trust to do the investigating? The police, the media? Colour me cynical but I have little faith left in these institutions.
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