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Lauren Johnson Wrote:
David Guyatt Wrote:
Dawn Meredith Wrote:
Anthony Thorne Wrote:George Soros donated $11,600 to Comet Pizza in 2014. I hope he got his money's worth.

Now why the hell would he donate that kind of money to a little pizza shop? I have long wondered if the whole Russian hacking fake story was not quickly contrived to digress from the pizzagate issue.

I did a whole FB dump on Pizzagate yesterday, Dawn. Yesterday was the first time I looked at it propely and I'll try and get around sometime to placing the dump here too.

I'm now reasonably certain that Pizzagate is a substantial story as far as one or both Podesta's go. One or both are interested in Crowleyian style sexual magic-cum-dark occult practises via their friendship with the witch, Marina Abramovich. It is not unusual for paedophilia to be part of certain occult ritual, especially prepubescent boys. Aleister Crowley spoke quite clearly about this in one of Liber's (which I earlier posted about here at DPF).

Below is a picture of James Alefantis, the owner of Comet Pizza, with two gay friends. Alefantis is wearing a T shirt that proclaims (in French) "I love children".

[Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=8895&stc=1]

I don't expect any law enforcement investigation to take place anytime soon, if ever. This is a blackmail subject par excellence.

David, I went to your FB page and saw nothing on Pizzagate!

I just checked and it's still there Lauren. Go to my wall for 19 January @14:28 with the title "I will be sacrificing a chicken in my backyard to Moloch" and follow on down from there. In that one post are well over 20 additional posts (as "replies").

It was this one email above, about sacrificing a chicken to Moloch, that actually caught my attention really, because of the inclusion of the name "Moloch", which you'll probably remember is the Owl god venerated at the annual Bohemian Grove get together's that feature a massive occult drama ceremony of sacrifice - which I've covered on this forum briefly before. Moloch was an ancient god worshipped by the Canaanites who made votive sacrifices to, not uncommonly burning their boy children to death. There are various Biblical scholars who confirm this - and that alone should, for me, raise massive flags; why does the California sister organization of the Order of the Skull and Bones (i.e. the Bohemian Grove) have a 30-40 foot Moloch owl overseeing an occult charged sacrificial ritual fire ceremony that includes a death scream - known as the "Cremation of Care" ceremony - that is attended by the great and the good of the US business and political elite? If this happened almost anywhere else in the world the media would be all over it. But they more or less ignore it.

Be that as it it may, in the above FB post I've also stepped back in time to cover a video by John DeCamp about the Franklin cover up and also a suppressed Yorkshire TV documentary video from circa 1996 (I think) that was due to be broadcast in the UK and, I believe in the US on CNN, but got pulled at the last minute. I was sent a copy of this documentary privately after the programme was pulled, but I think it got lost when I moved - so it was good to see that it's now available on Youtube. Anyway, although not a good quality copy it is important because it is also on the Franklin story but has a sequence where former CIA director, Bill Colby appears - thus quite telling givent the subject matter. It is also quite important, I think, that DeCamp states on the record that Colby advised him quite strongly to back away from his investigation; that it was very dangerous, that it could result in his (DeCamp's) death and that of his family. Maybe it led to Colby's death? Who knows. But he died in highly mysterious circumstances 2 years after the Yorkshire TV documentary was pulled.

PS, it is worth mentioning in regard to the above DNC email that the usage of the word "chicken" appears to be a simple abbreviation of paedophile usage of "Chicken Hawk", which is slang for an older gay man who chases after younger men" usually those under the age of legal consent. There is what looks to have been a very good award winning 1994 documentary titled: Chicken Hawk: Men Who Love Boys" which profiles pederasty of the North American Man/Boy Love Organization (HERE). The Chicken Hawk doco is available on Youtube HERE.
Archive of Pizzagate research and evidence (long).

Luke Kuhn, the member of the group busted this week by Project Veritas for preparing to obstruct the Trump inauguration in various illegal ways, met at least once with that group at Comet Pizza. Read up stories about Kuhn and he was also writing supportive NAMBLA-style missives to adult/underage 'relationships' in the 90's. Quite a guy to be working on covert disruption ops for the anyone-but-Trump crowd.

I took the Wikileaks Pizzagate tweet this week -

to be a reminder to the powers-that-be in the US that they should be mindful of Pizzagate's provenance while Assange was preparing to walk into the lion's den.
Anthony Thorne Wrote:Archive of Pizzagate research and evidence (long).

Luke Kuhn, the member of the group busted this week by Project Veritas for preparing to obstruct the Trump inauguration in various illegal ways, met at least once with that group at Comet Pizza. Read up stories about Kuhn and he was also writing supportive NAMBLA-style missives to adult/underage 'relationships' in the 90's. Quite a guy to be working on covert disruption ops for the anyone-but-Trump crowd.

I took the Wikileaks Pizzagate tweet this week -

to be a reminder to the powers-that-be in the US that they should be mindful of Pizzagate's provenance while Assange was preparing to walk into the lion's den.

I also looked at the Voat executive summary too, Anthony. Sadly, some of the links are no longer working. MY cyniscism concludes this proably is an exercise in disappearing evidence.

One things I haven't been able to establish with any certainty yet, is verifying the so called "food code" is genuine paedophile street slang, although I can see that "cheese pizza" appears in the Urban Dictionary (HERE) and that there are really quite unpleasant variants shown HERE. And then there is this fairly graphic sex-pizza image, apparently posted by an employee of Comet PIzza, HERE. But it is the other food codes (below) that I still need to verify, so if anyone can help with that I'de be grateful

[Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=8897&stc=1]

Below is the banned Discovery of Silence documentary commissioned for Yorkshire TV and Discovery Channel (not CNN as I said earlier):

This film was made at a time when proper journalistic standards were still expected and upheld.

Below is a brief John DeCamp Youtube clip where he discusses what CIA director William Colby told him:

David Seaman offers screenshots of a story detailing FBI arrests at an orphanage in Ohio.

Much more disturbing - rumours of someone hacking into the password protected section of the Comet Pizza site lead to this video. This video is non explicit - you can't see what's going on at all, nor recognise any figures or people - but it's not work safe. The audio is extremely distressing. An audio comparison is provided at the end of the clip. The man yelling at the kids does sound like Podesta.

Words fail me. That clip is nightmarish.

EDIT: A second clip, just as bad. Again, the visuals are indecipherable, but the audio is horribly upsetting.

From a Youtube comment -

Quote:the same man in question is screaming at a child who screams back: "SKIPPPY!"
"Skippy" is john podesta's evil alter-ego as per these wikileaks emails: [/COLOR]

If there are any good figures in law enforcement who have the discretion and authority to do what they need to do, people are going to go down over this. No wonder the deep state is frantically trying to fight back right now.
It's horrible Anthony, I agree. And it does sound like Podesta. So few people are taking this story seriously. It bothers me. A lot.
David Guyatt Wrote:It's horrible Anthony, I agree. And it does sound like Podesta. So few people are taking this story seriously. It bothers me. A lot.

I'm just sick. I couldn't watch the second video.
FWIW: An interview with an alleged DHS insider

Quote:Q. So, in the Intelligence community, how chaotic is the atmosphere now?A. In my 34 years of Governmental service, I have never seen anything like it. It's the bifurcation of the entire intelligence apparatus.
Q. It seems the intel community has it in for Trump is this your feeling?
A. There are many Trump supporters within the FBI. The CIA, however, is against Trump because Trump threatens to ruin their game in the middle east.
Q. Can you elaborate?
A. CIA and Mossad work in tandem with British intel. The goal for the CIA was to replace Assad with a puppet and to topple Iran so we could access their oil. Israel works closely with it's "sister", Saudi Arabia, to help this dark cause.
Q. So it seems like the intel community has it in for Trump. How can he protect himself?
A. Trump has a tremendous opportunity here, but needs to circle wagons. The travel ban included 7 countries chosen by both Jared Kushner and Rudy. Why did it not include Saudi Arabia, or Pakistan, or Turkey or other countries that hate us? The seven nations mentioned were chosen by Israel, that's why. And the unspoken alliance of Israel and Saudi Arabia should be exposed. They are brother and sister. Jared Kushner needs to be careful with what he says and to whom. But, the biggest thing Trump can do is expose PedoGate via Sessions. Big names will go down hard, and it gets the blood suckers drained from the swamp. There are as many pedophiles on the Republican side as there is with democrats, but Trump is in a unique position to truly "clean up Dodge", so to speak. I can tell you that what is in Anthony Weiner's hard drive, and what videos exist via Jeffery Epstein, WILL BRING massive arrests in time. Trump's legacy could be truly great if he was to purge the CIA, stop the extortion, prosecute the pedophiles and reinstate the death penalty for pedo's convicted a second time. Pedogate is his path to greatness.
Q. How does Russia fit into all this?
A. The CIA and Israel are responsible for the creation of Isis. Isis was created specifically to weaken Iran and destabilize Syria. It worked for awhile until Putin shored up Assad and bolstered Iranian Qud forces. The real reason you see such anti-Russian fever from both Schumer and McCain, Graham and Feinstein, is because the operation has blown up in our faces.
Q. Is Israel behind the anti Russian sentiment?
A. Yes. Israeli intelligence is furious with Trump, and will do anything to keep Trump from working with Putin. Understand that if Trump and Putin work together to defeat Isis, they are actually defeating a CIA/Mossad creation, and furthermore, Syria and Iran grow stronger, which the Saudis and the Israeli's fear. Their goal was to divide Syria and ultimately destroy Iran's regime. It is not just an oil grab, but a much bigger attempt at moving the chess pieces to allow Israel and Saudi Arabia to dominate the entire Middle East.
Q. So they demonize Putin and try to tarnish the Trump administration?
A. The Deep State is at war with both Trump and Putin. Understand that when Israeli intelligence hears "America first" from Trump, they go apeshit. Israel has bribed, extorted and intimidated our politicians for decades and suddenly this upstart billionaire threatens to ruin everything.
Q. You mention the word extort. Does that relate to Pizzagate?
A. PedoGate is only a modern term associated with a long history of Pedo-blackmail connected to both Israel and the Intel community. There is a full court press to stop PedoGate from being looked at because if people knew the true motives behind the pedophilia epidemic, they would do more than march on Washington. They could actually seed a revolution, with the spark coming from decent American parents who want to protect their kids. Our politicians are compromised. The senior analyst nicknamed "FBI Anon" alluded to this in his exchange with folks on 4chan and with you.
Q. What do you mean compromised?
A. Do you notice 2 central themes running through the MSM lately? Those themes are "Fear the Russians" and "#PizzaGate is fake news". Both tropes come from the same place.
Q. Can you explain?
A. How do we exert power? Via fear. Do you ever wonder why both Democrats and Republicans fall all over themselves to kiss up to Israel? Odd, since Israel is the size of Rhode Island… The fact is, many of our politicians on both sides have been compromised by CIA and Mossad for years. It's actually not admiration they are expressing for Israel, but fear. Notice Lindsay Graham and Chuck Schumer repeating the same salute when it comes to Israel. How does that even happen? The American people are finally seeing that there is no two-party system, but one big shadow Government pretending we have political dichotomy.
Q. So PedoGate is real and "they" have to get Americans to disbelieve it?
A. Let me explain how threatening PedoGate is… Who wins? Trump. Putin. Americans. Russians. The world…. Who loses? Israel, since they no longer can blackmail our politicians, the same goes for the CIA. The Shadow Government loses. But, the people win.
Q. Can you give me specific instances of politicians being compromised by Israel?
A. Sure. Lolita Island. Jeffery Epstein, a billionaire convicted of pedophilia received a soft sentence. His island was rigged with video recorders. Many politicians have been compromised. It was a Mossad/CIA operation. Contact ex-senior CIA CCS, Robert David Steele. Bob knows and has even spoken about this with numerous reporters.
Q. So an ex-CIA senior agent named Robert Steele is on record saying Epstein's island was a honey trap to lure our most powerful politicians into a extortion scheme?A. Yes. There are videos of some of the most powerful players in the most humiliating positions. If this gets out, not only are the politicians ruined, but the extortion game is over and suddenly, the influence CIA and Mossad wield over Washington, is gone.
Q. Wow ! Now its all making sense.
A. Yes. lets continue this conversation later.

The interview resumes
Q. So I checked out Robert David Steele, and he mentions Chuck Schumer being on Lolita Island. So does FBI anon. Is that why Schumer is targeting Trump's cabinet picks?
A. Connect the dots.
Q. How many other politicians have been secretly extorted?
A. One in three, roughly. It's not just the Island, its all of their activities. The reason #Pedogate terrifies the media, the CIA, the Israel Lobby, is because they are all part of this "shadow swamp"
Q. Former CIA agent, Robert Steele, says Mossad operated Lolita Island and CIA worked with them. That's treason on all levels.
A. Yes, and its espionage. Just as these leaks from the intel community regarding Flynn. I expect that at some later moment, Trump will leak some of these videos
Q. Wait. Trump has videos of politicians in delicate" situations?
A. No, But the Intel community has them, and Trump has strong support among certain players in the community. Trump has said he wants to "throw a spotlight on the cockroaches".
Q. But Trump just met with Netanyahu and pledged the usual unbreakable bond with Israel.
A. Theatre. Netanyahu is desperate to both play Trump into attacking Syria,and hate Putin, and to convince him PedoGate is a conspiracy theory.
Q. That is what Robert Steele says, as well. So, exposing the Pedophiles diminishes Israel's influence in American politics and also changes the map in a critical mass way?A. The same media screaming "The Russians are coming" is the same media who says "Pizzagate is fake news" That's CIA and Mossad talking points.
Q. How do social media giants like Facebook and Google fit in?
A. Facebook and CIA are literally the same petri-dish. Google became a Deep State organ courtesy of Eric Schmidt.
Q. Getting back to the Pedo stuff, FBI anon said in July of last year, that the Clinton Foundation sold secrets to foreign nations. Did they also engage in PizzaGate?
A. There are videos of WJC that would destroy him. FBI anon leaked weeks ago, on purpose. There was a reason.
Q. Ok, FBI anon gave Schumers initials, and Barnet Frank and others, but so far we have only seen low level arrests.
A . FBI anon did a "bank shot". That's a pool hall term we use. Ask Bob about it. FBI Anon rattled their cages as other DHS and local authorities rounded up all sorts of street-level human traffickers. The big arrests will come in time, but first the small fish are interrogated, and provide information that leads to larger fish. FBI Anon was firing a shot across the bow, much like you shake a beehive to infuriate the bees. Notice how blatantly hostile McCain, Schumer, Graham, and others are? It was what we call a "targeted trigger".It worked. By long-kniving Flynn, they exposed their hand. Now, Trump has full executive powers to investigate the CIA and Mossad. Notice how there is sound and fury about "Russian influence" and utter silence on "Mossad" influence in our power structure?When FBI anon leaked in early July, the whole idea was to expose the Clinton Foundation,and to hint at the sale of "people" i.e. Pedogate. Look back at his exchange on 4chan. He is a gifted analyst, and knows just what stone to throw at Goliath's noggin. By triggering the shadow Government, he helps citizen journalists ask the right questions and follow the right breadcrumbs, not the rabbit holes the Elite scum want you to follow.Now, PedoGate victims are speaking out on their experiences! You just had a story on some lady who went through having her family abused by California-Deep-State-sponsored terrorism. If folks knew that CPS in California is tied into a huge racket that kidnaps children from parents, they would realize just how sick this is. Foster homes, CPS, etc… all get paid well to jail parents and then snatch their kids away. These kids suffer abuse, and perpetuate the growing cancer called pedogate. Politicians who have pedophile tendencies are groomed for power, because they can be later extorted and controlled. Meanwhile, victims have no voice- until now. Suddenly, we have citizen journalism, and it will end up saving the people, in the end.I have to go, but please contact Robert David Steele, the former CIA agent we discussed. I am sure he would appear on your channel. You are providing a real service to the people and we hope you will continue to speak up for the regular folks who are concerned, rightfully, as to the state of our nation. Take care
I'm posting this clip specifically because of Hilary's gloating tweet after Flynn's resignation relating to his earlier text that said

Quote:NYPD blows whistle on Hilarys' New emails: money laundering, sex crimes w children, etc... MUST READ

The TruePundit story Flynn reference is HERE.

Hilary's gloating tweet says (see @ 1:55 below)

Quote: Dear Mike Flynn and Mike Flynn Jr. What goes around COMETS around. And given your pizza obsession: "

How very peculiar this affair is given their respective levels in the Washington hierarchy.

The Department of Homeland Security and ICE released a promotional video on the subject of human trafficking some weeks ago, as part of its Blue Campaign. I've linked it below. A few people have re-uploaded it, hence the low view count for this clip.

The opening narration of the video says

"The signs are everywhere. Sometimes you just have to take a second look."

Check the partially obscured text on the wall to the right side of the girl's head in the first shot, and how the camera pans to reveal it. Notice the end of the second shot lingering just a extra few frames in the edit on the storefront as the man walks frame-left. And then notice the item the actor is carrying as he walks out of the store in the third shot, and turns to look back at the girl. The video is about human trafficking, not simple prostitution, and trafficking implies people out of view doing something nefarious. The third shot shows that the next storefront down is closed with a metal security door, and the street has no other people walking on it, with no other open doors. So the storefront that we see was apparently someone's idea of a plausible location for a young victim of human trafficking waiting for her client, and we're presumably meant to suspect that the people who put her there are in that store.

The Trump campaign released a promotional video for their social media initiatives a few months before the election, which featured a voter scrolling through Facebook posts. Reddit users gleefully pointed out a couple of carefully inserted images in the ad, including the notorious Pepe the frog meme (later name-checked by the Clinton campaign) at the top of the Facebook feed onscreen just before the posts were scrolled out of view. So the Trump team are not unfamiliar with using subliminal imagery in their commercials. For whatever purpose, I think that's been done again here.
Here's more on the video.

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