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Full Version: They Are Coming For the Internet
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Telecommunication industry is drooling over the promise of a two-tiered internet.

How Donald Trump could dismantle net neutrality and the rest of Obama's Internet legacy

"Net neutrality has a big target on its back," said Robert Kaminski, a telecom analyst at Capital Alpha Partners.


How was the 2016 election stolen?

Trump turned the campaign into Reality TV and cable news made so much money they wanted him to win so they'd get four more years of high profits.

CNN gave three times more coverage to Clinton's e-mails than they did her policy proposals.

Comey's Treason Letter allowed the MSM to take the focus off Trump's tax returns and pussy grabbing and the last 11 days of the election focused on e-mails.

It's amazing Clinton still won the popular vote!

So after the fascist take-over of cable news, they are emboldened to take over the internet.