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Full Version: Police Lady has Bosom
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TOP COP BUST UP Senior police officer bared breasts at younger colleague' and said: You're judged on size of your t*ts!' -

Assistant Chief Constable Rebekah Sutcliffe, 47, - who had been drinking wine - confronted Supt Sarah Jackson at the bar during a major policing conference and condemned her having a 'tit job', it was said - BY SARAH RIDLEY 29th November 2016, 4:02 pm

TOP cop Rebekah Sutcliffe told a colleague who she accused of having a boob job that she was a "laughing stock" and judged on the size of her breasts, a *disciplinary panel heard.
The boozed-up Assistant Chief Constable let rip at Supt Sarah Jackson during a three-day Senior Women in Policing conference at a posh hotel last May, it was said.
Superintendent Sarah Jackson was called a laughing stock' by a colleague who thought she had had breast enlargement surgery
Assistant Chief Constable Rebekah Sutcliffe flashed her breasts' to her younger colleague while drunk, telling her this was what natural breasts should look like
She declared her junior officer's supposed breast enhancement *surgery was "pandering" to men.
And, proudly pulling down her dress to expose her own left boob, she said: "These are the breasts of someone who's had three children.
"They are ugly but I don't feel the need to pump myself full of *silicone to get self-esteem.
Ass Ch Con Rebekah Sutcliffe of Greater Manchester Police who has been accused of misconduct after she was accused of flashing her breasts at Supt Jackson during a police function in Manchester .
Sutcliffe told Jackson it no longer mattered what kind of work she did, she would only be judged based on her physical appearance
"It does not matter how hard you work now because you will always be known as the girl who had the t*t job."
Etc. etc.

This is just what I've been saying for ages, almost verbatim. It's like this fake news' thing it must've been 10 or 15yrs ago that I'd long & boringly lectured to anyone who's escape route I could bar, that so much for the information age' it's more like a new Dark Age, then post truth' comes along & the Pope votes for the Donald J Trump, like a twat.

Something rather nice about the cheeky reveal of a left bosom - my favourite bosom. And something very reassuring in this tale.

Sadly, no pictures.