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Full Version: Blood and Honour (sic) International Neo-Nazi Network Messages and Passwords Data Base
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Blood and Honour is an international neo-Nazi white-power network built around a musical promotion front. It was founded in the UK during the 1980s. Germany and Spain banned the group's national chapters 2001 and 2005, respectively.
This leak presents the private messages sent from user to user on the groups site
It also presents the usernames, password hashes and, where possible, the passwords themselves.
A Canadian example of one of the groups public events:
A British example:
Apparently in response to this leak, the site now reads: "Blood and Honour returning very soon..... We will NOT be Beaten!!!!!!!!!!!".
The dumped messages are presented as a database dump which is quite wide and has a number of columns.
The references to "88" are Heil Hitler (H is the eight letter of the latin alphabet). Similarly references to "28" are Blood and Honour, and "828" is code for Heil Blood and Honour.
Private messages are in a number of different language, including English, French and Romanian.
The database dump contains a number of fields, the interesting ones are "Message text", "Subject" and "IP". Scroll right to see these.