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Full Version: Eagle and Swastika: CIA and Nazi War Criminals and Collaborators
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A CIA working paper declassified and released 2007. I couldn't get it to Upload even though it is well below the file size limit.

EDIT: changed "download" to Upload
Downloaded for me fine. Lauren.
David Guyatt Wrote:Downloaded for me fine. Lauren.

I misspoke. I meant I couldn't Upload it to DPF.
I think there is a limit even though I have tried to maximise it.
I can read it without problem in my pdf reader. Try another pdf reader - there are many. Adobe are the best, but sometimes not free, depending on your OS. It is a strange document with a lot of the footnotes redacted. A lot is missing as far as analysis of 'interesting' Nazis who worked with the CIA. A few that are well known are covered. Objective it is not very. Most interesting is how this CIA cleared and invited historian stated clearly that some files he requested were denied him....those would be THE ONES to write about!