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Full Version: SECRETS, SPIES AND 7/7 author Tom Secker on the Manchester bombing.
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An angry piece by Tom Secker on the Manchester bombing. It raises a number of disquieting questions about the official narrative.
A FB comment on the London Bridge terrorist attack by Kurt Richard Haskell.

Quote:1. Obtain a van and a few Muslim crisis actors from an intelligence agency.
2. Create fake bombs for them to wear.
3. Obtain BBC reporters and place them at the scene to tell a fake narrative.
4. Place crisis actors on London bridge to act injured In the darkness of night.
5. Secure the scene so that no pictures and video can be taken.
6. Instruct the Muslim crisis actors to run around with knives and act like they're injuring other crisis actors.
7. Have the police fire blanks and set off bombs in order to create more fear.
8. Tell people to run in order to create photo ops.
9. Have the police present at the scene just as the event takes place.
10. Order the police to fire blanks at the Muslim crisis actors and tell them to play dead after the scene takes place.
11. Have the BBC reporter take a picture of a Muslim crisis actor with a fake bomb playing dead.
12. Suspend election.

RE 12: More likely the "terror attack" was staged to provide cover for a theft of the election (the people come to their senses). imo.