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Full Version: Vietnam Declassified: Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon
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This is an adaptation from my talk at the Future of Freedom conference in Virginia last weekend. Its a comparative analysis of how America's greatest foreign policy disaster of the 20th century was created. It features the latest declassified documents, tapes and phone calls that I could find. It really illustrates the difference between these three presidents. And it traces Nixon back to 1954 on Vietnam. I have come to the conclusion that in some ways Nixon was even worse than Johnson on Vietnam.
Thanks Jim. I think the link should be

(Missed the 2017!)

Thanks Peter.
Thanks for posting this.

It will make it a lot easier to explain to people what actually happened rather than the versions of dogma that have been passed down.
I agree Bill, dogma of both the left and the right.

Its just a shame it took all those years to get it declassified.