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Full Version: Dick Gregory dies -- HR obit doesn't mention his important work on the JFK and King assassinations
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I posted this in response to the Washington Post obit of Dick Gregory:

Predictably, the CIA organ Washington Post slurs Dick Gregory as a "conspiracy theorist" for believing the Agency helped run cocaine into the US, which the CIA's own Inspector General's report confirmed. And the Post also predictably ignores one of Gregory's major contributions to this country, his work in investigating and lecturing and writing on the JFK and King assassinations. The Post ought to be ashamed of itself.

Gregory with Robert Gordon on the Geraldo Rivera show in 1975 running the
Zapruder film for the first time on television, at least in America. This helped
lead to the formation of the HSCA.
I could not find any obits either that mentioned his work on the JFK and King cases.

He was also interested in the Malcolm X case. I know this for a fact since I did an hour long interview with him and Joe Madison when The Assassinations came out.

This guy sacrificed a lot of money to do what he did in the sixties. He could have become one of the biggest of all stand ups, but he decided to spend more and more time on the civil rights issues. ANd later with the assassinations, and still later with the CIA and cocaine.
Sad news. I think of Gregory as MUCH more of a political activist than a stand up comedian. I remember him speaking at many political rallies I attended and in interviews on TV and other media. Yes, he worked on and spoke out on the major assassinations and it should surprise no one that the MSM would just ignore that. I will try to find some videos of him speaking on things very political and post.
The NY Times predictably writes in its obit, "And he reveled in conspiracy theories, elaborating on them in language that could be enigmatic and circuitous. Hidden hands, Mr. Gregory insisted, were behind everything from a crack cocaine epidemic to the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2011; from the murders of President John F. Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy, the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and John Lennon to the plane crash that killed John F. Kennedy Jr. Whom to blame? 'Whoever the people are who control the system,' he told The Washington Post in 2000."
The Washington Post has already removed my comment (see it above). It
was the first one posted after the obit ran. The media
can't take criticism. Especially when the CIA-organ nature
of this particular newspaper is called to the readers' attention.

Published on Jan 29, 2012

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Paul Rigby Wrote:[video=youtube_share;1NZEHNSC2Q0][/video]

Malcolm X is one of my heroes, but he's wrong in disparaging Dick Gregory.
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