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Full Version: New Book On JFK and Who QJ/WIN might have been
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A Major Ganis USAF Ret. and Hank Albarelli are coming out with a new book on the JFK Assassination. It is titled QJ/WIN. I only know that he gives a lot more credence and evidence of Nazi involvement in the events of Dallas [remember the famous Mae Brussel piece entitled The Nazi Connection To The JFK Assassination]. He even seems to be ready to name QJ/WIN as Otto Skorzeny, Hitler's Special Secret Agent - who lived in Spain, secretly freed from prisoner of war camp by an American operation, most of his life. As I am working on other Nazi and American fascist connections to the JFK Assassination, I await the book with interest. I can find very little on Ganis and how he'd be in a position to know any of this. Albarelli's past books were nothing to sneeze at. Additionally, it is believed that Skorzeny did some assassinations for the Israelis, ironically - eliminating some of the many Nazi scientists working after the War in Egypt. In this rare interview Skorzeny says he worked some 'special missions' for the USA - but refuses to say anything about the missions.
It does look like Skorzeny on the cover. Thank you for the link, I'll be following this book and it's claims when it comes out. I didn't care for Albarelli's previous JFK book (although I gather it was barely a lead in to much longer research) but he is a very good writer.
Peter Lemkin Wrote:.....I can find very little on Ganis and how he'd be in a position to know any of this. ......

Quite a bit of recent background here,

Ganis explained the multiple connections with his family and the James family....

Recent Ganis "rodeo" does not seem to have been all that well received....

....and, from a 2015 thesis...



Submitted to the Graduate School at Appalachian State University in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of MASTER OF ARTS


new breed of amateur historian is trying to supersede all others with their conspiracy theories.60
Ralph P. Ganis published two books on the outlaw. One suggested that James was a
member of a pro-Confederate secret society, The Knights of the Golden Circle, and the other
claimed that he was involved with the Ku Klux Klan. Despite these propositions, much of
his work stems from research originally undertaken by Yeatman and other legitimate James
scholars. With such connections to legitimate history, Ganis's theories seem plausible to
many within the general public who enjoy the idea of great historical conspiracies.
Ganis's first book, Uncommon Men: A Secret Network of Jesse James Revealed
(2000), examined Jesse's life during his years in Tennessee following the Northfield disaster.
It focused primarily on relationships James developed with two North Carolina bootleggers,
Andrew Moorman Diggs, "Mome," and Lorenzo Merriman Little. The James brothers met these two while all four worked at a barrel factory in Nashville, Tennessee.61 Jesse, in
particular, befriended the bootleggers and carried out several operations with them that took the Missourian as far into North Carolina as Stanly and Anson counties.62 Much of this
information is a great addition to the research of scholars like Yeatman. However, Ganis


ruins much of it by then trying to connect the James brothers and Merriman Little to the Knights of the Golden Circle, with little evidence to support such claims.63

For his works, Ganis relied mostly on oral histories as his primary source material. In
his Preface, Ganis noted that oral history accounts are seen by most historians as unreliable,
but yet he chose to depend on them. On top of that, he gathered many of these accounts at a
family reunion to which he provide no documentation or transcriptions as to what he actually
heard. These oral histories connected with other skeptical material may work for Ganis, but
they do not do much substantiate his arguments to any trained scholar. Yet, they may seem highly plausible to the average person, and therefore his conspiracies become appealing.64
Ganis's other book, Desperate Measures: Jesse James and the Klan Battle of
Reconstruction (2007), does not do a much better job. He again relied on oral history
evidence to attempt to substantiate a connection between James and KKK members in North
Carolina. For an ex-Confederate guerrilla, such as Jesse James, to have friends in the KKK
is no surprise, but Ganis does not provide enough legitimate documentation to ultimately make James's relationship with the Klansmen as probable.65 Of this work, a reviewer argued


that the book began well in tracing its roots in history, but ultimately morphed its story into a fantasy.66
Those paragraphs criticise Ganis for relying on oral history too much. I doubt there's a lot of oral reminiscences from folk describing Skorzeny as JFK's assassin in the new book co-authored by Albarelli. They note it was written by

Quote:acquiring and translating previously unavailable documents, shared in this book

So, interesting links and good to know, but I'll wait and see with this one. Re-reading Peter Dale Scott's paragraphs on Skorzeny in his Transnationalised Repression paper, and Bill Kelly's essays referencing Valkyrie folk (though Skorzeny was obviously on the other side of that one), it seems possible, if not yet probable. Hopefully this one will be worth a read.
Skorzeny was an assassin and instructor for Operation Condor. He had his own Condor operation under the Reich. CIA and Mossad both used him for assassinations, among others. However, he was very tall. About 6' 4" or taller - and large, with a large scar on his hard to believe he personally was in the Plaza - but who knows, there were lots of shooters and he could have either hired them, or himself been in some building. QJ/WIN was always thought to be 'European' and most likely French - although this was never definite. I hear the book is delayed despite what the publisher's page says.

As far as Ganis, I don't see how someone writes a very weird history of Jesse James wins any points on the JFK Assassination. He also was not very high up in the USAF, so I don't think he's using first-hand knowledge, but again don't know until we see. Albarelli wouldn't help him out if he didn't think there was something 'there'. IMO.

Oh, and I have it on authority, that IS Skorzeny on the cover.
It is Skorzeny on the cover. The other one is Jean Rene Souetre so perhaps they are saying he was recruited as the assassin as there is the memo about him being in Dallas and Fort Worth on the day of the assassination where he claimed he was impersonated......Will be interested to read this one
Quote:It is Skorzeny on the cover. The other one is Jean Rene Souetre so perhaps they are saying he was recruited as the assassin

That seems like a possible scenario. I'd be curious if their documentation links Skorzeny, Souetre, Harvey and/or Dealey Plaza in any manner. I'm not expecting any memos with proof but to wring a book out of the trio and the event would take some new material.
I've spoken to someone who has read the MS of the book, but they declined to tell me anything of substance until the book is released. Soutre has LONG been implicated and was known to have been in Dallas that day, as well as having been a sharpshooter of note. I wonder how much the name of Willoughby comes up - he lived in Spain for quite some time [as did Skorzeny], both were out and out fascists, and I believe Willoughby may well have been Skorzeny's connection to MI and CIA, both. Skorzeny was known to have planned and staffed various assassinations [some for Condor, as well as others] for CIA and others. Willoughby kept in close contact with Dulles and H.L. Hunt, among others. He was the founder of WACL and was on the board of just about every ultra-right organization in the USA and many beyond until his death in the 70s. Willoughby's mother tongue was German, and he knew Skorzeny and other Nazis and fascists very well.
Albarelli and the AARC Library have released the opening chapter of the book. It looks of interest, but I hope the final version footnotes the various quotes and references. Maybe they're leaving that part for last.
Albarelli's earlier books contained references [in the manner I like least - notes by chapter, without number, at the end of the book], so let's hope this one does a lot of this is not simple-as-pie to know where it comes from.
A very interesting cast of characters. Some quite well known...others pieced together in a coherent way by HA and his co-writer [who's knowledge on this is still unknown]. I believe this book may change a LOT about how we view the level of the JFK assassination in which the 'desire' of the top level was made actionable and carried out. Just last night I was looking at the documents about Soutre being thrown out of Dallas late on the 22nd. As chance would have it, I've been studying Skorzeny on another matter - but not far off in time. I can tell you for sure, as Albarelli will surely document fully, Skorzeny was fully 'on board' with CIC/OSS/CIA soon after the War ended. His mysterious escape from prison was a gift by US forces, so he could be used - as they had long planned to...and use him they did. He was involved in many assassinations and government overthrows, secret ops, etc. throughout his life after the War....on behest of the CIA. He also maintained a very close relationship with the former top Nazis on both the 'East' and 'West' - in fact he was one of the only persons who could almost at will travel across the 'Iron Curtain' and regularly did. He was also very very close to Gehlen and his Org [which were, in turn, a creature of the CIA]. Allan Dulles had early and lengthy negotiations with both Skorzeny and Gehlen, directly and indirectly. Both Skorzeny, Gehlen [and their friends] besides working with US/Western intelligence also very much had their own separate [in part] agenda - saving the lives and moving lots of former high-level SS and other Reich luminaries and waiting to rebuild a 4th Reich [a come-back of fascism] when the time was right.