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Full Version: Dallas Conspiracy by Peter Dale Scott
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This book was never officially published by Scott out of fear of being sued for naming names. I have a copy back in the USA, but not here in Europe. Does anyone know of a place to download it online? Thanks. It has a lot of good information and was one of the better books of its time and still today. I was mostly circulated researcher to researcher as an unpublished manuscript. It was put into print, but not by Scott.
I've asked about this book numerous times, on numerous boards. In an Education Forum thread from years back I posted about how a couple of copies of the manuscript are listed in storage at various (US) University archives. Peter later mentioned this fact in one of his characteristically elegant footnotes. A few years ago I then was in contact with an (infamous) researcher who mentioned he had a copy lying around and would be happy to scan it. I contacted Peter - not wanting to go behind his back - and asked if he would be happy for me to put it online. Peter wrote back and said that he was 'ambivalent and undecided' about resurrecting it. He spoke to an old friend (and CC'ed me within the email conversation), and the consensus was to give it a shot. Peter agreed to have it put online, and asked if he could write a new introduction to the work, to which I of course happily agreed. Then the researcher who said he had a copy got back to me and said he couldn't locate it.

That's probably it until some researcher decides to scan it. If anyone had a copy and wanted to email me pictures of the pages from their iPhone on Facebook, I'd happily type the whole thing up. The University copies in storage in the US (locatable if you Google the specific search terms) may be available to US researchers through inter library loan. An American researcher I met at a recent Australian conference - he lives here, and remarkably, he's the same guy who wrote the original investigative articles in the 70's for an Oz magazine about CIA personnel down under, which led to Gough Whitlam raising the issue in Parliament, which led to Ted Shackley sending an alarmed message to ASIO about Whitlam being too indiscreet, which led to guess what for Whitlam - says he has a copy at his house, but he's in Newcastle, and I'm in Melbourne. He spoke very highly of Peter's work. Peter, a guy who played a role in the Whitlam dismissal really likes your stuff.

The wait continues. In the meantime I should go back and finish Peter's recent DALLAS '63, which looks at things from the other end of 40+ years of additional research.