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Full Version: Bill Turner on Garrison KPFA
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I have always said that we will never know what Garrison had in his files since so many were lost, pilfered or incinerated by Harry Connick.

There are things in this interview from late 1967 that I did not even know of. And I had Garrison's extant files.

Bill Turner did some good work on the JFK case and also the RFK Case.
Yet another interesting & insightful read from the good folks over at Kennedys & King (thanks for sharing, Mr. D).

Pretty sad day for America when the Free Press is replaced by hatchet men, shills, hacks and tools masquerading as journalist as they do the bidding of the deep state for thirty pieces of silver. LIFE Magazine's sullied attempt to drag a decent man, Jim Garrison (RIP), through the mud is so indicative of the same.

Rest In Peace, Mr. Garrison, an All-American Hero ---->

"Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed: everything else is public relations." -- George Orwell
Bill Turner was a source of great information on a lot of important things - and I miss greatly not being able to ask him questions. Hal Verb was also well versed on many things and also no longer available. Bill specifically helped me out on a lot of my research and pointed me in directions that were fruitful. Garrison was a giant in both senses of the word, even though his investigations were hampered, infiltrated with moles and worse, spied upon and thwarted from the top. It is very sad that so many of his files were destroyed one way or another; however, we have more than enough information to know he was on the right track and to date the only prosecutor to do so, or even try. I hope someday if our country ever comes to its senses and regains its morality and democracy, there will be a prominent statue of Garrison in D.C., as well as in N.O. He deserves no less.