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Full Version: The Mystery Of Allen Dulles' Appointment To The Warren Commission
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One of the enduring mysteries of the JFK case is this:

Just exactly HOW did Allen Dulles manage to get appointed to the Warren Commission? After all, Dulles and the Kennedys were bitter enemies, and this was a well-known fact. Most of know of Dulles' open disdain for Kennedy ("That little Kennedy, he thought he was a god."). And the fact that Dulles actively campaigned to even be on the Commission, when most of the other members had to have their arms nearly twisted off to serve, should have been a red flag, to say the least. And the oft-repeated lie that Robert Kennedy wanted Dulles there isn't worth discussing, except to say that such a canard is not only totally ludicrous, but insulting to the intelligence.

So - how DID Allen Dulles manage to get himself appointed to a body that was to investigate the brutal murder of a President who he despised, and the feeling from the other side was mutual?

I did some thinking. And for better or worse, I've decided to share my thinking with all of you.

First, it would take someone who was close to Dulles. Very close. A person of high influence in or just outside of the government. Someone who curried much favor in and out of official Washington. Maybe a former high government official.

Second - the person described above would also have to be someone whom President Johnson respected implicitly. Someone whom LBJ deeply respected and who shared much of his political mindset. Someone who was Establishment to the core, but who was outside of the government at that time.

And I think I have an idea who said person is. Someone who was close to both Allen Dulles AND LBJ. Shared most of the political views of both. And would have a vested interest in keeping the origins of the assassination concealed from the public.

And there is only ONE person who fits all of the above mentioned criteria.

And that person is - DEAN ACHESON.

The Secretary of State who invented the Domino Theory. And was vehemently opposed to JFK's handling of the Cold War. So much so that during the Cuban Missile Crisis, Acheson publically stated that the nation under JFK "lacked effective leadership". Who was so vocal in his dislike of Kennedy that Jackie Kennedy dressed him down in public for what he said. And who was VERY close to Allen Dulles. So much so that the Dulles brothers took Acheson's domino theory and expanded it throughout the 1950's, and it became de facto American foreign policy for decades afterwards. And a man whom LBJ deeply respected and conferred with on various foreign matters.

And if you've read Professor Donald Gibson's work on the formation of the Warren Commission, you know that Acheson was one of the primary behind-the-scenes motivators for the actual formation of the Commission.

Dean Acheson is the only person who fits all of the above criteria. And I believe that Dean Acheson is the primary reason that Allen Dulles ended up on the Warren Commission.

That is all.
Dulles was more than just an 'enemy' of JFK...he was one of the top plotters to kill JFK - and spent the days before with others away from his home overseeing the final operations. He then was placed in charge of the coverup. See book 'The Devil's Chessboard'.
And I totally understand that, Peter. Which explains why Dulles campaigned so hard to get on the Commission. I just think that Acheson helped grease the wheels with LBJ, so to speak.
And I also wonder whether Acheson didn't have some deeper involvement in the plot, besides pushing for the Commission behind the scenes, given his deep personal dislike/outright hatred of JFK and his foreign policy in particular. It might be a reason that Acheson's biographer wouldn't release some of Acheson's personal papers. Just a thought.