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Full Version: April 1, 1963 Exile Cuban Leaders restricted to DADE COUNTY - start of JFK hatred
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Stumbled across this "discussion" over the restriction of movement for the Cuban Exile leaders and by default everyone else...

Could this be the initial impetus for the Cuban anti-Castro groups hatred of JFK?

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Wow, this is really interesting David.

Is this a CIA memo?
Jim DiEugenio Wrote:Wow, this is really interesting David.

Is this a CIA memo?

Jim - having read the entire PDF, I believe the memo was indeed CIA.
yes Jim...
go to the link Note From Helms to McCone "Effects...." This only adds fuel to that first memo's fire... is an approval to SABOTAGE Cuban ships... yet the C/S comment is all sabotage is cancelled...

The reality of this is that without the CIA, the progress of JURE, DRE, etc... would be limited.... William Harvey directly disobeyed these orders and kept up the Cuban Pressure (probably with Hunt/Phillips helping)

The CIA remains optimistic... (does that look like Frank Sturgis?)


SNFE - 2nd National Front Escambray

Looking to move activity to within Cuba... yet with the ending of outside support...


If this is real, it points to major new evidence in the JFK case. I would have the following questions:

(1) Since there are still these Cubans alive, has anyone asked Antonio Veciana or others if this is real?

(2) What about Cuban leaders that were living in New Orleans and Dallas? Did they get restricted too?

(3) It looks like this would only apply to those on the CIA payroll, but was it to all members of the various groups?

(4) If Oswald was at a Cuban training site when he got the payoff from Clay Shaw in April, 1963, how could this ban have been honored at all?

(5) Could this order have been prompted by the White House hearing rumors of an anti-US assassination plot against US government officials?

(6) Could this be tied to the plot described in Ultimate Sacrifice for the coup in Cuba against Castro that Waldron calls C-Day?

Maybe someone has some answers. I haven't yet had time to follow the links provided. Will do this at the first opportunity.

Quote:(4) If Oswald was at a Cuban training site when he got the payoff from Clay Shaw in April, 1963, how could this ban have been honored at all?

Huh? Would you explain this please...

The AMLEG program was to use CUBAN Seamen to sabotage and harass within Cuba...

Only 4 days after they are told to stop all sabotage... this memo claims that sabotage was approved...

by whom, IDK.

I always seem to forget that HOOVER and the FBI had informants everywhere... or am I reading this wrong?

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Mr. Josephs:

Quoting from "The Man Who Knew Too Much" by Dick Russell: p. 510

"I asked Bishop [Colonel Bill Bishop, alleged CIA agent] if he had been in New Orleans in the late summer of 1963."

"It had to be August or September of '63" he said. Shaw passed Bishop a large blowup of another photograph of Nagell, and I told the colonel I had been searching for years for someone to help corroborate what this man had been doing during that period. Again, I did not offer Nagell's name."

"When I got to New Orleans, within a matter of days, this fellow's presence came up. He had been there several times before I ever went there and got involved, okay? He was trying to get into the inner workings of the anti-Castro movement. Asking about the various and sundry pro and anti-Castro groups in the New Orleans area. The training camps. Who was doing the training, who was putting the money up for them, all that kind of stuff. The exiles I was working with asked, did I know him? They were trying to check him out. He was asking too many pointed questions about things he had no business knowing. My end of it was to try and determine who the hell he was."

"What were you doing in New Orleans that summer?" I [Russell] asked. Bishop paused and took a deep breath, pushing his glasses back above his nose..."I was to obtain additional funding, I'll say this and no more, from the [crime] Syndicate out of New Orleans, for Alpha 66. At that point in time, Rolando Masferrer was the key bagman, for lack of a better term, for Alpha 66. Primarily the funding came through the Syndicate, because of Masferrer's connections with those people back in Cuba. He had ties with Santos Trafficante, Jr. and other criminal elements..."

I stand corrected about the date of the alleged payoff by Clay Shaw to Oswald. That came following a meeting at Dave Ferrie's apartment, where witness Perry Russo saw the money change hands in September, 1963. Cuban exiles were present at that meeting, according to Jim Garrison in "On the Trail of the Assassins."

Somewhere I read that after the JFK speech to the Cubans at the Orange Bowl in December, 1962, the Kennedy's had tried to reverse their planning for the assassination of Castro, but that training camps continued north of Lake Pontchartrain near New Orleans in spring, 1963. These may be the training camps which were referred to my Colonel Bishop. He was apparently looking for money to support the Cubans' training in NOLA from other sources since the Kennedys had cut off the government clandestine support.

At page 508 of TMWKTM by Russell, Colonel Bishop says "In many instances, what I picked up was after the fact. I did look into Oswald's backgound. I'd never met him, but I'd seen him in a training film in New Orleans the past summer. He just happened to be in the group out there at the Pontchartrain camp. Trying to get in with the anti-Castro exiles."

That sighting of LHO at the camp presumably came in 1963 after LHO moved to New Orleans. That's when Bishop claimed to have been in New Orleans as quoted above.

James Lateer
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