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Full Version: AMMUG-1: Azcue says Consulate closes at 2 - so how do DURAN/OSWALD call after 4pm?
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It would seem that the way AMMUG-1 describes the visa acquisition process, that a DGI officer would review visa requests to determine if these people were agents of a foreign government.

We came to find that TERESA PROENZA meets the "Oswald" and has to turn him over to someone who speaks English... DURAN.

AMMUG-1 tells us that "FRIENDS" will get their visas immediately while others would be asked to return....

[Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=9498&stc=1]

OSWALD has documents which he shows to AZCUE (I believe we can assume AZCUE is Cuban Intelligence?)

[FONT=&amp]Senor AZCUE. He approaches us. The secretary normally takes care of the case. There is no need for me personally to go out to see him unless he specifically requests that I do so, as a special case, that he requests either My presence or the presence of another Cuban consul responsible. He did so. He requested my presence because when he initially formulated the application with the secretary, the secretary explained to him all of the requirements that he would have to fulfill in order to obtain the visa. And as he was carrying along certain documents which he believed would be sufficient for the visa, and the secretary could not resolve the case, he then calls upon me to see whether I, upon examination of those documents, can proceed to issue the visa immediately. I answered negatively. The documents that he submits are not enough. He is exhibiting or producing documents such as, one, attesting to his membership in the U.S. Communist Party. Also another indicating that he is a member of the Fair Play for Cuba Committee. Also another document indicating his residence in the Soviet Union, as well as a marriage certificate to a Soviet citizen. Upon presentation of these documents, he thinks that I will be able to solve his problem and grant him a visa. I at that time tell him that this is not sufficient; that I must request authorization from the Cuban Government. And at that point he agrees to proceed to fill the application out in order to process the visa. At that point, he leaves the consulate, conceivably to look for some photographs. One could think whether he returned on that very same date with the photographs; it is possible that he might have returned on that very same date with the photographs, or that he might have returned the following day. As far as the date that appears herein, and bearing in mind that I received him on three occasions, maybe it would be possible to determine that on this very same date, it is possible, I cannot fully guarantee this, it is possible that on that same day he might have made the first two visits to the consulate; one during the morning very early, and the second one a little later, bringing the photographs in order to complete the application. There is a sufficient time for such a thing. [/FONT]
[FONT=&amp]Mr. CORNWELL. Was the first visit of this man that you have just described to us during the normal working hours at the consulate? [/FONT]
[FONT=&amp]Senor AZCUE. Yes, without a doubt. The consulate opened at 10 in the Morning and closed at 2. [/FONT]

And herein lies the rub - unless I am reading this wrong....

The office closes at 2pm.... the following transcript from Sept 27th is from AFTER 4pm

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