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Full Version: The Destruction of an Independent Press
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There is an excellent vis of Chris Hedges at Truthdig interviewing Mark Crispin Miller. Miller is a professor of media studies at New York Uni.

I highly recommend watching although it is almost 30 minutes. It confirms my own view that we are nearing the end game of US global power and I agree entirely with Miller's assessment ---- these are, indeed, the maddest times I can ever recall in my 70 year life.

The western elite have become fascistic in their ways as they desperately attempt to hold on to power even as it slips through their fingers like water. The fact is that the US is de facto finished as an economic power and everyone knows it. And they hate it. But they let greed become their all powerful god and greed won out in 2007/8.

The US now has a $21 trillion and counting national debt. This will be approx $30 trillion (on projections) by 2025.

Servicing this debt in a world where US dollar reserve currency status is now rapidly facing its imminent mortality is the real fear that makes the balls of the Washington power elite shrivel. And so it should.

The day will arrive in the not too distant future (Prof. Alfred McCoy believes it will happen as early as 2025) when the US can no longer service their debt and will, consequently, be forced to repudiate all their debt. When that happens the Pentagon system will collapse due to the most severe budgetary restrictions and constraints --- and the greatest military power that the world has ever known will dwindle and collapse as a world force.

The Hedges-Miller was broadcast by RT, the Satan of American righteous and indignant neocon-nery and is currently available on Youtube, as below.

The report that both Hedges and Miller discuss, Democracy Lost can be freely downloaded as a .pdf file HERE.
That's a great conversation - and scary - but TRUE! Wake up folks!!!'s much later than you think! The USA (and slightly behind, the 'Western Powers') is/are corrupt, oligarchic, neo-fascist, police-state, racist, misogynist, war-loving, propagandist, dirty-trick-playing - and at the abyss; but it is when Empires are in their death-throws that they are the most dangerous and destructive......