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Full Version: The Incubation of Nazism: Great Britain's Greatest Game of All
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Well, who would've thunk?

Given a hundred years of relentless and artful lies and propaganda in order to camouflage the actual truth and to place the real blame, Great Britain is still seen as the victim of WWI and WWII -- instead of the arch evil Moriarty nation that actively caused these mammoth world wars that lead to the death and suffering of untold millions. And all to keep her empire for their ever so tiny elite and aristo's.

Not that Hitler and his atrocious gang of Nazis can by any means be considered the innocent party. But the fact is they never would have come to power but for the machinations of the British elite.

World history is upside down.

The following links to the article by Guido Preparata and is a free to download .pdf format article titled: The Incubation of Nazism: Nazi Germany, Adolf Hitler. It is a synopsis of his fantastic book Conjuring Hitler (which is also freely available in a .pdf format document via search engines)