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Full Version: It was an outside job
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Here is an interview of James Perloff in which he argues that Mossad had a central part in 9/11 with lots of assistance from neocon insiders. He argues that mini-nukes were used and a lot more.

Bollyn has it nailed.

While there were parts done and known to Mossad and other aspects of Israeli intelligence, they did NOT have the lead or major role. It was an 'American False-Flag' operation with help from Saudi, Israeli, UK, Pakistani, and a few others - the usual gang of collaborators in the intelligence gang. Bollyn and some others are basically wearing anti-Jewish glasses in their view of the world of covert operations. A majority of responsible 911 researchers do not find Israel as the prime mover, but do acknowledge their participation along with others from outside of the USA.......

I find Bollyn's research useful IF one keeps in mind his obsession against Jews. He sees them as the lead in a lot more evil than just 911. There is no doubting that the right-wing Zionists have been evil [against Palestine, the Arab world and in some wars and covert operations, etc.], but to assign them the role of World Demon is along the lines of the completely invented Protocols of the Elders of invention of Russian Intelligence prior to the USSR's formation.