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Full Version: Of Things that Connect
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What connects the ancient Megalithic cave artists of South Africa, the Shamans of South America and the Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt?

Graham Hancock in the presentation below shows that the connecting element of all these (and other) cultures is the use of psychedelic plants that cause visions. Although the plants used from each region are completely different, each non-the-less contains the same active element: Dimethyltryptamine or DMT (HERE), known as the "spirit molecule" that when taken results in mystical experiences..

The consumption of DMT for ritual purposes causes, as Hancock explains, visions of numerous things including meeting "Grey aliens", flying saucer type UFO's and a range of curious human-animal creatures that impart knowledge and wisdom to the individual/s undergoing the visionary experience.

The Shamanistic experiences discussed above, in fact replicate inner experiences of (what Jung termed) the Collective Unconscious that result from deep meditative "inner" journeys where the ingestion of DMT or other substances is not taken, nor indeed are at all necessary.

This is because correct deep immersion meditative techniques together with slow, rhythmic breathing and other attuning techniques possibly also activate and release the naturally occurring DMT that is contained in the human system. Whether or not this is the case, meditative techniques are taught by Western occult schools in order to experience altered states of consciousness and parallel words that historically has been called "astral projection". These techniques are used in conjunction with the paths and Sephiroth of the Qabalistic Tree of Life, usually known as "path working".

However, until 1994 when Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki first published her book The Shining Paths (HERE), the use of the Tree of Life pathways for deep meditative journeys into another realm of reality was a strictly guarded secret by all Western occult schools and lodges.

The ToL has been described as the "Mighty All-Embracing glyph of the Soul of Man and the Universe" of the Western mystery tradition and is used as a sort of route map of the Collective Unconscious that aids navigating in the there and then - as opposed to the here and now - and which can be done safely and in a controlled and structured way.

My own understanding of why use of substances like DMT is no longer an essential elements for experiencing inner journeys is that consciousness is spreading and humans are correspondingly becoming more attuned (as unlikely as this presently seems in these dark times). The binding denseness of matter is now less than it once was. This, I think, is related to the current unfolding of "Daath" - sometimes depicted as the 11th Sephirah of the Tree of Life and which is translated as "Knowledge". Although often discussed in an individual sense, Daath can as just as easily be considered in a collective setting. It refers to a state of becoming conscious.

When I first began studying the Qabalah fifty years ago, Daath was discussed only in passing and not at all deeply. Today, it is considered equal to and as meaningful as any of the Ten Sephiroth.
Terence McKenna address to the Jung Society

A thoughtful presentation by Terence McKenna below. The title of his presentation is Our True Reality is in Our Minds. I couldn't agree more.

He states that, in his opinion, consciousness is naturally evolving - a point I made above. It is also interesting to me that DMT naturally occurs in the human organism, and is said to be manufactured in the Pineal gland and / or the Lungs. I suspect both because all meditative practises I am aware of concentrate of breathing techniques as a means of reaching a state where the imagination can be properly activated so as to enter into other states of reality. That the Pineal gland is used for imagination is considered by many to be the case.

Thus the two possible repositories of naturally occurring human DMT are central to meditative practices aimed at broadening consciousness and connectedness.

I guess we as a species had better get to that stage of consciousness pdq though, because we're truly fucking up this planet with dangerous Shadow projections and self-destructive ideologies. It's best not destroy the laboratory - which is this planet and its life - before the human experiment is completed.

Part two

Of all those I have listened to, this is his best thus far: