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Full Version: MAJOR NEWS - researchers, significant new developments are imminent.
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There is a story about 9/11 documents being hacked that has been reported in the media this week. It involves blackmail and extortion of rare 9/11 documents. A FORBES variant of the story is here.

The story is legitimate, and accurate. Cryptome has posted some incomplete links already.

An April 2018 hacking story involved insurance companies being affected. This is the original report of that hacking from earlier last year.


Remarkably, Larry Silverstein's entire legal document archive for his WTC insurance claim and legal proceedings were included in the document haul that was stolen by the hackers. Silverstein's lawyers had access during their legal proceedings to numerous FAA, FBI, CIA, and general government documents that were never intended to be released to the public. The documents were supposed to have been destroyed or deleted at the close of legal proceedings, but were not. The hackers - a mercenary group openly seeking payment - have now ransomed all those documents. There are 9GB of files. Their early ransom notes have been directed at the US government and airlines, where they announced that an uncensored release of all files would cause a lot of damage. Concurrently, they are also letting the public pay money to encourage further releases.

The hackers have spent the time since April examining all the documents they stole. They say that many 9/11 conspiracy questions will be answered by the documents in their totality. They have divided up the files into five folders - in increasing order of scandal and damage to the official story - and say that they will release new documents from the haul upon receipt of Bitcoin. They have received more than $20,000 from private donors already, and have released a large number of documents in response. They want much more money, and will probably get at least some of that.

The first folder, lowest tier, was previewed in segments. It has now been released in its entirety. They have now released documents from the second tier, and a preview release two days ago reportedly has individual documents from all five folders.

The full 9GB document haul has been uploaded to torrent sites. It is heavily encrypted. As they receive money they are releasing keys to parts of it. Obviously, it would be preferable if they released the documents outright. Anonymous, the other famous hacking group, implored them on Twitter to release all documents. They have not done so yet. They want money.

Reddit and Twitter are deleting links to the files that have been released to date. There are numerous threads on the front page of Reddit Conspiracy discussing the deletions.

I have seen numerous documents already. There are multiple new sources of information that will be of interest to the members of this board.

Jersey Girl Kristen Breitweiser has asked the hackers on Twitter to release all documents.

I am in Tasmania and on limited internet but will be posting commentary and more when I return. This is a breaking story.


VICE story on the hack.

Excerpt from hacker statement 1st Jan 2019.

we often come across or create situations that turn quite peculiar very quickly. One such case was when we initiated an action against a seemingly ordinary company located in the United States, that unfortunately, didn't turn out the way we wanted. We breached their network and stole hundreds of gigabytes of litigation related documents (and others, that the world may soon come to see). We investigated our grand pile of loot and we found documents in regards to one of the most infamous events in the history of the United States. The key is that the documents were not public, nor would this company want them public. Not to mention thousands of documents surrounding companies such as Monsanto, Bank of America, and many other Fortune 500 companies. Hundreds of thousands of documents. What sorts of documents, specifically? E-mails, retainer agreements, non-disclosure agreements, settlements, litigation strategies, liability analysis, defence formations, collection of expert witness testimonies, testimonies, communications with government officials in countries all over the world, voice mails, dealings with the FBI, USDOJ, DOD, and more, confidential communications, and so much more.
The first files from Folder (Layer) 2, released in segments yesterday, include a deposition with the head of WTC security.

VICE update from this morning about the decryption of new files. Many more files have been released since this story.

UK researcher Tom Secker has located a legal statement noting that the military intervened' in Flight 93, which is contrary to the official story. That's document #0010135.

Article on the hack from a UK IT site.

Newsweek article on the hack, citing conspiracy theorists' and downplaying claims of conspiracy.

A September 2000 Delta Airlines email discusses bombs in mobile phones being brought onto flights. An FBI transcript from the day of 9/11 records a father's statement about his son's phone call from one of the flights. It hits the same bullet points Elias Davidsson noted in his book on the calls.

Another document details hijacking training videos being shown to airport staff a year or two before the attacks.

Russia Today story on the hacks.

Cryptome preview file with 18 pages from the hacked documents.

WTC 9/11 litigation file.
A compilation of (most of) the hacked documents. This is around 1% of the documents that may still be forthcoming.


Folders of files from Layer 2, not yet released in its entirety.

Bitcoin address of the hackers, detailing payments received to date.

File with documents from all five layers, including many not in the above links.

VICE podcast, from today, on the hackers and the documents.

Technical article from today on the advanced encryption techniques used by the hackers.
Reddit thread on UA liability document, with mention of military involvement and Flight 93.
Fingers crossed they release all documents publicly. But I suspect that won't happen, sadly. If (or when) this story goes ice cold without the top tier releases being made public, the assumption has to be that they were paid off -- or tracked down and rendered incommunicative. That alone would be a sort of smoking gun.
David Guyatt Wrote:Fingers crossed they release all documents publicly. But I suspect that won't happen, sadly. If (or when) this story goes ice cold without the top tier releases being made public, the assumption has to be that they were paid off -- or tracked down and rendered incommunicative. That alone would be a sort of smoking gun.

My thoughts exactly, but a 'smoking gun' that only a few would see and interpret correctly, sadly. It is their style to release the less important documents first [to show they took what they took, but still have some leverage to get their money] - and of the few documents released I looked at I could see nothing at all of value, at least if not combined with other missing documents. As the USA and the 'West' would fall if the truth of 911 were to be exposed, those behind it can not and will not let it happen unless they really don't know who the hell this group is. Who the hell this group is is very cloudy indeed. Some peripheral members have been arrested and charged, but the main group seems to keep on keeping on. Many to most of their targets were not of this kind of 'national security / deep state' nature - and as they are not stupid, I'd think they'd know even suggesting they had these documents would bring down the cyberwrath of the NSA and DOD and others upon them. This will be interesting.....if the deep state knew who they were, I don't think they'd even have gotten this far with releasing the unimportant stuff - unless this is a psyop of some kind. I make no claim of such....and have no evidence of such....just throwing out the possibility so that whatever comes of this can be evaluated from every angle. May the TRUTH prevail and come out in a way that the average Joe and Jill can see!
The main large folder is the least incriminatory but certainly of interest here and there. The various depositions, including WTC security, which mentioned Kroll and John O'Neill, was of larger interest to me. I'll post Scribd links to stuff I think of relevance down the track.
Anthony Thorne Wrote:The main large folder is the least incriminatory but certainly of interest here and there. The various depositions, including WTC security, which mentioned Kroll and John O'Neill, was of larger interest to me. I'll post Scribd links to stuff I think of relevance down the track.

Aha, perhaps I spoke/wrote too soon as I didn't come across any depositions...they sound interesting, especially if they mention Kroll and John O'Neill.......

.......those of us who know what a full monty dump on 911 would look like maybe need to perk up our ears and eyes....but I'm sure those in the shadows of the NSS are working hard to stop this ever seeing the light of day beyond where it for any sudden jump in the National Debt that can't otherwise be explained!::captain::
Heh heh. There are a lot of depositions, from what I saw, many as TXT documents. Have a look through those files and you should see some, certainly what I browsed through looked worth a read. Will post links later this week.
Interesting video, James Corbett and Jason Bermas talk about the hacked document releases to date. I wasn't aware that LOOSE CHANGE co-creator Bermas was still so heavily involved in 9/11 research and activism, but he apparently is.

The Corbett Report - What's In The 9/11 Papers?

New to me, from the documents, which I'll post on reasonably soon. The guy who made a miraculous escape from the Windows on the World restaurant on the morning of 9/11 - catching a lift down from the 107th floor of the North Tower, just seconds before the building was hit by an aircraft - was the same high ranking Silverstein employee who personally recommended Kroll be hired for WTC security, and personally recommended John O'Neill be hired to work for Silverstein's company. This is revealed in a deposition included in the hacked documents.

Two Reddit threads posted here for future reference, I'll research them more later.

Quote: [FONT=&amp]TLDR The new dark overlord hacks contain information that only adds more suspicious details to the Betty Ong flight attendent call from Flight 11.[/FONT][FONT=&amp]American Airlines did not follow protocol and contact the FAA upon learning Flight 11 was hijacked. The attorneys representing the plaintiffs seem to believe the recording was possibly altered and the information Ong gave was suspicious. [/FONT]

Quote:"The FBI pulled me off the phone" Vanessa Minter who answered Betty Ong's call on 911

[FONT=&amp]SS: This is new information as far as I know. This was discovered as I cross referenced the people on the line with Betty Ong.[/FONT][FONT=&amp]I was reading the deposition of American Airlines specialist Nydia Gonzalez from the recent hacks who was actually the second person to get on the line with Betty Ong who you hear in the 4 minute recorded section of the call. The call lasted close to 25 minutes.

[FONT=&amp]There seems to have been confusion over this. Minter hit her emergency button which then linked Nydia Gonzalez to take over then she linked in her superior Craig Marquis.

[FONT=&amp]There were a total of 3 people allegedly listening to Betty Ong from Flight 11. In this 2007 deposition Gonzalez is grilled pretty hard about this call why it only recorded 4 minutes. She's asked specifically how long Minter remained on the line. She claims she doesn't know could have been the entire time.

[FONT=&amp]I found this 2011 interview with Vanessa Minter. I was pretty surprised to hear her say the "FBI pulled me off the phone" "I don't know how they got there that fast" Its important to understand Minter and Gonzalez were in CARY, NC at the American reservation center. They were on opposite ends of the building even.

[FONT=&amp]What is relevant here? This alleged phone call has been central to the narrative to what happened on the planes that day. It's also highly suspicious in nature as only 4 minutes were recorded. Noone at American notified the FAA per regulation and law. (also confirmed in the recent hacked deposition)

[FONT=&amp]Its even in Gonzalez deposition testimony that she discussed "keeping this quiet" with her superior. She agreed to keep it quiet (this is all detailed in her deposition in the new hacks)

[FONT=&amp]Keep in mind Flight 11 was the first plane to hit the WTC. How would the FBI already be at the call center as Minter states? Marquis requests this hijacking be kept quiet???

[FONT=&amp]Why is there absolutely no record of the FBI being in the call center within minutes?

[FONT=&amp]Why was Minter pulled from this call within minutes by the FBI?

[FONT=&amp]Why did Nydia Gonzalez not mention any of this about the FBI and Vanessa Minter being pulled off the phone.?

[FONT=&amp]Why did Gonzalez not keep any of her notes regarding the other 20 minutes of Ongs phone call?

[FONT=&amp]Interview with Vanessa Minter about being pulled off the phone with Betty Ong

[FONT=&amp]I can't link to the deposition link with Nydia Gonzalez here.

[FONT=&amp]Edit I am adding more links to provide more background

[FONT=&amp]Known recording of Betty Ongs call

[FONT=&amp]Here is a link to what was previously on the record regarding Betty Ong and this phone call


[FONT=&amp]This is really vital reading from the Pilots for 911 truth site that breaks down the Betty Ong phone call inconsistencies.

[FONT=&amp]Something additional I have found. Minter states in this interview she was "pulled off the call by the FBI"

[FONT=&amp]Yet she still says she heard Betty Ong say "pray for us". Well that was at the end of the call according to the official story.

[FONT=&amp]d. Vanessa Minter, one of the employees receiving Ong's call, later recalls, "You didn't hear hysteria in the background. You didn't hear people screaming." In a composed voice, Ong repeatedly says, "Pray for us. Pray for us." Minter and Nydia Gonzalez, the reservations office supervisor, assure her they are praying. Seconds later, the line goes dead. [10][/FONT]
Videos from Jason Bermas on the files to date.

The Dark Overlord Data Dump - A First Look Live

The Dark Overlord Has Decrypted Layer 1

What's Actually In The Dark Overlord Files?

The Dark Overlord Docs - The Military Intervened With Flight 93